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3 Ways To Add Value To An Older Bathroom

bathroom remodel

If you’re looking to raise your property’s value, then consider bathroom remodeling. Simply renovating this one room will make a home more desirable and comfortable to use.

Homeowners can upgrade any out-of-date bathroom by installing a shower seat, replacing an older toilet with a low-flush model, and/or installing a floor heating system to provide more warmth. Every home buyer will treasure such improvements. [...]  read more

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5 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal On A Budget

First impressions count, so if you are thinking of selling your house, it has to look good enough to impress potential buyers. However, you do not have to drain your bank account to improve your chances of a sale. You can still land a deal with these budget-friendly ways of enhancing your property’s curb appeal. [...]  read more

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4 Tips To Improve Your Home’s Landscaping!

A beautiful landscape will attract a homebuyer who would have otherwise ignored your property. Landscaping is an art that involves paying attention to detail, and having an eye for aesthetics.

In the real estate industry, every part of such a project matters. Decorations and exterior designs will attract clients to your property, but many people tend to pay little attention to landscaping, disregarding its impact on the property’s value. [...]  read more

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Are There Downsides To Selling Your Home?

As home values soar nationwide, many homeowners are considering the potential money to be made by selling their homes. For those who bought a residential property when prices were significantly lower, the potential profit may seem like an exciting reward.

However, before you leap into listing your home and signing a contract, take the time to consider some of the potential downsides to selling your home. If you have concerns like the ones listed below or want to buy a new property, contact Rebeccas Realtor today: [...]  read more

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7 Fun Activities For Families To Enjoy In Cape Coral

Cape Coral Farmers Market review

Sandy beaches, Gulf waters, and multiple wetland preserves make Cape Coral the perfect destination for a family vacation. The city is located on the Gulf of Mexico, on the warmer southwestern part of Florida.

The city can pass for a modern-day Venice, with miles of canals and waterways. In addition to the physical beauty of this magical place, it also has something for every family member. [...]  read more

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5 Beaches To Visit On Your Cape Coral Vacation

Are you hoping to visit Cape Coral for a pleasurable vacation, on one of the beaches in the area? If so, there are numerous beaches which you can drive to that are a short distance from the city, because Cape Coral itself isn’t really on the coast. If you are in love with Cape Coral and are searching the area for real estate, you can contact Rebecca through email or phone, as she is a licensed real estate agent in Florida. [...]  read more

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5 Unique Features Of Homes In Florida

Located to the west of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is not your typical state. It is among the only states on the East Coast with a tropical climate, which means that most of the time, the weather is either hot or warm. Unlike other inland states, Florida’s proximity to the coastline and its tropical weather influences a good deal of the population’s culture and day to day life. [...]  read more

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Have You Experienced Gatorland Yet?

Florida has many exciting and fun things to do, and has been known for its tourist attractions for a long time. However, where should you visit first? If Florida is on your next travel hot spot, you will want to figure out the first area to head towards, or you might overwhelm yourself with how much it has to offer. [...]  read more

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5 Types Of Real Estate Agents

The law of agency plays a central role in governing the obligations, or roles and rights of individual agents. A real estate agent represents principals, as well as third parties, meaning that their rights and associated freedoms must be protected by a given body of law.

However, most people tend to confuse the terms “associate,” “agent,” and “realtor” by using them interchangeably, but they serve as titles assigned to different real estate personnel. [...]  read more

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14 Exciting Family Friendly Annual Events Floridians Enjoy

Florida’s annual events are worthy of note because they have been celebrated for many years. Aside from art and music, these annual events are quite often themed around a common feature. Florida plays host to a long lineup of yearly events, including social events, football, rattlesnake hunting, and worm grunting festivals, among others. It’s no wonder: with beautiful, warm beaches to all the following events and affordable real estate that people are paying attention to the booming housing market around Orlando. [...]  read more