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Why Southwest Florida Is A Top Choice For Relocation

When you’re considering relocating for work, Southwest Florida is a great choice! Many people who’ve vacationed, visited family, or otherwise enjoyed Southwest Florida’s culture and climate, find themselves falling in love with the area and wishing they never had to leave. 

But what makes Southwest Florida so special? In addition to the sun and sand, Southwest Florida cities like Fort Myers and Cape Coral are peaceful places to live. The area boasts a crime rate lower than the national average, and there are plenty of things to do, including outdoor activities and art. Keep reading to learn more. [...]  read more

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Pros And Cons Of Open Houses

open house

Open houses have been an integral part of attracting interest when selling a property. Presently, however, there has been debate as to whether they play a role in the sale of a house, as importantly as they did in previous years.

The opinions about this matter vary, depending on the real-estate agent or person selling the house. On one side, some property owners still cherish the idea as a tool for selling houses, while others may prefer digital marketing methods. [...]  read more