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4 Ways To Keep Your Home Organized On A Budget

Shelves with boxes, folders and green plant

For you and your family to enjoy your home, organizing the place is vital. However, the more items you purchase for your house, the higher the chances will be of making the house messy and disorganized.

A disorganized house not only steals the beautiful look of your home, but also slows down your day. Unfortunately, arranging everything that you own, to ensure that you maintain order in your house, could end up costing you a fortune. [...]  read more

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How To Develop A Great Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent

realtor shaking hands with client

Real estate agents have become one of the most important professionals that we rely on to help us better our lives, providing us with the opportunity to buy the home of our dreams, or sell the ones we already have.

Before we delve further into this topic, here’s a quick reminder that if you are looking for property on sale in Cape Coral, Florida, contact us today. Back to the topic at hand… [...]  read more

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Quick Ways To Disguise Flaws In Your Home

People’s prized possessions can include everything from their cars to jewelry. For others, it is their homes, because that is where they are most comfortable.

After a long day at work, all you may want to do is come home and relax on the couch with some dinner and a nice glass of wine. But some homeowners may not be able to relax if their home has superficial flaws. [...]  read more

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Utilizing Pub Sheds To Save Space And Entertain Guests!

cool shed

Ever heard of the kind of extreme remodeling that allows you to release the clutter in your shed, and transform it into an entertainment haven? That is how pub sheds are created. All you need to do is move the old mess out and create a unique sanctuary to relax in.

Building A Pub Shed

Wondering where all the clutter will go? You can create storage space by keeping a steep roof, or well-made loft to provide loads of storage space. [...]  read more

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Current 2018 Real Estate Concerns And Their Upsides

Real Estate trends

Investing in real estate involves purchasing properties and renting or selling them to make a profit. In truth, real estate has limited liquidity when compared to other forms of investments.

However, it is an attractive investment, because over time, the value of the property can go up. In addition, real estate is far more predictable and stable than most other forms of investments. For any questions, contact Rebeccas Realtor and we will be happy to answer any questions! [...]  read more

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6 Tips On How To Make Rooms Look Bigger

Empty big living room

Rebeccas Realtor understands that designing a home can be challenging at times, especially if you are confined by the space that you are living in. Fortunately, the internet is filled with invaluable information that can help you make the best out of any space that you are given.

In fact, if you do your homework first, you can easily transform a small room in a home to a room that anyone can enjoy. So, for those of you who are interested in what can be done, here are 6 tips that can help you make a small space look roomier. [...]  read more

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4 Relaxing Room Themes To Reduce Stress

When you come home at the end of a long day, your room should be a place of comfort and calm. The decor that you use in your room can have an influence on your mood, and you can purposely decorate your space in a certain way, to help mitigate anxiety and stress.

There are many specific themes you can use that will subconsciously keep you calm and relaxed. Today on Rebeccas Realtor, we are discussing some of the best relaxing room themes. [...]  read more

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A Guide For Refinancing Your Mortgage

Calculating Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage can seem like an overwhelming task, at first. However, refinancing can have great benefits for your financial situation. That’s because it often results in a lower rate, and more affordable or convenient monthly mortgage payments.

If you are unhappy with your current mortgage rate, it’s worth looking into refinancing to see if you can get a better deal. Today, Rebeccas Realtor will go over everything you need to know about refinancing a mortgage. [...]  read more

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5 Ways To Protect Your Family From A Hurricane

home damaged by hurricane

You’ve probably seen how hurricanes can completely wreck homes, cause injuries, or even deaths. A majority of affected families never quite recover from its effects. Below are 5 measures Rebecca’s Realtor suggests, you can take to keep your family out of harm’s way during hurricanes.

1. Keep Up With Updates

Make sure to keep up with the current news to hear weather reports. Find out what the predictions of the weather are, and if there is any looming hurricane. [...]  read more

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What To Know About Working With Contractors To Flip A Home

Investing in real estate is surely a great way to make money. Flipping a house is one property investment to consider, which requires a combination of skill, research, and thorough analysis in order to achieve success.

For first time flippers, fixing and renovating may appear like fun, but the actual reality is that most problems emerge at the renovation stage. This is why Rebecca’s Realtor will be discussing this very same topic today. [...]  read more