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Cape Coral Farmers Market Review

Cape Coral Farmers Market

Cape Coral Local Farmers Market

Cape Coral has several spots for getting your locally grown fruits and vegetables.  One of my favorites is Tropicaya Fresh Produce.  It is about 14 minutes from my house.  The drive is so worth it…not only do they have fresh fruits and veggies!  They also have fresh fruit smoothies, homemade ice cream, sandwiches, honey,  jellies, hot sauces and uniquely wooden carved souvenirs.  It’s just an inviting and relaxing ambiance to share a weekend treat with the family!


Cape Coral Farmers Market review

Around this time is mango season and being the mango lovers that we are… we frequently visit here throughout the summer.

cape coral fresh produce

To get more information about relocating or retiring in Cape Coral, Fl please feel free to contact me, Rebecca Silva, at 239-4642528.