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5 Best Bed Choices For Smaller Homes

bunk beds in bedroom

One of the more difficult aspects of having a smaller home is finding the correct furniture to furnish it with. Beds are a big struggle, as they tend to take up valuable room space. Fortunately, there are some very good alternatives for providing a comfortable place to sleep, as well as to give you the space you need.

Here are top 5 selections of best types of bed for a smaller home:

1. Bunk Beds

There are many options on the market when it comes to looking for ways to allow two people to sleep in one space. Bunk beds are a good choice, since they only take up the floor space of one bed.

Bunk beds allow for a bed to be stacked on top of another bed, making this a good solution for multiple people to sleep in a small space. Some bunk beds offer two twin sized mattresses, while others offer a full sized bed on the bottom, and a twin sized bed on the top.

There are also bunk bed options that offer a bed on the to, and a desk or dresser on the bottom. This option allows room for someone to sleep, as well as storage options, all in the same amount of space. Using this option will ensure that valuable floor space will not be taken up by both a bed and a desk/dresser.

2. Trundle Beds

A trundle bed offers the benefit of sleeping multiple people, while only taking up the room of a traditional sized bed. Trundle beds slide under a regular bed, and pull out when they are needed. When pulled out, they offer another area for someone to sleep, and when pushed back under the bed, they take up no additional room.

Trundles come in either twin or full sized options, so there are multiple uses when this type of bed is chosen.

3. Murphy Beds

A murphy bed is a great option when you need to hide a bed away. Murphy beds attach to the wall, and fold up when not in use, thus taking up no floor space. The area in front of the murphy bed will need to be a clear space, so there is room for the bed to fold out, but they are a great option for small spaces.

The pillows, sheets, and blankets usually fold up right along with the mattress, which also makes it easy to store bedding when the bed is not in use.

4. Day Beds

Day beds are a great option in small spaces where a bed is needed, but a small couch is also useful in the space. Day beds can be utilized as both a couch and a bed, so they are very versatile.

They can also be purchased in options that provide storage as well, which allows for less additional furniture to be needed in a space.

5. Futons

futon bed

A futon is a very functional choice for a small room that requires a sleeping space. When not being used as a bed, futons are a comfortable couch or lounge area choice, but easily fold down into a full sized bed.

This option is great for not only small spaces, but also spaces that can benefit from a multi-functional piece of furniture.


Even small spaces can handle the bedding needs of anyone, if they spend some time being creative with the right furniture choices. Really think about what function you need from a bed, and the space you have to utilize, and you are sure to find the right piece of furniture for you. Rebecca’s Realtor can help you find the perfect home, so when you’re ready, give us a call!