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Need Some Help With Decorating? Check Out These 6 Helpful Apps!

Inspiration for your next home decor project doesn’t just have to come from magazines and HGTV. Thanks to the popularity of apps, you can find new ideas and the coolest ways to give your home pizzazz.

Some decorating apps are better than others, so you want to try different ones to see how they work for you. Today, Rebecca’s Realtor is sharing a few decorating apps that will help your home look fabulous: [...]  read more

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Buying A House To Rent Out? 4 Things To Consider First

On TV, there has been an unending emphasis placed on investing in real estate. Countless advertisements are advocating for people to buy lands and houses to rent, to increase their return on investment.

However, just like any other businesses, there are risks involved that one should keep in mind before investing. In order to get the best out of a newly purchased home that is being considered for rentals, there are things that should be improved or updated. [...]  read more

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The Effects Of Hard Water On Your Home

rusty pipe

Water is crucial for hydration, cooking, hygiene, sanitation, and more. But are you experiencing instances of a funny smell after drinking water, clothes that are quickly deteriorating, or a white film on your dishes and shower door?

Well, in most cases, this is a result of having hard water. Hard water contains minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, etc. Hence, when water contains more minerals, that is what we refer to as hard water. [...]  read more

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Replacing Your Keys With The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

keyless lock

Fumbling with your keys after a long day’s work will be a distant memory with the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock. Featuring the Kwikset patented SmartKey security, and a refined user experience, you’ll have convenience and peace of mind at your fingertips, with the Touch-to-Open smart lock.

In today’s article, Rebecca’s Realtor is discussing the Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock in detail. Built with Bluetooth technology, the single cylinder deadbolt can be locked or unlocked easily, using a simple touch, or a key. It can also be unlocked with your smart device when you’re within Bluetooth range. [...]  read more

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5 Best Bed Choices For Smaller Homes

bunk beds in bedroom

One of the more difficult aspects of having a smaller home is finding the correct furniture to furnish it with. Beds are a big struggle, as they tend to take up valuable room space. Fortunately, there are some very good alternatives for providing a comfortable place to sleep, as well as to give you the space you need. [...]  read more

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7 Main Things To Take Care Of Before Moving

experienced real estate agent

Many people don’t own a permanent home, and as a result, moving from one home to another is part of their way of life. People tend to move for various reasons, such as lack of space, or wanting to be near more available social amenities.

Consequently, it is essential to take care of certain significant issues, like the ones we will discuss below. [...]  read more

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Eliminating And Preventing Potential Hazards In Your Home

You want your home to be healthy and safe for your family members and guests. You can start by learning how to recognize common hazards, and then take the proper steps to eliminate them:

1. Mold

Mold is harmful to your respiratory system. While everyone in your household can be affected, it is especially dangerous to small children, elderly persons, and individuals with allergies or serious health problems. [...]  read more

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Top 4 Home Buying And Selling Apps

What if you could use a smartphone to help you track properties that are listed for sale, or flex the selling process? The real estate market has embraced digital technology and business strategies that involve coming up with tools and apps that will guide you through the entire home selling and buying process. [...]  read more

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5 Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Shed

new shed in backyard

Outdoor sheds tend to get a bad reputation, because many of them are outdated and serve more as eyesores on yards than anything. However if installed in the right spot, and with a little bit of structural character, outdoor sheds can provide your home not only with aesthetic qualities, but also with a lot of functionality. [...]  read more