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5 Tips For Staging A Home To Sell

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Today, if you want your home to sell well and fast, you need to stage it properly. More than a third of all real estate agents stage homes as they sell them. Staging is particularly important for hard to sell properties. Listed below are 5 tips for successfully staging a home so it may sell more quickly.

1. Make Minor Improvements

What we mean by minor improvements are those tasks that don’t take much time to fix, and are usually inexpensive. There are ways you can make your home look more valuable than a competing property.

For instance, you can use a fresh coat of paint, or even add a scented candle so that potential buyers will fall in love with the property, and there will be a greater chance of making a sale. You should also clean the house properly and put some of your personal belongings out of sight, as they can be a turn off for many homebuyers.

2. Make The Home Look Lived-In

While the last point recommends that you put personal stuff out of sight, you should be careful not to make the home look cold and unwelcoming, all at the same time. A vase of fresh flowers here or there, a bowl of fruits, and other nice features can make the house feel like a home. The important thing is to ensure that there are no personal items and unique styling details that would make the buyer rethink their decision to buy the home.

3. Arrange The Furniture Properly

The way the furniture is laid out in your home can have a huge impact on the way buyers view it. Generally, you should push the furniture away from the walls. This will make the house feel larger than when the furniture is against the walls, despite appearances to the contrary.

While you’re at it, make sure the furniture arrangement does not feel formal and stiff. Even the dining room should be styled in a way that makes it inviting. A vase at the center of the table, or a bowl of fruit can change the entire room and make your house feel like the right home for the buyer.

4. Make Rooms More Valuable

If you have a large home with many rooms, some might end up being used as a dumping ground for everyone’s clutter. But you cannot let your buyers see them that way, as that may lower the value of your home. You can transform those rooms into study rooms, cozy reading rooms, or even extra bedrooms. That will make your entire home look more valuable to the buyer. You can put the clutter in a storage shed away from the premises, if you have to, because the extra cost would be well worth it.

5. Don’t Forget The Exterior

With so much focus being placed on perfecting the inside, you might completely forget the outside. And yet, this is where the buyer will get their first impression of the house. You should have a clean, well maintained property, the house number should be legible, and the porch should be clean and inviting. A new doormat can also help, as well as a beautiful garden.


Staging a home is an important part of selling properties successfully. Properly staged homes have a higher likelihood of acquiring buyers, and maybe even receiving higher offers. The above tips should help you stage your home properly and make selling it easier. If you’re moving and looking for a new property in the Southwest area of Florida, known as Cape Coral, contact us for an extensive list of properties on sale.