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Eliminating And Preventing Potential Hazards In Your Home

You want your home to be healthy and safe for your family members and guests. You can start by learning how to recognize common hazards, and then take the proper steps to eliminate them:

1. Mold

Mold is harmful to your respiratory system. While everyone in your household can be affected, it is especially dangerous to small children, elderly persons, and individuals with allergies or serious health problems.

It is not difficult to prevent mold. Moisture is the main cause of it, so check throughout your home for sources of moisture. Seal every crack, paying special attention to cracks in the basement and attic.

Check the pipes and plumbing, and have leaking pipes repaired. Humidity encourages mold, so your home’s humidity level should be kept between 30% and 50%.

Poor ventilation also causes mold. Make sure there is plenty of fresh air throughout your home, allowing it to come in through the window after a hot bath or shower.

2. Gas Leaks

Prevent gas leaks by having your appliances installed by a professional. You should hire a professional to check the gas lines regularly.

If you smell gas, use the gas meter to turn off the gas supply immediately. Open the doors and windows, and call your utility company.

3. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning can make you ill, and it can be deadly. Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Carbon monoxide leaks can be prevented by having professionals service your water heater, heating and cooling systems, and any appliance that uses coal, oil, or gas, at least once each year.

4. Fire

home on fire

Every level of your home should have at least one smoke detector or fire alarm. The batteries should be changed at least once each year.

There are other steps you can take to prevent a fire. If you use candles, never leave them unattended. Make sure all of your appliances are working properly. Never leave your stove, oven, or iron unattended.

Make sure electrical outlets are not overloaded, and unplug all appliances when they are not in use. Do not allow young children to use the stove without adult supervision. When you cook, long hair should be tied back, and you should avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing.

5. Falls

A slip-and-fall accident can be very serious. It is one of the most common causes of accidents in the home. Keep stairways free from debris, and use appropriate lighting in stairways. If you have carpeted steps, make sure the carpet is secure.

The floors throughout your home should be free from clutter. Avoid rugs that can slip and cause an accident. Wall-to-wall carpeting is the safest flooring for your home.

You can prevent falls in the bathroom by using secure rugs, or rubber mats on the floor. You can also add a rubber mat to your bathtub or shower. For the elderly or handicapped, safety rails can be placed around the toilet, tub, and shower.

6. Poisoning

Children are often poisoned by products in the home, but others can ingest them accidentally. Start by installing a medicine cabinet that locks, so that children can’t obtain access to prescription medications.

Household products should also be locked up. Cleaning products, detergents, paints, pesticides, and any other products containing toxic chemicals are in this category.

Personal products should also be kept away from pets and children. Hair care products and cosmetics are common examples.

7. Burns

Fire safety is not the only reason to secure your kitchen. Another reason is preventing burns. Keep kids out of the kitchen when you are cooking. Face pot handles toward the back of the stove, and use stove knob covers so no one can accidentally turn the stove on.

The stove is not an extension of your countertop. Avoid placing items on the stove that do not belong there. Nothing should ever be there, except the food when it is cooking.


These common household hazards can be addressed and corrected. It does not take much time to make your home safe. These few safety precautions can benefit everyone in your household. Talk to Rebecca’s Realtor for any questions regarding buying houses in SW Florida.

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7 Benefits Of Owning A “Tiny House”

Tiny homes are cute, fashionable, and popular. If you thinking of changing your living arrangements, though, you may be more concerned about the practical aspects. There are definitely benefits to owning a tiny house so contact Rebecca’s Realtor today with any questions. We have listed 7 benefits of owning a tiny home below:

1. You Will Save Money On Housing

Before tiny homes, a person had two basic options for housing. They could either buy a house and look forward to decades of mortgage payments, or they could rent a house or apartment, and pay rent every month to landlords.

A tiny house is an excellent way to avoid these monthly expenses. While costs vary depending on size, location, and other factors, most people with average incomes can buy a tiny home, and with one payment, it belongs to them.

Think of what you can do with your income when you do not have to pay a high rent or mortgage payments every month. You would only be paying for utilities and the small space you’d be using for the house.

2. You Will Save Money On Utilities

Utilities for a tiny home cost less too, but you also have options. First, if you use traditional methods for utilities, you will pay less money. As an example, it costs much less to heat and cool a tiny home than a full-sized house or apartment.

However, you can choose to live off the grid and save more. If you wish, you can generate your own electricity, have your own well for water, and use a wood stove for heating and cooking.

Think of the huge utility bills you will not have to pay every month, if you decide to live off the grid. Every homeowner has their own personal preferences and needs. When you have a tiny house, you can choose the options that are right for you.

3. Avoiding Clutter

The small size of a tiny house means limited space. If you feel that you have too many possessions, or do not like clutter in your home, a tiny house will resolve these issues.

Instead of a home that is packed with unnecessary items and clutter, your home can be neat and comfortable.

4. A Tiny House Provides Freedom

With a tiny home, you do not need to stay in one place. You can move your house whenever, and wherever you wish. If you travel, you can avoid costly hotel rooms.

If you need to relocate for a job, it is a simple process. With the freedom to pick up and move whenever you want, you can avoid all the difficulties and costs that are associated with moving.

5. More Free Time For You

If you think of how much time you put into the upkeep of your current home, you may appreciate the chance to do something else with your free time.

When you own a tiny house, it requires less upkeep, so you have more time for other things. You can clean your new home within minutes, because there is less space to clean.

6. A Better Quality Home

Remodeling and decorating are easier, also. As the home is so compact, the small size makes upgrades less expensive. Perhaps you want a different type of flooring, or you are thinking of a marble countertop. You will need fewer materials, so the entire project will be inexpensive.

As an additional benefit, upgrades will take less time. You can put hours into a remodeling project, instead of spending multiple weekends on the tasks. You will be able to relax and enjoy your new surroundings.

7. Tiny Homes Are Eco-Friendly

From building to ongoing use and maintenance, tiny houses use less resources. It will not impact the environment as much as a standard house or apartment. You can reduce your footprint and leave the environment in a better condition for future generations.


Without a doubt, these compact homes are nice to look at, and a joy to own. These practical benefits make it even more appealing. If your current home is not meeting your needs, take a step forward and consider buying a tiny home.

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Top 4 Home Buying And Selling Apps

What if you could use a smartphone to help you track properties that are listed for sale, or flex the selling process? The real estate market has embraced digital technology and business strategies that involve coming up with tools and apps that will guide you through the entire home selling and buying process.

But how do you differentiate helpful and easy to use apps from ones that aren’t? Here are the top four real estate apps that bring together both property sellers and buyers, in an easy to use fashion:


This app is free and available for download on all smartphone devices, with both Android and iOS versions. Currently, the application has over 4 million real estate properties listed therein, each with close to a hundred photos, videos, maps and virtual tours.

It also has a chat option, where both sellers and buyers can freely interact, and have their queries answered and clarifications made. The application is also easy to use, so users don’t need any technological or IT related skills to be able to interact with the service.

2. MagicPlan

The MagicPlan app makes buyer and seller interactions easier by automating the floor plan and measurement aspects of home viewing. Just by taking pictures of the home, the app calculates distances and measurements of house plans.

The property’s seller, therefore, doesn’t have to worry about answering floor plan and measurement queries for their possible buyers. This will save time for both parties involved.

Most importantly, buyers will get a better idea of the floor plans and measurements that will help ease their decision making, particularly with home décor.

3. Xome

The Xome app provides buyers and sellers with yet another interaction point where they can list and view homes available for sale, in any part of the country. Today, the app has over 100 million properties listed for sale, complete with photos, maps, and descriptions.

The app also avails users with a filter option, allowing them to view listings based on their price, number of bedrooms, square footage, and nearby amenities, like schools and hospitals.

Most importantly, the Xome app not only links buyers and sellers, but it also puts either in touch with an agent to guide them through the buying or purchase process.


This app prides itself as having one of the most comprehensive listings on the market today. The app is mainly localized, and will help potential home buyers find nearby properties that they would have ordinarily missed.

Property sellers also benefit from having their homes showcased in the local communities. The listings here are updated every fifteen minutes. It also has a filter option that allows for the searching of homes based on locations, zip codes, and home specifications (like the number of rooms and square footage), as well as price.

The app also suggests the market value of different homes, thereby helping sellers make an informed decision when pricing their homes, and buyers to avoid overpriced properties.

The app is available on both Android and iPhones, and supports other interactive tools, like Google Chromecast, that allows you to stream the property information and directions to your TV.

Bottom Line

Long gone are the days when property agents served as the only intermediary between home buyers and sellers in the country. Through technology and digitization of the real estate market in the country, you now have access to easy to use smartphone applications. With all this said, apps aren’t like speaking to a professional realtor, so call Rebecca’s Realtor with any questions!

These applications will give you access to an even more extensive selection of properties listed for sale across the country. You will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, faster than ever before.

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5 Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Shed

new shed in backyard

Outdoor sheds tend to get a bad reputation, because many of them are outdated and serve more as eyesores on yards than anything. However if installed in the right spot, and with a little bit of structural character, outdoor sheds can provide your home not only with aesthetic qualities, but also with a lot of functionality.

Here are 5 benefits of having an outdoor shed on your property, which may help you decide if this handy storage option is for you.

1. Extra Storage

This is possibly the most obvious benefit to having an outdoor shed. Storage spaces in homes and garages are limited, and could run out quickly. Outdoor sheds allow homeowners that extra space to put away things that they can no longer fit inside their homes or garages.

They are also the perfect place to put away seasonal home décor, keepsakes, lawn equipment, extra furniture, and plenty of other belongings.

2. Frees Up Interior Space

Given that outdoor sheds make room for extra storage, this means that you can then free up space in your home. This is especially useful for homes that are already cluttered.

Outdoor sheds will allow you to actually use closets for putting clothes up, instead of using them for storage. It will also allow you to use your garage as a space to park your car, instead of a space for carpentry equipment, bicycles, etc.

3. Activity Space

You certainly don’t have to use your outdoor shed for storage. Many homeowners use them as activity spaces. They can be the perfect place for hobbyists to work on their crafts. You can also use an outdoor shed to paint in, or do some woodworking. Many use these spaces for their indoor gardens, a place to grow and cultivate seedlings.

There are many different types of activities you could use outdoor sheds for, but just make sure that it’s appropriately-sized for your needs.

4. Hiding Space For Unsightly Items

Let’s face it, being a homeowner means that you’ll have to be the owner of various types of equipment that are not necessarily pleasing to look at. The worst thing is having too much equipment lying all over your garage, simply because there is a lack of better places to put them.

Outdoor sheds can neatly tuck away all your unsightly machines, so you don’t have to see them every time you walk into your garage. It makes for a more aesthetically pleasing home, overall.

5. Organization And Access

Having an outdoor shed will allow you to organize your things in a proper way. You won’t have to spend hours looking for one particular item in your home, because you’ll know exactly where you put them.

This is perfect for putting away tools, or storing away plastic bins of various household items. As long as it’s done right, you can have the most organized home on the block, using your outdoor shed as an organizing platform.


Outdoor sheds can bring you more than you could imagine, but its best benefit is the fact that they can simplify your life in such a way, that you wouldn’t be able to without it.

Whether you’re looking into a small storage space, or a larger activity space, the best solution is with an outdoor shed. Call Rebecca for any real estate questions you have.

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3 Ways To Add Value To An Older Bathroom

bathroom remodel

If you’re looking to raise your property’s value, then consider bathroom remodeling. Simply renovating this one room will make a home more desirable and comfortable to use.

Homeowners can upgrade any out-of-date bathroom by installing a shower seat, replacing an older toilet with a low-flush model, and/or installing a floor heating system to provide more warmth. Every home buyer will treasure such improvements.

However, a complete renovation may be expensive, and it’s not always required. But if they are, here are several relatively cost friendly ways to help you spruce up your bathroom, without affecting the space too much:

#1. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Even on a tight budget, homeowners can still upgrade their bathrooms by repainting the walls and installing new tiles. Make your room an exception by changing the color, and giving the space new life. It will only take one day to complete bathroom painting.

When it comes to choosing the best paint for your bathroom, be certain to select a durable, mold resistant paint that can handle the humid room. Give enough time for the paint to fully dry before using the bathroom.

#2. High-Efficiency, Dual-Flush Toilet

Some major cities in the U.S., including Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, and Los Angeles fear that they will be lacking water by 2050. High-efficiency, dual-flush toilets save water by minimizing on the flush water volume. This will make your bathroom cost effective.

Dual-flush toilets offer the alternative of two different flush volumes: full volume flush for solids, and low volume flush for liquids. Different from traditional toilets, these water saving toilets have a larger hole at the bottom of the bowl, and can use much less water to get the job done.

Dual flush toilets will need more cleaning, because less water is left in the bowl, and that can mean more residue and odor will be left behind.

#3. Humidity-Controlled Exhaust Fan

Many home owners are now requesting humidity controlled exhaust fans. Bathroom fans beat out linen closets, and separate tubs and showers, in the way of high demand. Many homeowners prefer a fan with an automatic humidity sensor switch.

The fan turns on when moisture levels are high, and automatically turns off when the humidity drops to a normal level. This will prevent mold growth and ensure proper air circulation in the bathroom.

It is recommended that you get together with a contractor to ensure that the vent for the fan leads outside, not to the upper floor. This will prevent mold in other areas as well.


After you’ve remodeled, you’ll have a beautiful, brand new bathroom to decorate as you please. Enjoy adding a nice wallpaper or paint, mirrors, curtains, and painted vanity doors to transform your new room into your own little showpiece. Or if you’re selling, prospective homebuyers will be wowed by the new bathroom. Once you’re done with the renovation, contact Rebecca’s Realtor to get things starting for your selling process.

It doesn’t have to cost a ton of money to upgrade a bathroom. Making a few tranquil changes will instantly convert your bathroom. Consider installing new faucets, a better mirror, and/or painting the walls. In no time at all, these simple updates will increase the value of your home.

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5 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal On A Budget

First impressions count, so if you are thinking of selling your house, it has to look good enough to impress potential buyers. However, you do not have to drain your bank account to improve your chances of a sale. You can still land a deal with these budget-friendly ways of enhancing your property’s curb appeal.

1. Paint The Front Door

There is nothing as off-putting as old paint peeling off the walls of a house. As much as you want to add color to the entire home, it would be costly to do so. By painting your front door, you won’t spend very much, yet it will instantly boost your home’s appearance.

Front doors can attract buyers from a distance, but only if they have an appealing color, so choosing colors that are bright is a good idea. Remember to choose colors with a high gloss finish, as opposed to a matte finish, to make cleaning easy.

2. Clean Your Driveway, Porch, And Fence

Over time, your house can accumulate dirt, spider webs, grime, etc. This will chase away any buyers, because let’s face it; who wants to buy a house with a dirty exterior?

Such incidences will leave buyers to imagine how much more dirt will be lying underneath, and inside the house.

Remove all stains that may be on your driveway and porch, and if your fence is washable, scrub it too. Or you can use a pressure washer to easily remove dirt quickly, if you don’t have much time.

3. Do Some Landscaping

You do not have to call professional landscapers to work their magic on your home’s exterior. Take charge of your property and plant some beautiful flowers to add a pop of color. Also, do some weeding, prune any overgrown trees, and don’t forget to trim your hedges. You should also spend some time mowing your lawn, and raking up any dry leaves.

4. Install A New Mailbox

A mailbox is one of the many neglected fixtures around your home. If yours has been in that same spot for years, without any upgrades, it is bound to get rusty, or even unstable.

As you search for a home buyer, it is the ideal time to get a new mailbox, since it is not expensive, and fixing it is easy. However, before rushing off to buy and install one, you should check with your local post office to make sure the one you’re getting is okay with them. They can have different rules, depending on where you are and how they deliver the mail.

However, this is mostly if you choose a drastic change, like getting a wall-mounted mailbox or putting it in another location.

5. Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

With all the advancements in light fixtures, there is no excuse to be sticking to old, dull accessories that only downplay your home’s appeal.

Invest in modern and decorative lights that will complement the exterior’s scenery. However, even as you seek to create a modern look, you must make sure that you do not compromise functionality.

Also, remember to match the exterior furnishings with your updated fixtures, so they do not look out of place.


These improvements will instantly give the exterior of your home a facelift, and the best part is that they should easily be within your budget. Now all that is left is for you to choose which one is best to begin with, so that you can sell your house more quickly.

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4 Tips To Improve Your Home’s Landscaping!

A beautiful landscape will attract a homebuyer who would have otherwise ignored your property. Landscaping is an art that involves paying attention to detail, and having an eye for aesthetics.

In the real estate industry, every part of such a project matters. Decorations and exterior designs will attract clients to your property, but many people tend to pay little attention to landscaping, disregarding its impact on the property’s value.

Unlike interior property plans and designs that may be changed from time to time, landscaping ensures that your property stays appealing throughout the years, with little or no improvements required.

In this Rebecca’s Realtor article, we will share with you four ways in which you can increase your property’s value, just by having a nicely landscaped yard.

1. Match Your Home

When you have a particular home design in mind, don’t just settle for any garden. Your house color should be the basis for the plants in your yard. If you decide to pick vintage colors, select plants that have an almost similar color.

Brightly colored homes should be matched with breathtaking colors in your garden. Ensure that the color of your house naturally incorporates the colors in your well-landscaped garden. This way, home buyers will easily be attracted, and the value for your house will effortlessly rise.

2. Go Green

There is nothing as noble as planting trees. Trees not only make a property beautiful, but also purify the air around the home by getting rid of carbon dioxide. Plant a few trees around your house, and you will notice the difference it will make.

Trees make the property look more lush, and will provide shade for homeowners as they relax. They also save costs, as they cut down on air conditioning bills. Don’t stop at just planting trees, though. Keep watering them to make sure that they grow up to be healthy and strong.

Wilting trees are an eyesore, and instead of increasing the property’s value, they will drive clients away. This is not what you want for your property. Get rid of dead trees, and trim the remaining ones to form lovely shapes.

3. Lawn Edges

Edge your lawns along sidewalks, garden beds, and walkways, as home buyers will notice how careful and great you are at maintaining the property.

Edges are sometimes ignored, but if a potential buyer realizes that the edges have been attended to, and are well taken care of, they will be more interested in the whole property.

Define your lawn edges for a striking look, or use barriers like timber, stone, or steel. Well-kept lawn edges improve the appearance of your property, as well as its value.

4. Keep Seasons In Mind

You may be selling your property in the winter, and as a result, may forget that other seasons change the surroundings of your property. Balance your seasonal shrubs and flowers so that your landscape can achieve an appealing look throughout the year.

If you choose to have blossoming bulbs for spring, go for annual beds around your property when summer comes. Your client may come to view the property during a particular season, but will undoubtedly notice how much work you have put into accommodating all of the seasons.


As much as landscaping sounds exciting and magnificent, it is essential that you don’t start any project without a landscape design plan. There are skilled professionals in the real estate industry that will help you lay down a plan to get the perfect landscape for your property.

Landscaping plays a considerable role in your property’s value, and should not be brushed off when making a sale. The neatly manicured lawns and well-maintained yard will not only increase the property’s value, but also help you lead a healthy life in a green environment.

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Are There Downsides To Selling Your Home?

experienced real estate agent

As home values soar nationwide, many homeowners are considering the potential money to be made by selling their homes. For those who bought a residential property when prices were significantly lower, the potential profit may seem like an exciting reward.

However, before you leap into listing your home and signing a contract, take the time to consider some of the potential downsides to selling your home. If you have concerns like the ones listed below or want to buy a new property, contact Rebeccas Realtor today:

1. Taxes

Going from a being a homeowner, to gaining a significant amount of income in a single year from the sale of a house, can cause a nasty tax shock for some people.

To start with, the interest on your mortgage is typically a tax deduction, and that will be lost if you don’t purchase a new home soon after selling the one you now own. Next, depending on how much you make on the sale of your home, and whether you put some, any, or all of that money into buying another one, you may have a very substantial tax bill waiting for you when you file next April.

Don’t make the costly mistake of leaping at the potential money to be made, by selling your house for a lot more than you paid for it, without thinking through the tax issues in advance.

2. Trade Value

You may be thrilled to see that your home value has significantly appreciated in the years since you bought it. It will, potentially, give you a large chunk of equity that should come to you after the sale. But have you considered what you can afford to pay for a new house on today’s market?

Many homeowners are shocked to discover that prices have shot up so much, that the range of homes they pictured moving into may have gone out of their range. While there is almost always some potential market somewhere with the home you want, in a price range you can afford, it makes sense to do some shopping around first.

If prices are so elevated that your home looks really good, compared to what you can afford on the market after you sell, then maybe it makes sense to keep what you’ve got.

3. Changes

Again, it is tempting to see the home you own as a source of profit that could be yours when you sell. But your home is more than just a price on the market, of course. It is memories and improvements you’ve put into the place; it is neighbors and a community that you’ve come to know.

Be certain that the next place you are thinking of moving to is what you expect it to be. It’ll be too late to go back once you buy your new house, and start hating the new neighborhood.

Take A Moment To Really Think Things Over

Like any major decision, selling your house can have some serious downsides. Think through your options carefully. Consult with a realtor on the serious financial, tax, and life changes that you may be in for, if you decide to sell your house. Don’t rush into something you may regret soon after.

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7 Fun Activities For Families To Enjoy In Cape Coral

Cape Coral Farmers Market review

Sandy beaches, Gulf waters, and multiple wetland preserves make Cape Coral the perfect destination for a family to live or vacation. The city is located on the Gulf of Mexico, on the warmer southwestern part of Florida.

The city can pass for a modern-day Venice, with miles of canals and waterways. In addition to the physical beauty of this magical place, it also has something for every family member.

1. Guided Fishing Or Boat Tours

Ever wished for an opportunity to participate in fishing activities with your family? Cape Coral is the perfect place to tick this off of your bucket list. There are many charters that offer a combination of fishing trips and boat tours, at attractive prices.

You can try fly fishing, saltwater fishing, or freshwater fishing with professional instructors. You don’t even have to purchase fishing equipment, like reels and rods, if you don’t have them, because there are many places to rent these.

You can go on a fishing expedition on Matlacha Pass Aquatic Preserve or Yucca Pens Preserve. Do you feel like your kids are too young for fishing? You can opt for a boat tour and explore the local wildlife instead. Your little ones will definitely enjoy dolphin watching, while learning some little-known facts about the area.

2. Sun Splash Family Waterpark

This is the coolest place in Cape Coral to make the best family memories. This aquatic wonderland, which spans 14 acres, features fun activities and interactive play areas. Let the child in you come out in the Zoom Flume, relax in the lazy river or the family pool, and explore the Pirate’s Cove.

Other fun activities at this location include the volleyball court, X-celerator, Thunder Bump, Terror tube rides, Fun-L-Tunnel, Cape Fear, and thrilling electric water slides, for your adventurous mini humans.

3. Wildlife Viewing And Kayaking

There is no better way to reconnect and bond with your family than a stroll along a 4,500-foot walking trail, or a kayak trip on the Caloosahatchee River. The Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, located on the northern part of Veteran’s Parkway, is one of the largest public preserve locations in Cape Coral.

This wetland offers seasonal kayak rentals, a Veterans Memorial Area, and a walking trail. You will enjoy watching wildlife, which includes a wide variety of birds, from the boardwalks.

Take in the 365 acres of bliss, by learning about the local flora and discovering fascinating birds, like herons and eagles. End your day with a celebratory picnic lunch along the mangrove forest.

4. Rotary Park Environmental Center

This 97-acre park is a sanctuary for different bird species, thanks to the wetlands, uplands, salt flats and ponds in the area. This area is part of the larger Great Florida Birding Trail, and is a perfect place to visit with your family on a good weather day.

You can enjoy the facilities at the park including nature trails, Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly, Liam J. Perk Memorial Playground, and picnic shelters. There are also free tours offered, almost on a daily basis, that will help you save money, while still making memories with your loved ones.

5. Visit The Yacht Club Community Park

The Yacht Club Community Park is an original landmark in Cape Coral that was built in 1958. This park features racquetball and tennis courts, a community pool, fishing pier, and public beach.

Have some water fun at the Paradise Paddleboard Rentals, and enjoy some delicious cuisine at some of the eateries of this beautiful location.

6. Go Shopping At The Farmer’s Market

You will be overwhelmed by the many fun places to visit in Cape Coral, but before you leave, you must visit the Farmer’s Market. Visitors always visit this market for the local cheese, olive mixes, pickles, and homemade jams and jellies.

There’s also guacamole that’s prepared on-site, baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and a large variety of mouthwatering foods. In fact, it would be a good idea to visit the market first, and stalk the food stands before you go adventuring to other places.

7. Go Swimming

Family vacations are just not complete without going swimming in a tourist destination. Cape Coral has many miles of shoreline that offers you unlimited opportunities to enjoy the water.

If you love to bask in the sun on the sand, visit Cayo Costa State Park, North Captiva Island, or Sanibel Island. For convenience, you can pay for a vacation rental right on one of the beaches, so you can have more time on the sand.


Cape Coral is a perfect vacation destination at any time of the year; if you have fallen in love with the area and are curious about the market, give Rebeccas Realtor a call for any questions. Plan for an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experiences with you and your family, because this destination will never disappoint you.

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5 Beaches To Visit On Your Cape Coral Vacation

Are you hoping to visit Cape Coral for a pleasurable vacation, on one of the beaches in the area? If so, there are numerous beaches which you can drive to that are a short distance from the city, because Cape Coral itself isn’t really on the coast. If you are in love with Cape Coral and are searching the area for real estate, you can contact Rebecca through email or phone, as she is a licensed real estate agent in Florida.

Whether you are looking to have a romantic evening, a fun-filled family day, or some time to relax by yourself, the beaches in Southwest Florida will satisfy your desire. Here are 5 of the best beaches around Cape Coral that you can visit during your vacation in the city.

1. Captiva Beach

Captiva Beach is the ideal spot for a romantic evening, and it will take you up to one hour to reach it from Cape Coral. With numerous shells and pure blue water, the beach is the only public beach you can find in Captiva.

You can take a long walk on its sandy shores, and because of its glamorous sunsets, the beach is popularly known as one of the most romantic beaches. Captiva Beach is one of the very few beaches along the Gulf of Mexico coast that has actually has a drop off when you get into the water.

2. Lynn Hall Memorial Park

Lynn Hall Memorial Park is a park found right on Fort Myers Beach. It is a famous family destination, as well as home to one of the most popular attractions in the area: Fort Myers Beach Pier. This beach is very close to “Times Square”, which is full of shops and restaurants. If you’re looking to have an activity-filled time at the beach, you will find it at Lynn Hall.

3. Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key is the ideal spot if what you need is a private beach adventure. It’s the locals’ favorite, and it was accessible only by boat for many years. Today, the beach can be accessed by tram or boardwalk, and it is a famous spot for sunbathing, picnics, swimming, and shelling.

The waters are perfect for wildlife, which includes bald eagles, marsh rabbits, dolphins, and manatees. Also, Lovers Key offers kayaking, canoeing, and bicycle rentals.

4. Lighthouse Beach Park

Lighthouse Beach Park, which is situated on the eastern end of Sanibel Island, is breezy almost all the time. The most photographed site on the Island, the Sanibel Lighthouse, is housed on this beach.

The history of the 120 year old edifice can be read on the beach, even though visitors are not allowed to go inside. The strong current makes for good shelling opportunities, as several sorts of treasure are usually washed up on the shore.

If staying on the beach is not something you want to do, you can also explore the wetlands which surround the lighthouse, by using the boardwalks and nature trails.

5. Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach is one of the best beaches you can find in Sanibel. This beach is very picturesque and beautiful, and the sandy shores are white. The beach has several facilities which include a shower area, soda machine, changing area, and a restroom. It’s a great place for families, as well as a quiet atmosphere for personal relaxation.