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Buying A Second Home In The Sunshine State? Consider These 5 Spectacular Neighborhoods

Palm trees. Beautiful views. Relaxing spas and enjoyable sports. Gorgeous nature on your doorstep. Enjoy as much or as little to do as you want.  Sound good? Fort Myers, Florida is the place to live. If you’re thinking about buying a second home in Florida, moving to a different area in Florida, or finding a better house in Fort Myers, we’ve got you covered. Buying a home is a new start for you, and the neighborhood it comes with is a critical factor.  


We’ve searched and done the hard part for you and found the best of the best neighborhoods in Fort Myers. If you’re looking to buy in Florida, here are five neighborhoods to consider: Paseo Fort Myers, Pelican Preserve, Miromar Reserve, Moody River Estates, and Babcock Ranch. Each of these highly-rated locations will have you wishing you’d never lived anywhere else.


What makes these neighborhoods so desirable? Read on to see what features and traits make these five neighborhoods unique, pleasant, and perfect for your next house.


Paseo – Fort Myers

Location, location, location. Paseo is not only a beautiful place to live but is located in the convenient Daniels Corridor. Daniels Corridor, which leads from Gateway to the South Florida airport, is growing fast and is chock full of options for shopping and dining, along with the many gated communities such as Paseo.


Paseo is also right next door to the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. If you enjoy walking and wildlife, the preserve offers plenty of both. You can go on a guided walk, or explore the boardwalk and Interpretive Center (nature museum) on your own. You may see a vast variety of wildlife, including turtles, otters, plenty of birds, and perhaps an alligator or two. You can find out more about the preserve here at the park’s website.


Are you convinced yet? Paseo has many luxurious 2-4 bedroom homes from which to choose.


Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Not to worry – next up is something equal in quality but very different.


Pelican Preserve


If you’re 55+, you can’t do better in Florida than to pick a condo or house in Pelican Preserve in Fort Myers. This community will have you living in style with the many resort-like activities and resources available. If the beautiful 27-hole golf course and delightful Golf Clubhouse isn’t enough for you, consider the spa, the fitness center, theater, and pool. The Plaza del Sol Town Center offers classes such as yoga, a studio for all kinds of arts and crafts, and even more fun like wine tastings.


For an active adult with a bustling social life, this is the perfect community to explore new hobbies and enjoy old ones. Of course, along with all of that are picture-perfect homes, buying a second house has never been more worth it.


Looking for something even more picturesque? How about an enchanting waterfront community?

For an active adult with a bustling social life, this is the perfect community to explore new hobbies and enjoy old ones. Of course, along with all of that are picture-perfect homes, buying a second house has never been more worth it.


Miromar Reserve

This award-winning community is not just another resort-style neighborhood. Choose your neighborhood located along Miromar lakes, and find a home perfect for you. Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club offers plenty of water sports and activities, including kayaking, water-skiing, swimming, sailing, fishing. On land, you can play golf, tennis, or enjoy the spa.

If you want a busy social life, check out the many planned events and outings, including dances, movie nights, cooking classes, game nights, and so much more for every interest and hobby. If you’d rather relax, don’t worry. The homes are luxurious, spacious, and filled with quality amenities. On top of that, you have a gorgeous waterfront right outside your front door to enjoy.  


As fantastic as that sounds, we’ve got more below. If Miromar looks out of your price range, read on for a more affordable but still excellent option.


Moody River Estates

Located on a river in North Fort Myers, Moody River Estates is a lovely gated community with spacious houses and gorgeous nature. Nature preserves and walking trails give you plenty to do outside, along with pools to swim in, tennis and basketball courts to play on, and theatres to relax in, not to mention the clubhouse and fitness center. If you have a boat, Moody River Estates offers access to Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico for plenty of water-bound adventuring.


Besides plenty of space to play, there is also a business center available. All of these amenities combined with fantastic houses and views equals a perfect neighborhood. They offer many different sizes of homes, too. Check them out here.


While all four of these options are amazing, we’ve still got one left, and it is perhaps the most unique.


Babcock Ranch


Babcock Ranch sets itself apart with its commitment to sustainability. Solar energy, well-planned town design, and preservation of local trees and wildlife are just some of the high standards that demonstrate its commitment. The homes are delightfully designed, and like the other places on our list, have many excellent amenities such as a lakehouse, pool, and a fitness and health center.


For the outdoorsy types, you can rent kayaks, canoes, or go fishing at Lake Babcock, along with plenty of hiking, walking, and biking options. For those with children, Babcock Ranch has a charter school committed to excellent education. In addition to all of this, Founder’s Square has plenty of dining, live music, and events for both residents and visitors.


When buying a second home, it’s important to consider all of your options. We’re confident that these five options are the cream of the crop and the best choice for living your best life in Florida. They combine the best of everything: quality houses, fantastic locations, plenty of amenities, a bustling social calendar, and gorgeous views. They have those things in common, but each one has its unique flavor and perks.

These are all popular, highly-rated neighborhoods, so don’t delay! Check out the houses in each neighborhood: Paseo Fort Myers, Pelican Preserve, Miromar Lakes, Moody River Estates, and Babcock Ranch. Our team at Rebecca’s Realtor will help you find your perfect home today!

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Babcock Ranch Review – the First Solar Powered Town in America

The First of Its Kind

babcock ranch review

Many cities have utilized solar energy to cut back on all of the non-renewable resources frequently used to provide us with power. Some cities and communities have even made the switch to using mostly solar energy. No other town in the country, however, has even been able to thrive on solar energy alone, and even have some leftover. Babcock Ranch in southwest Florida will be the first of its kind—it will not only provide its projected 50,000 residents with renewal solar power but will generate a surplus of energy. That energy will be connected to the power grid of surrounding areas.

This revolutionary town is a product of a partnership between Florida Power and Light and real estate developer Kitson and Partners, who have been planning Babcock Ranch for over a decade. Prior to the purchase of the land that is part of the Babcock Preserve, an area rich in local ecosystems and agriculture, the 74,000+ acre plot was owned by former Pittsburg Mayor Edward Babcock. The state of Florida, as well as the counties where the land is located, Charlotte and Lee Counties, had an interest in purchasing the land in order to preserve the largest expanse of undisturbed, natural land in the state.

Just as no other town has been built like Babcock Ranch, no other solar power plant has ever matched the size and power of that of the community. The Babcock solar energy plant will be over 440 acres large, which is over twice as big as the current largest one in the world. Florida Power and Light, the utility company behind the design of the plant, already ranks as one of the cleanest power companies in the country. This project will only serve to reinforce that standing. The energy produced from the plant will not only be clean, though. Residents will enjoy energy bills that are at least 30% than the average national energy bill, on average. The facility itself is so cost effective by design that even the cost of its operation will not affect consumers.

Larger solar energy plants such as the one that is currently underway at Babcock are more efficient in the “sunshine state” than are smaller home-based rooftop solar panels. Solar energy generated from a large-scale plant can generate over 2.5 times more usable energy than can the same dollar amount investment to build it if it were spread across different residences. The 74.5-megawatt energy plant at Babcock is one of several others planned by Florida Power and Light in the coming year.

Florida Power and Light is setting a new standard in the energy industry as far as sustainability goes. As part of a long-term plan, the company intends to gradually cut down on fossil fuels used to provide power and replace more of that with solar energy. They are well on their way to providing Florida consumers with more responsible energy to use as well as lower electric bills. Last year alone they already saved their customers a combined $8 billion in utility bill costs.

The significance of a town powered entirely by solar power is not just the dollar amount saved, but the impact it has on both its residents and on the earth. If every city on earth continues its current energy practice of burning valuable and limited fossil fuels, those fuels will run out within the next few generations. Solar energy will not run out—it is a renewable resource because we can replenish it whenever there is sun, and it will not run out. Using solar energy also is a first step toward more sustainable and responsible living on the whole. It represents a lifestyle change toward one that is keeping the future of our planet in mind. Along with other sustainable practices that will be encouraged are gardening, physical fitness, and outdoor living.

A Sustainable Town with the Future in Mind

Sustainable TownBabcock Ranch will set the bar high in many areas of infrastructure and lifestyle, not just in energy consumption. A revolutionary transportation system will also be implemented. Rather than relying on traditional cars, buses, or subways that rely on burning fossil fuels that harm the environment, the town will operate on a system of electric vehicles that run off of the solar energy produced on the ranch. This system will transport both people and goods from place to place and can be summoned by residents via their phones. The vehicles will be driverless and run by advanced technology.

Even though the solar energy produced at the central plant will be green and renewable, it will not be able to produce a limitless amount of energy at once. Consumers will work with the ranch to ensure energy is being used in a responsible way. Every building in the town, whether a residential home, a business, or a school, will be required to follow the guidelines necessary to be considered a green building, and will have a mechanism to monitor energy consumption. The buildings themselves at Babcock Ranch will be “smart” and energy efficient. The residences will each be built on a raised foundation to combat the Florida heat and aid in more efficient cooling. Insulation systems and windows will be constructed with state of the art technology that is meant to make both heating and cooling more efficient and effective as well. All lighting systems will use bulbs that use energy at maximum efficiency.

Babcock Ranch is still in its early stages but is already operating as a small community that is planned to quickly reach its projected maximum residency of 50,000 people. Over 1000 homes are already built in the town’s first neighborhood. Developers plan to expand the city south as it continues to grow, and four villages and five hamlets are planned. Once the town is fully constructed, it will truly be one of a kind both in the U.S. and in the world and will set the example for future developing or existing cities to follow.

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