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Sanibel Island: Things To Do On This 2500+ Year Old Island

Florida is one of the most beautiful holiday spots, not only for individuals and couples seeking serenity or seclusion, but also for families and friends soliciting enjoyment from different tourist destinations. You will get the perfect blend of tranquility and beauty on a clean beach, or enjoy lots of fun activities with your kids in different locations.

One very interesting place is Sanibel Island, which is located southwest of Cape Coral. Rebecca’s Realtor is excited to bring you today’s article, to help you learn more about this historically rich island.

History Of Sanibel Island

The recorded history of this beautiful, panoramic island ranges back to almost 2,500+ years ago, wherein Sanibel was an important trade center, encompassed with perfectly constructed waterways and canal systems. Official records confirm the initial contemporary civilization was commenced by the Florida Peninsular Land Company around 180 years back. They weren’t very successful, but did initiate the petition for a lighthouse on the island.

Sanibel Island started showing signs of civilization after 1862 (after implementing the Homestead Act). In 1884, the robust structure of the Sanibel Island Lighthouse was completed, and it’s still showing the way to ships and is one of the most captivating tourist spots! In 1963, the island started to see more action when a causeway joining Captiva and Sanibel was opened to the general public.

Today, the main city is on the east side of the island and the local community’s continual quest of protecting the land has truly intensified the beauty of Sanibel Island! There’s a perfect mixture of modern amenities blended with natural beauty.

Interesting Destinations

Crystal clean beaches are the main attraction on Sanibel Island. This includes Bowman’s Beach, Blind Pass Beach, and more. Each one has its own beauty and panoramic views. The alluring coastline not only attracts tourists from across the world, but also windsurfers and locals. The strong water current bestows the beaches with attractive conches, cockles, and shells, all in a class of their own. The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum holds the largest shells ever found, which makes it a place that should not be missed when you are on Sanibel Island.

The Darling National Wildlife Refuge, founded by a cartoonist from Iowa, is an adventurous spot to visit. Various types of endangered species, crocodiles and manatees can all be found there. For bird lovers, a variety of bird species can be captured on camera as well!

There is also a 190-mile long kayak trail that allows you to see different islands along the west coast of Florida. The Great Calusa Blueway is the perfect place for novice and experienced paddlers. There are also many different paths for biking around the island.

Thousands of local and non-local plants are found in the Botanical Gardens. Get a glimpse of a very rare plant collection through their professionally guided tours. There’s also a resort there and many other activities to enjoy.

Sanibel Public Library is filled will all the required information you would need and a highly amicable staff. Make sure to visit the Sanibel and Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce for more information about the island. You will learn about the activities, nightlife, shopping, lodging, etc. There are various options to choose from when it comes to lodging, like being right on the beach, family accommodations, beach resorts, properties with a kitchen facility etc.

Another fun thing to do is visit the Sanibel Island Farmers Market, an open-air market with local products, fresh seafood, meat, local delicacies, organic food and more. The many activities you can enjoy will compel you to revisit Sanibel Island again and again.


If you plan to organize a day or weekend trip (as a local), or more time (as a tourist), then Sanibel Island is the perfect destination, a place with something for everyone!

Spend your afternoon on a calm beach, enjoy local delicacies, walk through a beautiful botanical garden with butterflies, or just go kayaking and watch a stunning sunset. Sanibel Island will always be a welcoming place to enjoy alone or with family and friends!

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Fort Myers Makes the Grade With 10 of the Best Schools in Florida

While moving to a new place may sometimes seem hard, it’s such a relief to find a little snippet of something that can make a move easier. Fort Myers is home to some of the best beaches, restaurants, eateries, and neighborhoods the state has to offer. But did you know it is also the home of some of the best schools in Florida?


From the best elementary schools in Florida to the best high schools in Florida, Fort Myers boasts the full spectrum of the finest education systems in the state. Families of school-age children jump for joy to discover the quality public and private education systems moving to Fort Myers will afford their kids.


1. Canterbury School

Canterbury School is a private, PK-12 school that boasts elite education and a small student to teacher ratio of 8:1. Your kids will experience quality one-on-one time with their teachers, allowing for fantastic results and a 100% collegiate advancement rate among the student body. According to, Canterbury School makes the grade with an A+.


2. Fort Myers High School

If you are looking for a high school where students test at a 28% higher rate in collegiate readiness than the rest of the state in English and a 15% higher rate in mathematics, then Fort Myers High School is the place for your students. You’ll find a diverse student population, a teacher/student ratio of 22:1, and government programs to assist students who are at economic disadvantages. Your students won’t lack for opportunities to advance in their education with the availability of Advanced Placement coursework and exams. Take advantage of this fantastic, grade A-worthy school.

3. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School

Do you love charter schools? Christa McAuliffe Elementary School is located in the Cape Coral community and has a student population of about 760 in grades PK-5. With an emphasis on success built on partnerships between parents, students, teachers, and the community, this school strives to empower its students with educational advantages such as small class sizes, accelerated classes tailored for gifted and high-performing students, and challenging curricula. According to, CME earns the grade of A- for diversity, teachers, and academics.


4. Pine Island Elementary School

Located directly west of the Cape Coral shores, the Pine Island Elementary School PK-5 grade institution gives Bokeelia, FL a great name. With 11 students to one teacher, your kids will benefit from awesome one-on-one time, giving them an academic advantage. With a vision to develop well-rounded, creative thinkers and inspire a love of learning, the educators at Pine Island propel their students ever-forward toward reaching their full potential. This school earns an overall A-.


5. North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts

Is your child artistically gifted? North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts specializes in the fine arts. From drama to music, dance to digital design and visual arts, the educators here seek to stimulate young students beyond academic excellence to pursue their artistic passions. This PK-8 magnet school gets fantastic reviews from parents and boasts a 15:1 student/teacher ratio, which allows students the edge to pursue excellence in both the classroom and their artistic goals. Let’s applaud their B+ rating.


6. Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School

Would you love your high schooler to have a public charter school education? Enroll them at Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School – Lee Campus. Despite larger class sizes of about 33:1, you’ll be delighted to discover an excellently high average in student proficiency for both English and reading. In a partnership with Florida Southwestern state college, students have the unique opportunity to dually enroll and earn their high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree simultaneously. The 95% graduation rate sheds light on how Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School receives an A.


7. Bishop Verot Catholic High School

Need a private, elite school that receives rave reviews from students and parents alike? Discover Bishop Verot Catholic High School. A school where academic excellence and extracurricular fun abound, BVCHS is proud of its small classroom sizes, averaging 10:1, and 96% advancement rate to 4-year colleges. gives this school an A.


8. The Sanibel School

Sandwiched between the sparkling shores of Sanibel, The Sanibel School makes quite an impression. Academic excellence and progress toward closing achievement gaps in student subgroups have earned this school the title of National Blue Ribbon School. The small student population of 325 in this wonderful K-8 school allows teachers to spend extra time with the students in their classrooms. Challenging curriculum and an emphasis on environmental education and connection to the community earn this school an A-.


9. Cypress Lake Middle School

Located on the southwest side of Fort Myers, Cypress Lake Middle School offers students the opportunity to grow and lead academically. Before and after school clubs help the learning atmosphere extend beyond the typical school day. Students can enjoy extracurricular clubs such as robotics, FCA, Zumba, student government, and math teams. There’s no end to the learning possibilities at Cypress Lake, and for their merits in academics, teacher quality, and diversity, they earn a B+.


10. Allen Park Elementary School

Are you looking for an elementary school with small class sizes and excellent teachers? Allen Park Elementary School is the place for you. With an emphasis on illuminating student minds in a safe and well-managed environment, the Allen Park staff and educators earn high marks from parents and students. They realize that not every student learns alike, and they tailor the structure of the educational environment to meet the students’ needs. For their quality of education and standards, Allen Park Elementary earns an A-, according to


There’s nothing more encouraging to a parent than to know their children go to school in an environment where the academics are challenging and engaging and is a safe, stimulating space for students to learn. To locate and purchase a home in the Fort Myers area where students succeed, contact Rebecca Realtor today.

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Sarasota: Your Next Day Trip in FL!

The city of Sarasota, located on the west coast of Florida between Cape Coral and Tampa, is popularly known for its beautiful art and culture scene and real estate gems. When you visit, you’ll find several museums and art galleries in the city. There are plenty of beautiful attractions in the city for you to see, like the Sarasota Jungle Gardens, a place to see jungle birds, primates, and smaller creatures. There’s a lot more to Sarasota than meets the eye, as you will read about below:

A Few Things To See In Sarasota

If you live in a nearby city like Cape Coral or Tampa, Sarasota would be the perfect day or weekend trip for you, alone or with your family. Here are just some of the great attractions in the city:

1. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

This is an enormous, sprawling 9-acre botanical garden that was owned by Marie and William Selby in 1921. They have 20,000 different plants, and their Butterfly Garden is a must-see. There are a variety of plants, flowers and trees that will make your entire visit worthwhile. It also features a wonderful view of the bay.

You can either tour the garden on foot or via guided tours, with numerous volunteers who are always ready to assist you. The Selby House Cafe is available for the guests, with coffee and sandwiches to purchase. If you’re on a short weekend trip, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens will be the perfect attraction to see. The garden is open from 10 am to 5 pm.

2. The Ringling

The Ringling is an art museum that preserves the legacy of Mable and John Ringling (one of the brothers that started the Ringling Bros. circus). It is home to the historic Ca’ d’Zan (the Ringlings’ mansion), Circus Museum, Art Library, Historic Asolo Theatre, and the Bayfront Gardens. The Ringling has special discounts, including free admission for active military personnel and their families. Go check out the Rose Garden and you will be awed by its beauty.

This recently renovated attraction also features a playground for your kids and picnic areas for the entire family. If you’re thinking about that long overdue family getaway, why not consider The Ringling in Sarasota? You can’t miss the beautiful art scene here. This place is simply wonderful and lovely.

3. Siesta Key Village

Do you know that Siesta Key has the world’s finest white sand beaches? This makes it the go-to place for a weekend getaway. There are many shops and restaurants to keep you entertained for a quite a while. You can also rent a beach-front accommodation, like Lido Beach Resort, and have a private beach (only for resort guests) to relax on.

Go explore this 8-mile island and discover its hidden gems. Go swimming or snorkeling at Point-of-Rocks, located just west of Siesta Key. It is the best snorkeling site in this part of Sarasota. This beach paradise is sure to be a delight to anyone who visits.

What’s The Best Time To Visit?

The weather is great all year round in Sarasota, but the best time to take your vacation would be between January and March. The Winter to early Spring months are the ideal travel time periods to avoid massive crowds. Sarasota is a beautiful city, and a great place to take your vacation at any time of the year, whether it’s a day, a weekend, or longer. We’re pretty certain you’ll fall in love with this beautiful city right on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Why is Lake Okeechobee One of Florida’s Popular Lakes?

Florida is a state that is famous for its welcoming climate and many delightful attractions. But one of the lesser known natural treasures this world-famous state offers is Lake Okeechobee, also known as Florida’s Inland Sea or the “Big O”, which is about two hours from Cape Coral, including a real estate market on the rise.

It happens to be the largest freshwater lake in Florida, covering 730 square miles. However, for as large as it is, the deepest spots are only 12 feet deep. Included below is more information on this beautiful lake.

Rich History of Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee’s name comes from the Hitchiti, which is a native community that lived around the area until the early nineteenth century. The name “Okeechobee” roughly translates into “big water”, since oki means water, and chubi means big. There was a hurricane that swept over the lake in 1926, called the Great Miami Hurricane, that killed 300 people.

Just two years later, the Okeechobee Hurricane passed through and killed thousands more. Other hurricanes throughout the years have caused the lake’s water level to temporarily rise, the highest of which gave the lake a depth of 13 feet.


What’s In Lake Okeechobee?

A lot has changed since the indigenous Hitchiti community stopped living around the lake. In 1928, the 35 foot Herbert Hoover Dike was built, as a safeguard against flooding. In addition to being a tourist attraction for its natural beauty, fishing, and other activities, the lake also offers a 152-mile Okeechobee Waterway that divides the state of Florida and allows people to sail through, rather than around the state.

Things To Do At The Lake!

One of the most popular things people do when they visit Lake Okeechobee is go fishing. With a local guide to show you the right spots, you can fish for catfish, black crappies, speckled perch, and largemouth bass. Boating is also a very popular, fun activity there as well. In fact, those in search of superior boating experiences in Florida often think of this lake as the top option.

There is also plenty to do around the lake itself. For instance, the dike that surrounds the lake is part of the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail, which is part of an even larger trail called the Florida National Scenic Trail, which is 1,300 miles long. This adventure should give you the perfect chance to see the wildlife that has thrived, due to the presence of this lake.

You can also take part in the Big O Hike, which comes every year in November. The event lasts for about six days, and it has been around for over 25 years. The lake has also helped support agriculture within the area. In this regard, you can visit Clewiston, which is “America’s Sweetest Town”. Here, you can take the Sugarland Express tour, where you will get to see a local sugarcane farm and a mill.

With Lake Okeechobee being a source of fascinating history, you can also take a boat cruise where a guide will gladly tell you all about it. While you’re at it, you will get an opportunity to sample the area’s cuisine and mingle with the friendly locals.

Diverse Wildlife

While touring the lake, you will have great opportunities to see the area’s diverse wildlife. Some of the animals you will see include alligators, turkeys, hogs, manatees, egrets, and a varied blend of bird species. To see these animals and birds in all their diversity, you should take part in exploring the scenic trail.


Lake Okeechobee is the biggest freshwater lake in Florida, and one of the largest in the entire country. In addition to supporting the livelihoods of those who live there, the lake also offers plenty to tourists in search of fun activities and adventures. Visitors to this place can learn about the lake’s history, enjoy fishing and boating, take part in festivals and even visit local farms.

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Moving to Fort Myers? Discover These Local Favorite Eateries

When you move to a new city, it’s nice to know where you can go when you want to eat a meal. We have compiled some of the local favorite spots and Fort Myers restaurants to grab a bite when you are out on the town. From burgers to steaks, we think you will enjoy these!

Pinchers Crab Shack – Gulf Coast Town Center

With bright colors and a family-friendly environment, you can expect a great experience. Kids often come to love dining at this locally owned and operated a family restaurant as much as their parents do. Enjoy a beautiful summer day on the balcony while dining on fresh seafood prepared many different ways from shrimp tacos to our famous fish and chips. Each plate will leave your mouth watering, and what better way to top off a great dish than our watering hole. We have draft beers available as well as our 2-for-1 happy hour all day every day! Don’t forget to try our bucket of fun – 32oz of love made with either Cruzan Rum or Pinnacle Vodka and any mixture you can come up with. With many locations, you are sure to find a Pinchers Crab Shack close to you. Click here to see their menu.


Oasis Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant prides itself on being a pet-friendly place to eat with a patio that accommodates your little furry family members. You can enjoy a hangover omelet or something off the griddle such as the classic Belgian waffle. If breakfast isn’t what you’re craving, the Oasis Restaurant specials of the day, which vary from the french dip to the sparky burger that gets its name from the sparky sauce that is loved by many, may whet your appetite. There’s nothing like enjoying a bit of casual dining on a Saturday before some shopping at our local malls. Here’s a glimpse of their menu and restaurant.

Downtown House of Pizza

You won’t find your average chain pizza joint here, and that makes it a well-loved place to dine! Handcrafted pizzas are every pizza lover’s dream, and there have been enough reviews on Google to tell you that this is the place to go for pizza. Since opening in 2005, they have proudly served over 1.3 million customers, and their customer base keeps growing. From pizzas to subs, you can imagine the possibilities of food pleasure here.

If you desire a Grandma’s Sicilian slice of pizza covered in fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes and marinara baked on a beautiful thin crust, then stop on by and dine in or grab it to go. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t fret, though, if a Grandma’s Sicilian is not your desired pizza, because you can still get traditional toppings or even design your own slice of heaven. You can check out the Downtown House of Pizza menu here.

Mel’s Diner – Fort Myers

There is nothing like a step back in time to grab a bite to eat. Mel’s Diner is a retro 50’s diner that serves up some of the most delicious food you can imagine while taking your memories back to the good old days. You can be guaranteed to have 100% squeezed orange juice with every Real Deal breakfast you choose, from Mel’s Scramble & Power Hash to eggs Benedict. You can also expect to enjoy quick and friendly service. With over 800 reviews on Google, there are numerous praises regarding how Mel’s treats you right. Check out their Real Deal menus on their website, and while you’re there, look at Mel’s famous BBQ ribs. This is a meal you don’t want to miss out on trying.

Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ is a proud supporter of our military and first responders. You can enjoy some of the best BBQ and American sides while viewing the patriotic memorabilia throughout the restaurant. They are huge supporters of many charities for our brothers and sisters in arms, both military and civil. Mission  BBQ is one of the most budget-friendly places to eat and, with a variety of choices on the menu. You can’t go wrong with the pickup packs. Check out your amazing options here.

MiNa’s Bistro

Everyone loves a good Italian food restaurant, but with MiNa’s you also get that Latin flare. This family-owned restaurant has become a local favorite with incredible customer service. Choose an entree’ from an extensive menu, where you will discover a menu option of gluten-free pasta. This gluten-free option is loved by many who enjoy a tantalizing pasta dish, such as Frutti di Mare, which is linguine pasta topped with seafood fares such as sautéed clams, shrimp, Prince Edward Isle mussels, and calamari. Top it off with a garlic and fresh basil, white wine and light marichiara sauce. Enjoy a date night feasting on this or many other pasta dishes paired with your favorite wine in a casual dining atmosphere. To see other available dining options, please view their menu here. here.

Nomiki’s Plakka Greek Restaurant

An authentic Greek style decor and the food is what you can expect when eating out at Nomiki’s Plakka Greek Restaurant. The food is abundant and fresh. The atmosphere friendly and welcoming and enhanced with talented belly dancers as entertainment while you satisfy your taste buds with authentic Greek food. If you want to taste the best gyro meat in your life, Nomiki’s is the place to be. Find fantastic reviews and amazing photos of their delicious food on their Facebook page here.


We at Rebecca’s Realtor hope that naming just a handful of our local, delicious eateries has given you a look into the enticing variety of places you can dine in Fort Myers. You are sure to find a satiable spot that fits your family’s appetite as you search for a place to call home. Contact Rebecca’s Realtor for all your real estate needs, and enjoy some superb cuisine as you go.



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Top 4 Fishing Hotspots in Cape Coral, FL!

Fishing in Cape Coral is a great sport that provides individuals with a chance to relax, hang out with friends and family, and forget their everyday problems, albeit for a short while. Florida happens to be one of the best fishing destinations in the United States, so it’s no surprise to learn that there are more than 2 million anglers there, which is more than any other state.

Visitors and locals are always looking for the best fishing spots in different regions. Below are some of the best spots in Cape Coral to experience a successful fishing trip.

1. Rosen Park

Located on Terrace Road, Rosen Park is a big saltwater vessel lift off facility and neighborhood park. From the park, you can access the Gulf of Mexico through the Caloosahatchee River. The park is an 11 mile stretch from the Sanibel Causeway Bridge, with 2 boat ramps, each around 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. It provides parking areas for up to 57 craft carriers and additional parking spaces for 31 cars.

The park currently houses 19 wet craft slips that can handle boats as long as 40 feet. Vessels in the water can get into the park by heading westwards on arrival at mile marker 58. The staff continuously monitors marine activities using VHF radios on channel 16.

2. Sirenia Vista


Sirenia Vista is located at the corner of Ceitus Pkwy and Old Burnt Store Road. It is an environmental park situated on 8 acres of land and is ideal for viewing manatees in colder weather and going fishing all throughout the year. Currently, only the first phase of development has been completed and includes landscape improvements, a kayak launch area, a walking path, and a manatee viewing area.

The kayak launch available at the park provides kayakers with access to the Calusa Blueway via Matlacha. There are boat tours for those that would like to watch the environment and get close to the manatees, once they are done with fishing. It is open from Monday through Sunday and is a great place to take the whole family.

3. Bernice Braden Park

Located on Cape Coral Parkway East, Bernice Braden Park is a 10-acre linear park near the Cape Coral Bridge. It provides amazing views of the Caloosahatchee River and is a great place to go to for those who would like to fish, enjoy the serene environment, or pull out their picnic supplies and take part in some family bonding sessions.

The park also serves as the home of the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, which provides information to people who would like to relocate or access certain businesses and services. The most notable park amenities include the Waterfront Park and fishing areas.

4. Lake Kennedy Community Park

Situated on Santa Barbara Boulevard, the Lake Kennedy Community Park sits on a 46-acre piece of land. The park is home to facilities such as Lake Kennedy Senior Center and Sun Splash Family Waterpark. Apart from the two centers, there is a green area that is comprised of a gazebo, walking path and fitness area. Some of its amenities include the Kiwanis Gardens, fishing spots, and park benches.


While fishing in Cape Coral can be a fun and engaging activity, it is recommended that all visitors and residents abide by the local code of ethics. This includes respecting others, the environment, and practicing safety measures while boating. The rules are there to help conserve the environment and to ensure that fishing remains a fun sport.

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4 Clubs To Join In Cape Coral!

Cape Coral is a city located in Lee County, Florida. The city provides unparalleled access to different eco-adventures, natural beauty, sunny beaches, and trophy level sports fishing. This coastal community has a tropical lifestyle throughout the various seasons of the year, making it a great place to visit with your friends and family. We are always here to serve the needs for those looking for Cape Coral homes for sale.

A great way to sample what Cape Coral and nearby areas have to offer is to visit some of the local clubs. Below is a list of 4 clubs that you should consider visiting and/or joining.

1. Platinum Point Yacht Club

This club is located in the Burnt Store Marina, which can be found on Charlotte Harbor’s eastern shore. On arrival, you can access the marina by going through the marked channel and proceeding to the south basin’s northeastern side. The Platinum Point Yacht Club was established in 1984 and contains a scenic waterfront that was started as a not-for-profit organization, where both boaters and non-boaters could go for relaxation purposes. The club currently offers a variety of services for its members, ranging from educational to social programs.

During the winter season, there are activities taking place almost every night. It is a club that is always busy with activities such as grill nights, sunset socials, gold scrambles, and movie nights. In addition, there are special theme nights held throughout the year.

Notable events to look forward to include musical groups, ladies luncheons, and holiday dinners. The club also offers a wide range of education programs to members, which includes computer skills, boating history, travel, and safety.

2. Burnt Store Golf and Activity Club

Located on Vincent Avenue, the Burnt Store Golf and Activity Club first opened its doors in 1981. Its golf course was created by golfing legends Mark McCumber and Ron Garl, who took their time to come up with a course that was not only enjoyable, but challenging as well. The course is ideal for both serious and casual golfers, and has a 27 hole course.

Unlike other clubs in the region, the Burnt Store Golf and Activity Club has made its services available to both members and non-members. Apart from the course, visitors to the club can also take part in recreational activities and dining.

Visitors can also take the time to visit their shops and sample the wide array of merchandise available for sale. Whether you are interested in something for an angler, home decor, golfing equipment, gifts for your kids, accessories, or sporting apparel, you can rest assured that you will find it at one of the club’s stores.

3. Palmetto-Pine Country Club

This club was started in 1969 by a group of 7 gentlemen who were intrigued by golf as a sport. They came together and made plans to join forces that enabled them to develop a course, which came to be known as the Palmetto-Pine Country Club. The course got its name from the fact that it was heavily covered with Palmetto Brush. The first tee shot in the club was made a year later at the end of 1970. Since then, the club has grown and become more than a simple golf course.

The club is currently rated as one of the best places to hold a luncheon, casual gathering, or business conference in the Cape Coral area. It is known for its outstanding menu and experienced professionals, who will not only ensure that you get to have a good time, but that you also get your money’s worth.

The facility hosts more than 250 events each year, ranging from weddings, sweet sixteen parties, anniversaries and birthdays. You do not have to be a member to use the facilities, all you have to do is make an inquiry and the appropriate guidance will be provided.

4. Gulf Harbour Yacht And Country Club (Fort Myers)

The Gulf Harbour Yacht and Country Club in Fort Myers can be found within the gated community of the same name. The club is a members-only club, located close to the Caloosahatchee River shore. The club boasts of being only 4 nautical miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, and only ten minutes away from the island of Sanibel. Members of this club are part of a community that enjoys various services and amenities ranging from tennis, golf, and fine dining experiences.


The city of Cape Coral, FL is home to some very exciting clubs that you can join for fun activities. There are so many events to take part in, and before long, you should have a full itinerary of things you can take part in while visiting or living in the city.

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Top 5 Fun, Yet Relaxing Florida Attractions

Beaches, national parks, public gardens, and a broad range of exceptional tourist attractions make Florida among the leading tourist destinations in America. Thousands of families head to Orlando, while sun-seekers flock to the coastal cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and an array of cities across the southern Gulf Coast. If you are thinking of moving to Fl and are looking at new homes for sale in Cape Coral and surrounding areas, Rebecca is here to help.

In addition to being a dream destination for many individuals, Florida harbors some of the most beautiful attractions in America, which makes them popular and super crowded. But if you want to escape the crowds and still view some beautiful areas, here are the top 5 attractions that will give you peace of mind:

1. Blowing Rocks Preserve

Blowing Rocks is unpopular even among Floridians, and perhaps the inhabitants prefer it that way. Its look resembles that of northern California’s jagged coastline. The best way to experience the aquatic spectacle of this wonderful Hobe Sound sanctuary is to view it at high tide. If you are a nature lover, Blowing Rocks presents you with an opportunity to explore the crannies of its beautiful limestone shelf.

2. Anna Maria Beach

If you wish to experience a piece of private island life, then you should plan a trip to Anna Maria Beach. The white sands of this lovely beach are ideal for peaceful lolling, but not for people watching. There is neither a parasail boat nor volleyball net in sight, and the people visiting Anna Maria Beach like it that way. Don’t forget to carry a small cooler and maybe a nice book when you visit this beautiful beach.

3. Universal Orlando Resort

If you’re feeling social after having a relaxing time alone, this is a great place to visit. This resort is one of the biggest Universal Studio Theme Parks in the United States. It has some outstanding facilities such as the Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.

It is also the home of 3 high-end resort hotels, restaurants, and a nightclub. If you are planning to visit this beautiful resort, consider purchasing attraction tickets online so that you get the best price available and avoid any lines.

4. Kennedy Space Center

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center is the best way of making your experience in Florida unforgettable. Since 1968, the Space Center has served as the launch site for all U.S. human flights. It also acts as a launch site for unmanned rockets. During your visit, you will be able to watch movies, see museums, and have a chance to tour the shuttle preparation.

5. Castillo De San Marcos

This is perhaps the oldest masonry fort in the U.S., located in St. Augustine. During your visit to this amazing monument, you will find it hard to believe that it was constructed in the late 1600’s, since it has been maintained enough to stay in such perfect condition. Other than a memorable experience at the Castillo de San Marcos, you will also enjoy touring other beautiful attractions in St. Augustine.


Florida, popularly known as the Sunshine State, is home to many hidden gems that visitors have yet to explore. It has something to meet the unique needs of every visitor. The above 5 attractions will help you to get started.

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5 Amazing Attractions Every Cape Coral Resident MUST See!

Built over 40 years ago by land speculators, Cape Coral does not only provide endless opportunities for waterfront living, but also has an abundance of attractive features. Known as the “Waterfront Wonderland”, the city of Cape Coral brings visitors from all over the world to enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Resting in close proximity to the Caloosahatchee River, the city has the highest number of canals in the world. Don’t forget: if you need a real estate agent in Cape Coral, contact Rebecca today!

Whether you just want to float down the “Lazy River” at Sun Splash Water Park, or simply want to know what the city has to offer, below you will find some of the most attractive features of Cape Coral.

Cape Coral Historical Museum

Located at 544 Cultural Park Boulevard, Cape Coral’s Historical Museum is much more than a dry-bones-and-artifacts repository. Instead, it holds the enthusiasm and unconventional history of Cape Coral. The museum is comprised of three historic buildings that are fronted by a rose garden.

These include the Rosen Building (which houses the museum’s office and gift shop), the Gulf American Building (which is comprised of museum archives and other exhibits), and the Kelly Building (which holds documents of the economic and political growth of the city, as well as a reference library). The museum keeps Cape Coral’s culture and history alive in the best possible ways.

The Cultural Park Theatre

This is the longest running community theatre in southwest Florida. Apart from hosting great comical shows, the theatre also features an abundance of national acts such as music, plays and other entertainment. Tourists and locals alike can make the most of their time here. Those looking for wild entertainment can board the Mystery Train, where they can watch a murder mystery while enjoying an extravagant five-course meal, every Wednesday to Sunday. Broadway-style shows can also be enjoyed inside the theatre.

Sun Splash Park

Open from March to September and every day through the summer, Sun Splash Park is one of the most treasured attractions in Cape Coral. If you dare, you may get on the Cape Fear ride that will take you down from a 30-foot platform, through a dark tunnel and finish with a splash. Adventure-seekers may also participate in other thrills such as the Fun-L-Tunnel and the Zoom Flume. The park also has professional volleyball courts, a boardwalk, and an interactive play area for young children. It accommodates anyone who wants to have a little fun in the sun.

Naples Botanical Gardens

These botanical gardens showcase the beauty of subtropical south Florida gardening. Boasting of unique and interesting types of gardens that can be found all over the world, the Naples Botanical Gardens are nothing less than 170 acres of beauty. The Brazilian Garden, The Florida Garden, and The Contemplative Garden are just a few places that can be enjoyed here.

Inclusive of preserves that represent Florida habitats like the Everglades and Wetlands, the gardens are truly a paradise! After a day of touring and exploring the walking paths in the preserves, the exquisite garden’s snack shop offers local, appetizing treats for all. The cooler months welcome you to linger out in the garden, while the warmer months showcase colorful and tropical plants.

Marina Village

Beyond the noise and crowds of Cape Coral lies the Marina Village. This premier luxury resort that is defined by breathtaking waterfront views, boutiques, restaurants and a deep-water marina, offers a Florida experience like no other. On the Caloosahatchee River, the village will treat you to views of Sanibel and even beyond the Gulf of Mexico.

An attraction well known to many tourists, Marina Village has the perfect vacation ambiance. Everything from the tubular water fountains, dramatic lobbies, amazing restaurants that serve perfect plates of seafood, and architectural showcases make this green resort one of a kind.


Ranked as the fastest growing city, Cape Coral offers these attractions and much more! The stunning Golf Coast remains mesmerizing to both tourists and locals. As the city with the most navigable waterways in the world, Cape Coral has put Florida at the top of the charts. Hike the scenic trails, try out the city’s cuisines in different restaurants, and get lost in the sandy landscapes.

No matter what you choose to do in Cape Coral, you can be certain that it will always be a memorable experience!

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10 Fort Myers Golf Courses That Will Make You Want to Move

Have you ever wanted to know the best places to golf in Fort Myers? Discover 10 of the best and most recommended golf courses that will make avid lovers of the sport want to live nearby.

1. Castle Golf

Imagine for a moment a place to golf with your kids or grand-kids. Castle Golf is a castle-themed golf course that can birth a love of golfing in the young hearts of those in your life. With 18 holes, each delightfully themed and fun, this golf course has been voted #1 in Florida by Florida Monthly Magazine. Castle Golf holds the top rankings on TripAdvisor and Yelp. With an excellent rating and reviews, you have to come and see for yourself why so many people love this family golf adventure.

2. Verandah Golf Club

You don’t have to go far to find 36 holes of the finest golf you will play at fort myers golf courses. Verandah is home to 2 of the 18 championship golf courses around – Old Orange and Whispering Oak. This elegant and fun-loving club is strengthened with amazing amenities and facilities. Come enjoy some of the top-brand courses and accessories while working on that hole-in-one.

3. The Plantation Golf & Country Club

With the serene tranquility of southwest Florida’s palmettos, and 18 holes drenched in sun, you can play some award-winning golf at the Plantation. This golf course was built with a golfer’s pure and joyful experience in mind. The plantation was designed by Dr. Michael Hurdzan, ASGCA, and Dana Fry to enable an elegant and tenacious game of golf. One significant design to enjoy is the many rolls and dips, creating definite target and chipping areas to truly test your short game skills.

4. Whiskey Creek Country Club

Built in 1974, Whiskey Creek Country Club is a seasoned and well-maintained golf course. If you want to see a challenging executive golf course, visit here. WCCC does not lack in social opportunities, and with friendly and affordable memberships, you can expect to meet and greet in southwestern Florida. Low handicap players – come check out 32 of the bunkers that are protecting the greens, tees, and fairways. WCCC is designed even for those with high handicaps, with a par 60 overall design to be played within a four-hour time frame.

5. Fort Myers Country Club

Come play at Fort Myers Country Club, found on historic McGregor Boulevard. This locally enjoyed club, nicknamed “The Fort,” was established in 1917. The Fort was well known in the early 1920s because of its proximity to the Edison/Ford Winter Estates. With a historical homage, this is a go-to place for those who wish to mingle history with the present. Many golfers have praised this golf course for fantastic staff, food, and drinks, so what better place to hang out on a Saturday than The Fort.

6. Seven Lakes Golf Course

Seven Lakes Golf and Tennis Community is the winner of the Florida Community of Excellence Award. This golf course is terrific for seniors looking to retire and golf the golden years away. Seven Lakes is a 1,096 unit, adult condominium community. With its prime location in the heart of southwest Florida near shops, malls, restaurants, and entertainment and arts venues, you can improve your game and still go out at night. Many places are for the golfer only, but if you desire some bocce ball or shuffleboard, you can take a moment off the green to play a quick game before dinner.

7. Myerlee Country Club

If you are looking for a more semi-private play course, Myerlee Country Club is a place to call home. Public play is welcome, but sometimes golfers want a place to go and belong. With many attractions and a tiki bar, you can relax end still play the 18-hole course with par 60 design. However, don’t be deceived – many locals have shared that there are some challenging spots in the course. The best thing to do is come play for yourself and bring a friend!

8. Colonial Country Club

If world-class golf is what you are looking for, then you will find it here. Colonial Country Club is a place where you can find delicious food served in a more comfortable setting. Once the food has touched your soul, you can work off that extra cheesecake in the state of the art fitness and exercise amenities. The clubhouse is the place to be for social events, or for games and activities. As for the family, you can enjoy your golf game while they sunbathe or go for a walk or hike on the nature trail or boardwalk. Every member of the family has a place here.

9. Olde Hickory Golf & Country Club

For those looking to move here but want a real taste of the golf courses and clubs, Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club is a private club with vacation rentals that will make that step to home ownership closer than you ever thought imaginable. With 561 resident homes, you can be comfortable knowing this an exclusive place to golf. First class dining is a must, and so are the Har-Tru tennis courts along with state of the art fitness center. Let this 18-hole championship golf course designed by Ron Garl become your new friend and active home.

10. The Club at Pelican Preserve

Located within a 1,000 acre community, you can appreciate this beautiful course. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced golfer or brand-new to the sport, The Club at Pelican Preserve is a challenging 27-hole championship golf course. Sand, water, and grass hollow hazards perfectly compliment the generous landing areas and gentle contours. Each of these features creates a serene and beautiful place to enjoy the pristine greens and natural beauty of the club. While here, enjoy some of the best food around where you and your friends can gather to relax.

The best golf courses are the ones loved by the locals. You can check it out for yourself on Google or Yelp the personal reviews of locals that love these golf courses! When you are won over, contact Rebecca at Rebecca’s Realtor to find the perfect home nearby.