Cape Coral Duplex Properties

Thinking of building a new home? Ever thought about the benefits of new duplex construction? Building a duplex lets you pick the location, layout, and design of your property. In addition, a duplex provides income-generating potential. Whether you want to live in one side and rent the other or rent out both sides, rentals can help pay down the mortgage or cover your living costs. Being the property owner, you get to decide who your neighbor is.

Cape Coral Income Property Homes For Sale

When it comes to investing in real estate, cash flow is everything. A duplex gives you cash flow from two tenants out of one property.  In a single home investment, no renter means no cash flow. In the situation of losing a renter in a duplex, you still have money coming in from the other renter to help cover expenses. You have more potential ROI (return on investment) with a duplex compared to a single home investment.

5 Reasons to invest in a Duplex in Cape Coral. 

#1 – Duplex homes have a lower barrier to entry.

Buying one side of a duplex is a great entry point for a first time home buyer or someone who needs a more affordable entry point in a certain market. On average a duplex unit is more affordable when compared to single family home with similar number of beds and baths, square feet and condition.

#2 – Duplex homes are homes with cash flow.

Buying a duplex and occupying one side gives you the ability to have a cash flow source while having the utility of a home. Remember this cash flow is in addition to the affordability advantage you have from living on one side of the duplex. These cash advantages can take care of various expenses.

#3 – A duplex home gives you faster home equity.

If the goal is to earn home equity then living on one side and renting the other side provides you with the ability to make double mortgage payments each month effectively halving your mortgage term. This reduces the interest paid and accelerates your home equity which can be borrowed against if needed.

#4 – Duplex homes allow for unique living situations.

The duplex housing style opens up options for unique situations. Say for example you need to take care of someone in your family who needs close supervision,  but is also situation where both parties, yourself and your family member require privacy and space. By living on one side and having your family member live on the other side, it solves that dilemma.

#5- A duplex home gives you a great rental for the future.

A great aspect of buying a duplex and living on one side as your first home is that when your ready to move to your next property, you will have a ideal rental property. Not only will you have the knowledge of  running a property and but you will also know how it feels from both the landlord and tenant perspective.


Cape Coral Income Property Homes For Sale

Duplexes are great investments but with any investment you need to do your due diligence and be honest with your capabilities and Rebecca Silva is your local real estate duplex expert in Cape Coral.

Rebecca Silva is a duplex real estate specialist in Cape Coral and throughout Southwest, Florida who knows the basic mechanics of a Duplex real estate transaction and understands the issues related to multifamily property and the duplex style in particular. Rebecca Silva can explain property cash flow, rental issues for a duplex investor and provide insight on the investment viability that they have.

For information on purchasing an existing duplex or for details on building a duplex for an investment property. Fill the contact form out below, and Rebecca Silva Realtor will be in touch the soonest possible.