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Cape Coral FloridaCape Coral homes for sale sell for an average price of about $220k. Cape Coral boasts many single family homes that are priced well above the market value of homes across the country. These estimates are a sign of the strong economy and real estate market found in Cape Coral. You’ll also see more massive apartment complexes and multi-family dwellings throughout Cape Coral as well.

The majority of Cape Coral homes for sale are 3 or 4 bedroom units built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. About 40% of housing in the Cape Coral area has been developed in the last 20 years and showcases a more modern feel to the area. While home values have decreased in general in Cape Coral, they remain higher than other parts of the country.

About The Area

The City of Cape Coral is home to about 175,000 people. Based on the nearly 60,000 homes, apartments and dwellings spread throughout Cape Coral, one can surmise that the city is home to multiple families. Cape Coral is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida and enjoys some of the warmest weather in the state. Many people make their way to Cape Coral to avoid winter in their home state or country.

This makes for a lively and robust demographic of people. There is plenty to do in Cape Coral including spending countless days at the beach – Cape Coral has some of the best beaches in Florida. You can enjoy a theatre show, or you can spend the day on a boat. You’ll find many golf courses within and surrounding the city, as you might expect given Florida’s reputation as a prime golf destination.

Find Your Next House

If you are dreaming of spending your winters in Cape Coral, or you are looking for your next great house in your current Cape Coral neighborhood, we can help. We connect to the MLS system, which is the Multiple Listing Service that licensed realtors use to post and find homes all around the world. MLS allows home buyers to view homes online before they see them in person, compare home prices, gather data about the area they are interested in living, and more; this means that you can view Cape Coral houses for sale easily on our site.

There are many Cape Coral homes for sale on a regular basis and new home listings are always being added. So be sure to check back on a regular basis to see all the homes to buy in the area. The MLS system allows homebuyers to take virtual tours of the inside of homes as well; you can see pictures of the property, surrounding areas and find out about schools, recreation complexes and more.

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