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5 Unique Features Of Homes In Florida

Located to the west of the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is not your typical state. It is among the only states on the East Coast with a tropical climate, which means that most of the time, the weather is either hot or warm. Unlike other inland states, Florida’s proximity to the coastline and its tropical weather influences a good deal of the population’s culture and day to day life.

Perhaps one of the core aspects of Florida, which sets it apart from other states, is the unique way in which its houses are made. Here are some of the features that the state’s homes have that many other states don’t:

1. Concrete Blocks

Many of the homes in Florida are reinforced with concrete blocks to increase their durability and strength, so they are able to withstand possible storms and hurricanes.

The concrete blocks also keep the house insulated from the state’s oppressive heat, to ensure the inhabitants enjoy a cool breeze inside the house, and that the house maintains a sturdy structure.

2. Big Outdoor Spaces

Apart from the common high ceiling feature in many homes in the state, another unique characteristic is large outdoor spaces. The interior of these homes is open and dramatic, which blends in with the spacious outdoor areas, like patios and porches.

The big spaces are convenient for dealing with the climate, and making it a breeze to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather.

3. Tiled Roofs

While most of the homes in Florida are inspired by Mediterranean or Spanish style architecture, the majority of the homes in the state have tiled roofs.

Unlike other easy and straightforward roofing styles in other states, Florida tiled roofs add a bit of sturdiness and durability to ensure that they can withstand any damage resulting from harsh weather. Also, tiled roofing keeps the house cooler by increasing insulation from the sun’s rays.

4. Many Windows And Verandas

With hot weather comes more heat, and with more heat, one needs to find ways to dispel it. Many of the homes in Florida are characterized by a lot of windows and verandas, which are badly needed to dispel the excess heat from the house.

To keep in sync with the Mediterranean or Spanish home designs, houses need to have multiple windows for sufficient air circulation. Also, the windows make it easier to enjoy the sea breeze from the comfort of the home.

5. No Basements

Another unique feature of Florida homes is that many of them do not have a basement. To ensure the houses have enough space, a majority of the state’s homes sit in big spaces, and are 1.5 stories. Many architects avoid the idea of basements to help prevent damage from severe weather and water damage.

With the state’s proximity to the sea, cellars do not sound feasible, due to too much water retention in the ground, which could result in water damage.


One way to survive in a relatively hot environment is to ensure that the house you live in has the necessary features that will keep the house cooler. With Florida being significantly hotter than many other U.S. states, it would make sense that many of the features used to make the houses consider the climate of the region.

However, one thing that sets Florida homes apart is their durability and sturdiness to withstand intense weather and high humidity. If you’re looking for moving to the area and need help, call Rebecca when you are ready for your new home!

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Have You Experienced Gatorland Yet?

Florida has many exciting and fun things to do, and has been known for its tourist attractions for a long time. However, where should you visit first? If Florida is on your next travel hot spot, you will want to figure out the first area to head towards, or you might overwhelm yourself with how much it has to offer.

One hotspot to visit is Gatorland, in Orlando. It has been known as the “Alligator Capital of the World” since it was established. If you decide to go to Gatorland, you can experience food, events, exhibits, and so much more.

Just do not forget to visit Pearl, the albino alligator; she would be heartbroken if you didn’t stop to see her. Here is a list of the top things to do at Gatorland.

The Park

This park has been around for over 60 years, so it has a very diverse atmosphere. Owen Godwin founded the park to preserve wildlife. His original thoughts of the park have only flourished over the years, giving you an amazing spot to visit. They incorporate family fun at its best, not to mention all the rare animals that live at the park.

If you are up for a thrill, you can take a ride down the Gator Zip Line, or immerse yourself in the free-flight aviary. There is even an off road adventure that can be eye opening to what life is like for the animals and their habitats.

There is a petting zoo, exhibits, animal shows, and so much more! There is so much to do at Gatorland, you will not be bored for even one moment.


There are so many options for dining at Gatorland. They offer a variety of food selections, and they even offer treats on the go. For example, you can head down to Pearl’s Good Eats for lunch or dinner, and experience all your family favorite foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork, and more.

They even offer gluten free items, and all the prices are affordable. If that isn’t to your liking, then you can head to the snack bar, fudge shop, coffee shop, or even the general store that offers food for your own convenience.

Top Experiences

Gatorland has so many features, that we decided to compile a short list of the top experiences in the park to make it easier for your first trip. You can head down to “Adventure Hour” to go behind the scenes and get close to the alligators.

If that is a little scary, then you can walk down to the boardwalks, where you will be able to take amazing photos. You can also enter the park early in the morning, or stay after closing to capture even better photos, by upgrading your ticket to a photographers pass. It is worth it with the amazing shots you can capture.

Another top experience is Alligator wrestling, where you can watch a wrangler catch an alligator, and show you survival tips. You can even take a picture on top of a small alligator (don’t worry, their jaws are taped shut).

And finally, there’s the Gator Jumparoo Show, where some of the largest alligators in the world jump 4 or more feet out of the water. And these exciting activities are not all there is to do at Gatorland!


You will definitely have to plan your visit before you visit Gatorland. Many people fall in love with Orlando and southwest areas such as Cape Coral. If you are researching a Cape Coral house for sale or rental, then give Rebecca a call.

You could spend more than one day at Gatorland, with all the extra features and attractions they provide. It is such an amazing place to visit, that you will not be disappointed with what they offer. Go see what they can do for your next visit!

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5 Types Of Real Estate Agents

experienced real estate agent

The law of agency plays a central role in governing the obligations, or roles and rights of individual agents. A real estate agent represents principals, as well as third parties, meaning that their rights and associated freedoms must be protected by a given body of law.

However, most people tend to confuse the terms “associate,” “agent,” and “realtor” by using them interchangeably, but they serve as titles assigned to different real estate personnel.

To address this confusion effectively, it is essential to provide a concise and clear description of the major types of real estate agents, in addition to the specific roles that they play. Below are five types of real estate agents:

1. Special Agent

In real estate, a special agent is a broker tasked with the responsibility of locating property. Broadly speaking, principals instruct special agents, giving them the go-ahead to play particular roles, under limited authority.

The acts performed by these agents do not bind the principal because they are often hired with the sole purpose of performing specific duties for clients.

2. General Agent

The general agent is the exact opposite of a special agent. In particular, they enjoy a great deal of authority to act for their principals. They can sign key or necessary documents, and transact businesses involved throughout the scope or period of the trade.

3. Listing Or Seller’s Agent

Apart from special and general agents, listing or seller’s agents work with the home seller’s best interest in mind. In essence, they systematically guide the seller on how to execute the home marketing, as well as the closing.

They employ a step-by-step approach to helping the home seller in listing their home in the MLS (multiple listing service). This will match sellers with qualified buyers faster, and more easily.

4. Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent works hand in hand with their seller’s counterpart, but pushes for their client’s goals, the homebuyer. In this sense, they place great emphasis on guiding the buyer, from home searching to the close of the transaction.

Briefly speaking, a buyer’s agent plays a fundamental role in helping homebuyers find their dream homes, sign the relevant paperwork, and negotiate with qualified sellers.

5. Dual Agent

Some sellers and buyers collaborate and hire one agent to represent their terms in the transaction. Real estate representatives who broker on behalf of sellers and buyers are called dual agents. They have to keep both client’s best interests in mind, equally.

Like general agents, a dual real estate agent accomplishes a broad range of tasks, including guiding both clients on the suitability of the deal, the legal elements involved, and any other procedures.


It is evident that in one’s quest for a new home, they should always interact with, and engage with any of the five real estate agents. They possess the much-needed analytical experience and skills in choosing the right home. If you are looking for the perfect home in Cape Coral and are in dire need of an experienced real estate agent who knows Cape Coral inside out, contact Rebecca today.

They are not only licensed professionals, but also authorized to negotiate the sale and purchase of properties. Most importantly, the guidance offered by these agents remains a necessity to avert fraud and future legal issues.

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14 Exciting Family Friendly Annual Events Floridians Enjoy

Florida’s annual events are worthy of note because they have been celebrated for many years. Aside from art and music, these annual events are quite often themed around a common feature. Florida plays host to a long lineup of yearly events, including social events, football, rattlesnake hunting, and worm grunting festivals, among others. It’s no wonder: with beautiful, warm beaches to all the following events and affordable real estate that people are paying attention to the booming housing market around Orlando.

The state is usually a beehive of activity all year round. Illustrated below is a list of some of the events taking place in the state from January to December.

1. Art Deco Weekend

This festival started out as a small grass area in 1979, and has culminated into one of the biggest celebrations of art deco architecture and culture. This festival is usually highlighted by parades, street theaters, antique expos, art exhibits, concerts, films, as well as some culinary offerings.

2. South Florida Fair

This is usually a 17-day exhibition that encompasses first-class stage shows, livestock shows and auctions, competitions, lots of kids’ activities, national stage shows, and midway rides. This extravaganza usually takes place at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach.

3. Uncorked Food And Wine Festival

This particular festival includes several wine tasting events, food and wine preparation classes, cooking demos, wine dinners, and there’s a “Grand Tasting” on the last day of the exhibition. It takes place in Key Largo and Islamorada, and lasts for 10 days.

4. Coconut Grove Arts Festival

This festival goes on for 3 days, and features over 300 of the most talented artists and craftsmen from all over the world. It’s usually a great stretch of fun, live entertainment, great art, and epicurean food.

5. Daytona 500

This is the most important race in the NASCAR calendar. It usually takes place on the last weekend of February, attracting approximately 200,000 people from all over the country.

The race was conceived by Bill France in 1947, had its first race in 1948, and has become an annual event ever since then. Considered as the most important race, it pays the most money to the winning driver.

6. Silver Spurs Rodeo

This biannual event occurs in Kissimmee, and it has been held since 1944. All rodeo staples are inclusive in this event, including the rodeo parade, western style dancing, bull riding, saddle-bronc riding, and steer racing. A climate-controlled arena is the new feature that the rodeo fans enjoy.

7. Daytona Beach Bike Week

Bike Week takes place in the first week of March and lasts for 10 days. Several activities occur, including concerts and various street festivals, motorcycle races, and block parties.

8. Sopchoppy Worm Gruntin’ Festival

Sopchoppy is located in the western region of the Apalachicola national forest, a little south of Tallahassee. This event usually takes place on the second weekend of April, on Saturday. It features horseshoe championships, live music, a 5k marathon, and crafts.

9. Mug Race

This is a 35 nautical mile river race for sailboats. It is sponsored by the Rudder Club of Jacksonville, and it has been a sight to behold for many years, termed as the ‘world’s longest river race.’ It usually takes place on the first weekend of May.

10. Wausau Possum Festival

Up to 9,000 visitors take part in the trotting race that ends in meeting with the new Miss Possum Day Queen. It usually occurs in August on the first weekend and includes arts and crafts, possum parade, crosscut sawing contest, and music.

11. Florida Heritage Book Festival

Usually a gathering of writers, authors, and literature fans, this festival takes place every September in St. Augustine, at the Flagler college. The main building is a historic old hotel, the Ponce de Leon.

12. San Antonio Rattlesnake Festival

Located in west central Florida, San Antonio is a small town about 24 miles north of Tampa. Held on the third weekend of October, it features the rattlesnake run, arts and crafts, live music, and other events/activities. This year, it’s being held at the Pasco County Fairgrounds

13. Light Up Mount Dora

This event takes place in Donnelly Park in Mount Dora (a city near Orlando) during the first weekend after thanksgiving. During this period, more than two million lights are switched on, and they are a sight to behold when they come on all at once. It includes Christmas music, dancers, and more.

14. Winterfest Boat Parade

The Winterfest Boat Parade is held every December in Fort Lauderdale, and has been a tradition since 1970. More than a hundred small boats and big yachts are covered in arrays of patterns of lights and decorations, and sail along the New River in Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.


All of these events are in addition to the state’s natural wonders, theme parks, attractions, and fantastic imaginative journeys. From Walt Disney to the Universal complex in Orlando, Florida is the hub of entertainment for visitors and common folk alike. The state has more to offer than meets the eye.

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3 Relaxing Coffee Shops To Visit In Cape Coral

Florida is voted as being one of the top vacation spots in the world. The state has beautiful cities that have excellent amenities that are suitable for both adults and kids, and one of them is Cape Coral.

Cape Coral is located on the southwest coast of Florida. It has beautiful beaches, parks, and some of the best coffee joints as well. If you are a coffee lover, the following are the best cafes to visit in the city.

Hart And Soul Cafe

If you are looking for a great place to relax with your family, as you enjoy some lunch, Hart and Soul cafe is the right place to be.

The location is well known for not only making great cups of coffee, but great food as well. The serenity of the cafe is quite welcoming and gives you a home feeling the moment you step in.

The cafe is usually open Tuesday through Sunday, from 7 am to 1:30 pm. They have free Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, they’re wheelchair accessible, and they have a TV.

There is plenty of parking in the area that drivers and bikers have easy access to. What makes the cafe great for a family outing is that there is no alcohol sold there. It’s located at 1722 Del Prado Blvd S.

Tony And Ada’s Coffee Cafe

This cafe is situated at 2110 Chiquita Blvd, and is best known for making the tastiest French espresso coffee and French dishes. This means that, aside from being served with a good cup of coffee, you can also order food as well (including crepes, bagels, and wraps).

The cafe is opened from 8 am to 6 p.m most days. Other amenities that one can access from the cafe include free Wi-Fi, ample parking space for both cars and bikes, and a TV.

The setting of the dining area is incredible, since there are both indoor and outdoor seating for the customers to choose from, plus their food prices are fair.

Espresso To Go

Being one of the few coffee shops that open on a Sunday, this coffee shop is well known for selling all sorts of espresso coffees. This means that whether you want espresso shakes or just a plain espresso, you will be served it here.

There are different cuisines offered at the restaurants also, and the customers can either opt for takeouts or to eat inside. Included in their menu choices are croissants, bagels, muffins, ice cream, and pastries.

Note that there is also a tea room for people who would want to have a cup of tea instead. Other amenities available at the coffee shop include ample parking, outdoor seating, but there is no Wi-Fi.

The cafe is located at 1518 Hancock Bridge Pkwy and is open from 6 am to 5 pm during the week. It opens on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm and Sundays from 8 am to 3 pm.


If you’re looking for a joint where you can grab a great cup of coffee in Cape Coral, consider the above-reviewed cafes. They have all the amenities that you may need and are great places to take your family, plus there are delicious foods served in all of them as well. If you want to live in Cape Coral and are looking for a home on sale, contact Rebecca today.

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Want To Flip Houses? 4 Things To Consider First

House flipping is a common term that is mainly used in the real estate business. It involves a person purchasing a property, renovating it, and then selling it for a higher price. In other words, the buyer makes a profit by reselling the acquired, newly renovated property.

Although house flipping business can earn you thousands of dollars in profit within a short period of time, it is crucial to know that you can also incur losses. Therefore, before you think of getting into this business, here are 4 essential things that you must know:

1. Focus On The Buying Price, Not The Selling Price

This is an area where most first time flippers blunder and end up incurring losses instead of a profit. The price that you buy the house for will determine if you will make any profits from the sales, or not. This is because, aside from spending money to purchase the property, you will also need to do some renovations on the house before you can put it up for sale.

So, do your calculations regarding the buying price you are offered, and adding in the money that you will spend on renovations. This way, you will know how much you will have to sell the house at to make a profit.

Keep in mind that no matter what happens (like unexpected delays, accidents, etc.), the price you try to sell the house for should not be too high. Make sure that, in the beginning, you don’t buy the house for too high of a price. If there are any unexpected expenses during the renovation, you’ll be covered and won’t lose money.

2. Inspect The Home First

Before you close the deal on buying the house, you ought to carry out a thorough inspection to see if there are any significant defects in the house. If you don’t know how to inspect a house properly, it would be a good idea to hire a professional to help you with inspections.

The results from the findings will guide you in figuring out if the house is worth buying or not. It could save you thousands of dollars in repairs during the renovation.

The more repairs that you will have to do in the house, on top of any renovations, the less money you will earn when the house sells. If you see major repairs that need to be done, you could always ask for a much lower price when buying.

Then you could use that extra money you would have spent on purchasing the house for the repairs, and still have money for renovations.

3. Master Your Timing

One secret to making money in the house flipping business is by mastering the time in which you are supposed to sell the house. Remember that there is plenty of competition from other flippers, and that houses are being bought and renovated almost on a daily basis.

Keeping the house for a longer time may lower its value, and you will end up selling it at a loss. Also, selling the house as quickly as possible gives you the chance to focus on hunting for more homes.

There is also the issue of having to make mortgage payments and paying taxes on the house until you sell it. The longer it stays on the market, the more money you will lose, so it has to sell fast in order for you to make a profit.

4. Consider Hiring A Real Estate Agent

No matter how good you are in marketing, working with a real estate agent is an added bonus, since they will help you throughout the entire process.

A real estate agent has knowledge about the current house designs, so they can advise you on what to add when renovating the house. Also, they have connections regarding the best areas in which to sell a property.


House flipping is a great way to earn an income, as long you know how to go about the entire process. Therefore, use the above tips to guide you in what you are expected to master before you start flipping houses.

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4 Renovations That May Not Increase Your Home’s Value

Every homeowner has to carry out routine maintenance tasks, like repairing plumbing systems and staining their decks. However, some homeowners choose to renovate their homes with the aim of increasing the home’s value.

It is important to note that, even if the current homeowner might be impressed by a renovation, a buyer or the future homeowner might not be impressed with the upgrade.

In fact, they might be unwilling to factor the upgrade into the purchase price of the house. Therefore, it is advisable to be very cautious about how you choose to spend your money when renovating your home. Here are some renovations that you think might add value to your house, but they really don’t.

1. Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool on your property is not a bad thing, but some potential homeowners might view them differently. They tend to think that swimming pools are dangerous (especially if they have children), and expensive to maintain.

This can affect the sale of your house, because some buyers will turn it down in search of a house which does not have a swimming pool.

An in-ground pool costs around $10,000 or more, depending on its size and features. However, you might end up spending more money on annual maintenance expenses, making this renovation not really worth investing in.

2. Extensive Landscaping

Although homebuyers may appreciate a mature or well-maintained landscaping, don’t expect the value of your home to increase because of your newly improved landscape. A good landscape will attract homebuyers to your house, but they will consider the fact that they may not be able or willing to maintain the garden, and it will become an eyesore.

On the other hand, if they decide to take care of the garden, they will have to hire a gardener to take care of the garden, and this would incur additional costs.

Either way, most buyers view landscaping as a burden, even if it makes a home more attractive. Therefore, don’t expect a buyer to consider your landscape when placing a value on your house.

3. High End Upgrades

Although it is important to upgrade your home, the upgrades should be consistent to maintain quality and style in your home. You don’t need to install imported tiles, and put stainless steel appliances in your kitchen if you have a floor that has not been upgraded.

Normally, high quality upgrades increase the value of high end homes. Therefore, if you have a mid-range house, where high end upgrades might be inconsistent with the rest of the house, you don’t need such upgrades. In addition, homes with high end upgrades only attract specific homebuyers who might not be near your location.

4. Wall To Wall Carpeting

Carpeting is quite expensive to purchase and install, especially if you have a large flooring area. If you have just installed wall to wall carpeting, and you are considering selling your home, you might end up losing a lot of money.

First of all, people have different tastes and preferences. Your preferred color and fiber of your carpet might not be appealing to your future homebuyer. Secondly, most people fear allergens and cleaning products that are used in cleaning carpets.

Therefore, they tend to remove the old carpet flooring and replace it with a new one, for their own safety. This means that your wall to wall carpeting will not be considered when valuing the house, regardless of the amount of money you used to purchase and install the carpet.


It is evident that you should be very considerate when renovating your house. There are a number of factors you need to consider beforehand, to avoid losing money in the long run.

Some of these factors include your location, the number of years you are planning to live in the house, and your budget. Finally, you should consult an expert, like a realtor, to help you make the right decisions.

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The Best, Most Affordable Places To Live In Florida

fort myers real estate

Florida is a beautiful place, containing some of the most famous tourist attractions and theme parks in the world, including Disney World. Offering a variety of great sceneries, most people would love to call it their home.

However, just before you think about relocating to Florida, there are some factors to consider. After all, there is no fun in going to a place that will put a strain on your finances, no matter how beautiful it is. To set your fears aside, Florida has some locations in which you can comfortably live.

1. Orlando

This big city is a lively place, and its emblem is the fountain at Lake Eola. It is popularly known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World.” Despite being the third largest metropolitan town in Florida, rent averages about $1,000 a month. It also has excellent public transportation and education system.

2. Palm Coast

This city is the place for those looking to have a serene life. It is so peaceful and allows for affordable living conditions. Palm Coast has one of the best beaches, colorful wildlife, and breathtaking nature trails. Its proximity to all you need makes it perfect, especially for retirees.

3. Kissimmee

The convenient transportation in this city provides residents with more comfortable commuting, so even when you do not feel like getting behind the wheel, you will always get to work on time. This city is a major tourist attraction, since it is close to Walt Disney World.

Its cost of housing is 18% lower than the national average, with the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costing around $950 per month. The price of goods and services in Kissimmee is less than Florida’s average, by 6%.

4. Palm Bay

The cost of living in Palm Bay makes it very affordable and helps your purse or wallet relax a bit. If you prefer public education for your children, the Brevard County Public Schools will serve you very efficiently.

The consistent weather also plays a part in saving your finances, since the utility bills decrease monthly, depending on your home size and time of the year. The public bus transportation is well catered for by Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT), enabling you to cut on gas expenditures.

5. Cape Coral

The city’s cost of living is slightly lower, in comparison to the national average. Real estate is quite affordable, and house rent averages $1,500 per month, but the closer your house is to the beach, the more rent you will have to pay. Ask any experienced licensed realtor in Cape Coral and they will break things down for you!

Cape Coral also has public high, middle, and elementary schools, which are part of the Lee County School District. It has charter schools under the public school system, so they do not charge tuition, but only Cape Coral residents can attend.

The city’s abundant beaches make water sport activities the primary recreational activity. There are also so many canals, that you could probably just kayak or boat there instead!


Florida is an all-around great place to accommodate your needs, whether you have retired and are in search of tranquility, or you’re in your prime and seeking some new adventures.

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9 Of The Best Rich Communities To Live In Florida

Florida is one of the most luxurious states in the country. Despite the crazy weather that the state experiences from time to time, it is home to some of the best expensive communities. It is a beautiful state, full of unforgettable scenery. The state boasts of many miles of coastline, rivers, hiking trails, and sandy beaches; no wonder the demand of new houses on sale is on the rise.

These rich communities have the best facilities and perform quite well. If you are planning to move to Florida any time soon, and have the money to live the good life, here are 9 of the best, most expensive communities in Florida.

1. Fisher Island

This island is located three miles from the mainland, and it is a beautiful paradise. It has a population of fewer than 500 people, making it an isolated environment for you to enjoy peace and seclusion. The island has beautiful scenery and sandy beaches.

There’s a club, a golf course, a spa, and much more. The island is quite secure. It’s not your ordinary community, since celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Mel Brooks have lived there in the past.

2. Jupiter Island

This is another fantastic community. It seems as if the wealthiest communities are located on islands, but who wouldn’t enjoy living on an island? This place has been home to Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, and other known celebrities. The population is about 800 people, and the island features lavish homes that cost around $1.5 million and above.

3. Manalapan

Manalapan is a small town, but there are beautiful sceneries and environments. The town has a population of around 300 people. It’s closely located near Lantana and South Palm Beach. The Manalapan community is a neighborhood for the wealthy, and is known for its quiet and serene setting.

4. Sarasota

Living in Sarasota will make you feel like you are on a vacation every single day. The white sandy beaches are terrific, and it was chosen as number 14 on the best places to live in America. The city is home to many fantastic restaurants, museums, orchestras, and ballets. You would never be bored living here.

5. Naples

Naples has a population of around 20,000 people. It’s a beautiful city and is a favorite tourist destination. Living here has a lot of perks. You get to enjoy soothing walks along sandy beaches, visit the Naples Zoo, and go swimming with dolphins. It’s a suitable community for families.

6. The Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream is one of the most expensive communities, and it is located in Palm Beach County in Florida. The small population of over 700 people allows the residents to enjoy a relaxed and cool environment. The Gulf Stream entails several multi-million dollar homes that are located next to the ocean.

7. South Beach

South Beach is the ideal tourist destination, but it is also one of the best communities to live in. Living here will give you the opportunity to see the Kardashians and other celebrities on your way to work every morning.

South Beach has some of the best mansions in the whole state of Florida. The nightlife there is fantastic and is suitable for the young and wealthy.

8. Orchid Island

Orchid Island has a small population that allows the residents to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle. It’s a gated community and the other parts of the island contain wild preserves. The community has some of the most fantastic million dollar homes that feature a Mediterranean style.

9. Palm Beach

The last expensive community on the list is Palm Beach. It’s a large community with a population of more than 10,000 people. It has been a home to wealthy celebrities such as Jon Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Dr. Oz, and many others. The area also has a conducive tropical climate.


If you are on the hunt for the best, most expensive communities to live in Florida, the above communities are ten of the best. Rebeccas Realtor can help you according to your needs. They have serene environments, and modern, stylish housing. Even though they’re expensive to live in, these communities are worth every penny.

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Buying A Second Home In The Sunshine State? Consider These 5 Spectacular Neighborhoods

Palm trees. Beautiful views. Relaxing spas and enjoyable sports. Gorgeous nature on your doorstep. Enjoy as much or as little to do as you want.  Sound good? Fort Myers, Florida is the place to live. If you’re thinking about buying a second home in Florida, moving to a different area in Florida, or finding a better house in Fort Myers, we’ve got you covered. Buying a home is a new start for you, and the neighborhood it comes with is a critical factor.  


We’ve searched and done the hard part for you and found the best of the best neighborhoods in Fort Myers. If you’re looking to buy in Florida, here are five neighborhoods to consider: Paseo Fort Myers, Pelican Preserve, Miromar Reserve, Moody River Estates, and Babcock Ranch. Each of these highly-rated locations will have you wishing you’d never lived anywhere else.


What makes these neighborhoods so desirable? Read on to see what features and traits make these five neighborhoods unique, pleasant, and perfect for your next house.


Paseo – Fort Myers

Location, location, location. Paseo is not only a beautiful place to live but is located in the convenient Daniels Corridor. Daniels Corridor, which leads from Gateway to the South Florida airport, is growing fast and is chock full of options for shopping and dining, along with the many gated communities such as Paseo.


Paseo is also right next door to the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. If you enjoy walking and wildlife, the preserve offers plenty of both. You can go on a guided walk, or explore the boardwalk and Interpretive Center (nature museum) on your own. You may see a vast variety of wildlife, including turtles, otters, plenty of birds, and perhaps an alligator or two. You can find out more about the preserve here at the park’s website.


Are you convinced yet? Paseo has many luxurious 2-4 bedroom homes from which to choose.


Doesn’t sound like your cup of tea? Not to worry – next up is something equal in quality but very different.


Pelican Preserve


If you’re 55+, you can’t do better in Florida than to pick a condo or house in Pelican Preserve in Fort Myers. This community will have you living in style with the many resort-like activities and resources available. If the beautiful 27-hole golf course and delightful Golf Clubhouse isn’t enough for you, consider the spa, the fitness center, theater, and pool. The Plaza del Sol Town Center offers classes such as yoga, a studio for all kinds of arts and crafts, and even more fun like wine tastings.


For an active adult with a bustling social life, this is the perfect community to explore new hobbies and enjoy old ones. Of course, along with all of that are picture-perfect homes, buying a second house has never been more worth it.


Looking for something even more picturesque? How about an enchanting waterfront community?

For an active adult with a bustling social life, this is the perfect community to explore new hobbies and enjoy old ones. Of course, along with all of that are picture-perfect homes, buying a second house has never been more worth it.


Miromar Reserve

This award-winning community is not just another resort-style neighborhood. Choose your neighborhood located along Miromar lakes, and find a home perfect for you. Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club offers plenty of water sports and activities, including kayaking, water-skiing, swimming, sailing, fishing. On land, you can play golf, tennis, or enjoy the spa.

If you want a busy social life, check out the many planned events and outings, including dances, movie nights, cooking classes, game nights, and so much more for every interest and hobby. If you’d rather relax, don’t worry. The homes are luxurious, spacious, and filled with quality amenities. On top of that, you have a gorgeous waterfront right outside your front door to enjoy.  


As fantastic as that sounds, we’ve got more below. If Miromar looks out of your price range, read on for a more affordable but still excellent option.


Moody River Estates

Located on a river in North Fort Myers, Moody River Estates is a lovely gated community with spacious houses and gorgeous nature. Nature preserves and walking trails give you plenty to do outside, along with pools to swim in, tennis and basketball courts to play on, and theatres to relax in, not to mention the clubhouse and fitness center. If you have a boat, Moody River Estates offers access to Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico for plenty of water-bound adventuring.


Besides plenty of space to play, there is also a business center available. All of these amenities combined with fantastic houses and views equals a perfect neighborhood. They offer many different sizes of homes, too. Check them out here.


While all four of these options are amazing, we’ve still got one left, and it is perhaps the most unique.


Babcock Ranch


Babcock Ranch sets itself apart with its commitment to sustainability. Solar energy, well-planned town design, and preservation of local trees and wildlife are just some of the high standards that demonstrate its commitment. The homes are delightfully designed, and like the other places on our list, have many excellent amenities such as a lakehouse, pool, and a fitness and health center.


For the outdoorsy types, you can rent kayaks, canoes, or go fishing at Lake Babcock, along with plenty of hiking, walking, and biking options. For those with children, Babcock Ranch has a charter school committed to excellent education. In addition to all of this, Founder’s Square has plenty of dining, live music, and events for both residents and visitors.


When buying a second home, it’s important to consider all of your options. We’re confident that these five options are the cream of the crop and the best choice for living your best life in Florida. They combine the best of everything: quality houses, fantastic locations, plenty of amenities, a bustling social calendar, and gorgeous views. They have those things in common, but each one has its unique flavor and perks.

These are all popular, highly-rated neighborhoods, so don’t delay! Check out the houses in each neighborhood: Paseo Fort Myers, Pelican Preserve, Miromar Lakes, Moody River Estates, and Babcock Ranch. Our team at Rebecca’s Realtor will help you find your perfect home today!