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Things To Consider Before Building Your First Home In South West Florida

Building Your First Home in South West Florida

It doesn’t matter if you’re a police officer, firefighter, nurse, paralegal, or teacher. No matter what your occupation is, your first home is a big step in life! This will probably be one of the most significant expenses you ever have, and your first home is a great investment toward your future.

There are many benefits to building over buying your home, including having more choice in design, location, energy efficiency, and warranties

Benefits of New Home Construction

The Design

The decision to build instead of buy means you get to design your home exactly the way you want it. Why live in someone else’s dream home? Their dream home probably is not the same as your dream home.

Everyone has different ideas on what makes a perfect home. If you enjoy having people over, you’d like a large dining area along with a large kitchen. Newly weds may want to have kids or could already have kids, so extra bedrooms or a play area would be helpful. How many restrooms are needed? How about smart technology. The list is endless. With new construction you get to choose the layout and design so your home will suit your needs.

The Location

This is as important as design. You dream house isn’t going to be across the road from a landfill, sewer plant, or railroad tracks, right? New construction allows you to choose where you want to build your dream home. Do you prefer rural area with five acres, a subdivision with a playground, maybe a certain school district you like? Building means you get to choose location, and not just pick from what’s available.

Additionally, new housing developments tend to have lower crime rates. New construction gives you the ability to choose where your home will be built, not settle on a place that isn’t exactly where you want.

Energy Efficiency

Saving money is important. New construction allows you to be as green and efficient as you want. Energy efficient products have improved a lot in the last ten years, which means big savings to you in the long haul.


This is pretty self explanatory. All new appliances, HVAC unit, and roofs all have warranties. What is the cost of replacing a roof, fixing plumbing leak, or replacing HVAC? Probably more than you want to spend. With a new build, you are guaranteed things will be in good working order – no surprises. Peace of mind isn’t overrated. New products should give you years of trouble-free use, and lower maintenance costs are always welcome.

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