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Attractions, Property and your Expert Cape Coral Realtor

Attractions, Property and your expert Cape Coral Realtor.

While Cape Coral and Fort Myers are known for the estates of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and the breath-taking views of the Gulf of Mexico, what baffles many when entertaining the thought of buying or selling property in these towns is how to navigate through realty details.

Questions like, “Should I look for a home on the coast?” or “What part of town is best for retirees?” are some a buyer might wrestle with. On the other hand, those with real estate to sell might have other questions like “What can I do to close a sale on time?” and “What are the dynamics that the community is looking for in a property?” With an expert realtor, you will easily be able to answer these and other questions about property in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area.

Thankfully, Rebecca Silva is that expert in Cape Coral as well as in Fort Myers. She is the go-to real estate agent with an honest approach, a mature knowledge of realty, and the answers to help you make the best sale or purchase in the Southwest region of Florida.

Why Move To Cape Coral Florida?

Numerous retirees, singles, families, and businesses alike have chosen Cape Coral and Fort Myers to be their home because of the many attractions these cities offer. The dramatic population growth over the last few years has spurred expansion of all kinds. New and old shops, entertainment, and restaurants are being made available as popular places for residents to spend their time.

For example, one of the most visited shopping attractions in the area, the aesthetically stunning retail complex Coconut Point offers over 140 shops, 25 restaurants, and a theatre.

If shopping isn’t your thing, maybe you would enjoy observing history and art through the multiple museums and galleries residing in these towns. Rich history can be found. At one point in time, the Calusa Indians also called Southwest Florida their home.

But don’t forget about the outdoors! If you love being out in nature, Cape Coral or Fort Myers should be on your list of prospective homes. There are at least three nature parks for people to get their “outdoors” on with biking, camping, hiking, or even horse riding activities.

Undoubtedly, Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida are attractive communities for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Things to Consider Before Listing

Cape Coral and Fort Myers are booming! The growing, growing demand for additional residences in this area is met by current property sales as well as all types of new construction.

You name it; it’s here. Amazingly, Cape Coral and Fort Myers have properties to meet your dream vacation, your retirement hopes, and your unspoken desired amenities. Options including luxurious mansions, open land plots, new construction homes, canal access places, duplexes, townhomes, beachfront properties, and numerous condos possibilities are endless. Big or small, Cape Coral and Fort Myers are an all-inclusive real estate community.

Who is Rebecca Silvas Realtor?

While all this information is great, what now? How can you weed through all the details these cities have to offer and find the place you need? Who can help? You need a realtor who can skillfully walk you through the process of sales and purchasing, and Rebecca Silvas is just that. She is an honest, experienced, and professional realtor who can help meet your purchasing or selling needs for the area.

After living in the area for almost ten years, Rebecca Silva has learned the ins and outs of the population and can easily articulate benefits, even quirks, of the Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas. In addition to her experience, Ms. Silva has earned a Masters in Business, bachelors in hospitality, and realty license. She delivers professional knowledge to her realty clients. Lastly, the character of this expert realtor is made evident through numerous testimonials of her honest dealings. She has a “passion for being of service for others.”

With this combination of experience, education, and personal honesty, Rebecca Silva skillfully walked sellers and buyers through the details of property selling and buying.

Take action!

So, whether you are planting roots, looking for a business opportunity, or have some other type of property needed for the Cape Coral or Fort Myers area, don’t worry about the messy details. Rebecca Silvas is just a call or email away. Contact her today!