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Nice, Quiet Areas In South Florida To Retire

Nice, Quiet Areas In South Florida To Retire

Florida is a world-famous destination, with its idyllic beaches and prime real estate that makes for a great state to live in. There are several neighborhoods like Cape Coral in the state of FL where you can buy a home after retirement that is great for total relaxation and serenity.

Quiet Areas In South Florida

Below are some of the popular south Florida neighborhoods/cities that are simply perfect for retirement.

1. Vitalia

This location is a resident-centered community in Port St. Lucie where art and science take center stage. From the welcoming Mediterranean inspired entrance to numerous shops, Vitalia is a popular retirement hub. Golf carts and bicycles are the main mode of transportation for active adults who want to explore the vast 8,300 acres. It may be a large area, but you will never feel lonely with all the residents that can become your friends. The Town Hall, Tradition Square, shops, salon, and spas are sure to keep you happy throughout your stay.

2. Boca Raton

If you want to retire in paradise, Boca Raton is indeed the destination for you. Easy access to international airports, several golf courses, and a great tropical climate are just some of the reasons why you should consider retiring in this southern Florida community. A good percentage of Boca Raton residents are 65 years or older and the median age is 43 years old, making it ideal as a retirement community.

It is the perfect place to call home if you love exploring the outdoors, thanks to beachfront parks like Spanish River Park and Sugar Sand Park. Theatre lovers will enjoy places like the Slow Burn Theatre and comedy clubs like Sick Puppies Comedy. There are several museums for those interested in art, starting with Stewart Fine Art and Boca Raton Museum of Art.

3. Delray Beach

This retirement destination is hailed as a small, intimate town with big-city sophistication. These qualities are indeed the reason why so many people want to settle here after retirement. From the restaurants, nightly entertainment spots and art galleries, it is easy to tell that the small town boasts a big city culture.

At this destination, you can live in Valencia Bay, a place popular for world-class amenities. It boasts several clubs to suit wine lovers and fitness enthusiasts, as well as hundreds of exciting events for one looking to live life to the fullest.

4. Jupiter

Jupiter is a popular beach resort town that attracts people who love golfing or simply enjoying the beach. It boasts multi-million dollar properties and allows for nice, scenic walking. This destination is home to several attractions, like the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, for endless entertainment. The Dive Bar in this location offers great food in an open-air dining setting, as well as education about the ecosystem.

Jupiter is also home to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, where residents can visit to see bobcats, black bears, opossums and river otters, among other unique wildlife being rehabilitated there. This location has so many activities and destinations to enjoy that will make your retirement days a daily dose of endless fun.


Southern Florida is home to several idyllic spots and luxury amenities that are suitable for every lifestyle. There are many areas of prime land and real estate where you can spend your days in serenity, peace, and fun. Whether Delray Beach, Vitalia, Boca Raton or Jupiter, you can certainly find a space to suit your tastes in any of these wondrous locations.

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Should You Move To Cape Coral, FL?

Should You Move To Cape Coral, FL?

Even though Cape Coral, FL is not as big as Miami or Tampa, it is an ideal place for a person who is looking for new employment opportunities or a change of scenery. Imagine waking up in the morning, looking outside your backyard and seeing water; this is what Cape Coral offers. The city has more canals than any city in the world, with more than 400 miles of them. That certainly explains how it got the name “Waterfront Wonderland”.

According to statistics from the United States Census Bureau, Cape Coral has a land area of a little over 110 square miles, with water covering close to another 10, totaling 120 square miles. The peninsula is bordered to the east and the south by the Matlacha Pass and the Caloosahatchee River. If you are looking for an experienced real estate agent to find you a home in Cape Coral, call Rebecca: 239-464-2528.

To the east of the Caloosahatchee River is the city of Fort Myers. The following is a brief outlook of Cape Coral’s four best features:

1. A Vibrant Job Market

cape coral job market

A recent report, compiled by Forbes, indicates that Cape Coral has a 32% net employment outlook for the next few years. This is a city that has been experiencing positive growth since 2014. For instance, records show that the unemployment rate reduced by 5.5% in 2014. This was a significant drop from the reduction experienced in past years.

When it comes to the workforce, some of the most popular jobs are in the education, construction, and healthcare sectors. This is attributed to the growing population of working-class families and retirees.

2. Transportation/ Infrastructure

Roads – Interstate 75 lies within 10 miles of the city and is connected northwards as you head to Tampa. On the southeastern side, it is connected to Miami. The city also borders highway 41. I-75 and highway 41 are easily accessible from Pine Island Road, also known as State Route 78. Inside the city, there is a network of arterial roadways.

Public Transportation – LeeTran is in charge of providing public transportation within the city boundaries. It operates a total of 18 fixed bus routes, 6 of which are within the city, and they operate from Monday to Saturday.

Bridges – There are 2 bridges that run from Cape Coral to Fort Myers. One of them is the Midpoint Memorial Bridge and the other is the Cape Coral Bridge, which spans more than 3,4000 feet. There are also other bridges on the Caloosahatchee River as well, more to the east.

3. Great Real Estate Opportunities

Cape Coral has some of the most affordable homes to purchase in Florida. The cheap rates can be attributed to a number of factors, one of which is the economy. The city has primarily relied on construction and growth to fuel its economy. A few years ago when the housing bubble burst, some of the so-called “better” jobs began to vanish. At the time, Cape Coral had not done much to diversify its economy, which would have eliminated the single-threaded dependence on real estate and construction.

Another issue that the city has faced is the presence of too much inventory, which provides a great opportunity to buy a house at a lower cost, once you decide to move. During the early days, many settlers chose to purchase acre land parcels as a form of investments. In recent times, investors have been building spec homes, some of which are yet to be offloaded. As such, investors have been entering the real estate market with prices that are below replacement costs. The fact that the city has some of the lowest tax rates also means that one gets to keep most of their income, making the place very affordable.

4. Is Cape Coral A Good Place To Raise A Family?

There are many local amenities, low crime rates, sunny weather, and high graduation rates from local schools in Cape Coral. You and your children can visit Mickey Mouse at the Walt Disney World Resort, one of the most notable attractions in the state of Florida. Although it is located in Orlando, Cape Coral is only a few hours away if you are driving. It would be easy for you to grab your family, pack them in the car and head out to Orlando for a family vacation at this iconic theme park.

Florida has many sandy beaches where the residents can go to take in the sun, and it’s a great place for families to relax and have fun together. In Cape Coral, the beach is located near the Yacht Club Community Park. There is another beach located close to the Four Freedoms Park. These beaches not only offer you and your family a good beach experience, but they are also equipped with picnic tables, playground equipment, and grills.

Schools in the city are continuously expanding and enhancing their performance standards. Currently, the city has 8 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 5 high schools. The city also has numerous colleges and universities, which include Florida SouthWestern State College, Florida Gulf Coast University, Rasmussen College, and Hodges University.

In Summary…

Cape Coral, FL is not only a great place to retire to, but it is also a good place to raise a young family. It has everything that you would need to be happy and content, including a vibrant economy, good schools, amazing scenery, and an effective transportation system. The real estate market is great for first-time homebuyers or those who may need a second home.

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Top 7 Places To Raise A Family In Florida

Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida is one of those states that everyone just falls in love with. Stunning beaches, endless miles of coastline, beautiful cities, and friendly people are just a few of the many things that make Florida one of the most adored states in America. In the past decade, the state has gained a lot of popularity among young families looking for a place to settle down, mainly due to affordable house prices and excellent schools. If you are looking to move to Florida, there are plenty of great neighborhoods to settle down in, such as Cape Coral (contact us for new homes in Cape Coral), and here are 7 of the best places for families.

1. Tampa

Raise A Family In Tampa florida

Tampa is one of the fastest growing areas in Florida. This is mainly as a result of a number of Fortune 1000 companies setting up shop there and creating a lot of employment opportunities. Tampa is also known for academic excellence, with many great schools to choose from. There are many fun activities for the family in Tampa, with 185 parks, a theme park and many other eye-catching attractions to visit on a sunny afternoon with your family.

2. Orlando

Orlando is a big city with something for everyone. There are over 100 great neighborhoods with affordable home prices, an excellent public transport system, and a selection of great private and public schools. Compared to the rest of the country, unemployment rates in Orlando are lower, making it a great place for young families to settle down in. When it comes to fun, family-oriented activities, Orlando takes the crown with a variety of world-class amusement parks and tourist attractions that draw over 50 million annual visitors. Orlando is also a great place to live if you love sports like basketball, soccer, ice hockey, and others.

3. Miami Beach

Miami Beach is not only one of the best places to live in Florida, but is also one of the hottest travel destinations in the world. With approximately 90,000 residents, Miami Beach features a large collection of architectural masterpieces, top restaurants, and beautiful beaches that you will definitely fall in love with. While the city is primarily known for its vibrant party life, there are plenty of family-friendly spots and activities available. With nearly 20 distinct neighborhoods, you have many choice when looking for a house in Miami Beach.

4. Tallahassee

Some people might actually think Miami is the capital of Florida, but it’s Tallahassee. Tallahassee is known mostly as a big college town, with Florida State University, Florida A & M and Tallahassee Community college all located there. The city has many neighborhoods with affordable house prices and a quality transportation system that is sufficient for the 187,000 residents. Recreational activities available in Tallahassee include numerous local parks, museums, art galleries, and sports opportunities.

5. Naples

Raise A Family In Naples florida

If you can afford it, Naples is definitely where you want to live in Florida. Known for significantly higher home prices than most places in Florida, Naples has made its name as a millionaire’s playground, with plenty of luxurious shopping destinations, golf courses, and beautiful homes. Crime rates in Naples are low, making it one of the most peaceful and safest places not only in Florida, but also in America. The schools in Naples are excellent and have high graduation rates. There are plenty of fun activities to engage in with kids like fishing, spotting dolphins, visiting the Naples Zoo, among others.

6. Davie

Davie is the perfect place if you don’t like the large city life, but still want to live close to a city. Davie lies just 30 minutes outside Miami and is home to about 100,000 residents. The area is known for a high quality of life, with plenty of employment opportunities, minimal taxes, and affordable home prices. Davie also has great schools and low crime rates, making it a prime location for young families.

7. St. Petersburg

Also known as the Sunshine City, St. Petersburg is the place to be if you love yearlong favorable weather, quality healthcare and significantly low housing prices. Although St. Petersburg is popular among retirees, the city has taken steps to move towards a more youthful direction, with great schools and plenty of recreational activities for families. There are many active art districts, theatre companies, museums, parks, among other fun places to visit with kids.


The decision to move to Florida should not be hard if you are looking for a new place to call home. The Sunshine State had 9 of its cities included in the U.S News and World Report list of 100 best places to live in America, which is a lot more than other states had. If the above places don’t meet your needs, there are plenty of others to check out including Valrico, Weston, Oviedo, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Jupiter, and others.

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10 Reasons to Own a Home and Not Rent Anymore

buy a home

Every person knows that, before moving, it’s important to research the numbers and make sure that owning will, in fact, be better, financially, than renting. That’s why we’re excited to tell you that we’ve found some amazing reasons to purchase your home, and why you should do it right here in sunny Fort Myers, Florida.

From the glorious climate to beaches and even tax breaks, there are many reasons to buy a home- let’s get started.

1. Return on Your Investment

buy a home

The amazing people and attractions of Fort Myers make earning a massive return on your investment a breeze if you consider turning your home into a rental. With a population of roughly 77,000 people, you are sure to find long-term tenants.Not only that, but the market is ripe for vacation home rentals from all the snowbirds living up North.

If long-term is not your go-to, you can jump on the new trend of an Airbnb, which will give you the freedom to enjoy your home for your own personal vacation while still being able to profit from it while it is vacant.  With a tropical savanna climate and rich history of colonial settlements, you will benefit from a high interest in your home as a vacation rental.  Looking for a reliable real estate agent to search for a Cape Coral home? Call Rebecca immediately: 239-464-2528.

2. Great Education Opportunities In Fort Myers

buy a home

If you’re looking to permanently relocate to Fort Myers, or if you’re wanting to buy and not rent anymore, Fort Myers is a great choice. Fort Myers Senior High School ranks as one of the best schools in the nation – an honor bestowed upon the school by Newsweek. Fort Myers Senior High School is an international baccalaureate school, a highly recognized program for international students of parents involved in diplomacy, international, and national world organizations.

Fort Myers is also home to three universities and three technical colleges. Each college and university will provide your children with a higher education that will give them the tools for a bright future.

When your own a home in Fort Myers, versus renting, you’re going to be able to keep the value of the home up because of the great educational opportunities in the area.

3. Tax Benefits  

buy a home

Homeowners get a lot of tax benefits that, at the end of the year, can really pay off.  These include:

4. Mortgage Costs Stay the Same

buy a home

One of the downsides that we all can relate to in renting is that dreaded rent increase that happens every year.  When you buy a home, you know what your mortgage will be every month, and every year because it stays the same. This, as many homeowners will attest to, reduces so much stress.

5. Home Equity

buy a home

As you pay down your loan and make improvements on the home, your home is building equity.  While this will always depend on the market, for the most part, you can look at home equity as money you’re making and saving.  The longer you live in that home, and the more you pay off, the more equity you will have in the home. Many people will save that equity for the day they sell, while a lot of people will actually take out home equity loans for things like college for their kids, upgrades to the home, or even debt consolidation.

6. Freedom

buy a home

One of the best things about owning a home is the freedom to decorate, remodel, paint, and essentially do whatever you want with the property.  If you don’t like that tree in the front yard, you can remove it. If you want bright yellow walls, by all means, have fun. You no longer have to worry about property management sending you little door notes about breaking rules.  Doesn’t freedom feel so good?

7. Shopping and Scenery that Only Fort Myers can Provide

buy a home

Sure, you can buy a house anywhere, but anywhere isn’t Fort Myers and we’re pretty biased about the area.  From white sand beaches to shopping at Bell Tower Shops, there is more than enough to keep one occupied. Come take a stroll through the Edison Mall, which is the largest enclosed mall in southwestern Florida with more than 100 specialty shops where you will find that special gift or decoration for your new home.

There is fun for everyone. From the city life of lights to the outdoor experiences, you can enjoy a new city by golfing at Shell Point Golf Club, or enjoy your days at the Fleamasters Fleamarket. Every place is showered with palms and beautiful natural scenery to lift your spirits and enjoy the day. Experience all the trails and paddling creeks that are full of green vegetation and wildlife.

8. The Arts of Fort Myers

Among many attractions for the avid and amateur artist, one of the greatest is in the downtown historic River District, the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center.  SBDAC is well known in southwest Florida for hosting a variety of art programs and has become quite the little gem of our city.

Fort Myers is also a place that calls to music lovers with the Southwest Florida Symphony. With 55 years of high-quality music, the Southwest Florida Symphony has enthralled its listeners and drawn others to live and immerse themselves in the artistic performances Fort Myers promotes. From music to performing arts, there are over 12 different venues to visit and experience what Fort Myers offers you.

9. Weather

buy a home

This is kind of a no-brainer, but we want to point it out anyways. The weather here brings throngs of people to Fort Myers, and it’s why you can own many properties and rent them out.

Everyone loves our savannah tropical weather, where inland allergies can’t survive. Florida is well known as a prime location for “snowbirds,” and what better reason than the weather alone. Even on cool weather days, the sun is out and shining down on you. The occasional thunderstorm rains down, but the rain doesn’t dampen the beauty of the area. Can you imagine your new home full of windows that let the Florida sun beam down and ocean breezes drift into your everyday life? Local real estate agents can and would love to show you some of those wonderful homes.

10. Population

Despite the fact that Fort Myers is a tourist town with amazing attributes to offer, the population is relatively small. Even with two airports, we are blessed to boast a small town feel. Everyone is looking for a place to call home and Fort Myers is a fantastic place to live when it comes to attractions versus population- this helps keep that home equity up, and you as a homeowner happy.  

If you’re ready to buy a home in Fort Myers and stop renting, Contact me, Rebecca Silva for your real estate needs.

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If You’re Buying a Vacation Home Try These Locations

Buying a vacation home in fort myers florida

There are many reasons to purchase a vacation home. You get to keep your job and live close to family, but leave for your favorite vacation spot whenever you want. You won’t have to worry about rental house availability, hotel check-in times, or paying extra baggage fees for surfboards, tennis rackets, or golf clubs. With a vacation house, you can leave those items there and come to visit them as often as possible.

Nothing gives you the chance to relax like Buying a vacation home in Florida. Every day offers you a new adventure, whether it’s getting a natural pedicure on the beach, hiking through a nature reserve, paddle boarding along the shore or taking in a round of golf, all of which allow you to soak up the sun. Keep scrolling down to see which beach is the best place for you to buy your second home.

Fort Myers- An Ideal Vacation Home Location

Buying a vacation home in fort myers florida

Fort Myers offers many community events in the Fort Myers River District, giving you more than just day trips to the beach on your vacation. The Art Walk showcases local galleries and restaurants on the first Friday of each month. The Pet Walk is held on every fourth Friday and gives you the chance to walk your pets through the area while enjoying pet-themed food and souvenirs. The Music Walk is held every third Friday of each month and offers live music from local talent, as well as restaurants and bars providing street fair to enjoy. Click here for a complete list of community events in the area.

Plenty to do in Fort Myers Beach

Located on the barrier island of Estero, Fort Myers Beach is a small area that packs a punch. Enjoy year-round community events such as the Fort Myers Beach Lions Club Shrimp Festival in March, the American Sand Sculpting Championship in November, and the Fort Myers Beach Christmas Boat Parade in December. You can also experience the Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival in October, as well as the Taste of the Beach in May, a local event in which local restaurants compete for several “Taste of the Beach” Awards. No matter which time of year you want to visit, you’ll find something fun to do in Fort Myers Beach. When you aren’t searching for adventure, head to any of several beaches nearby with your beach umbrella, towel, and icebox in hand.

Sanibel Island is Where the Shells are at

Do you love decorating with ocean paraphernalia and unique seashells? Sanibel Island is a favorite tourist spot for shell-hunting. The island lies east-to-west along the Gulf Coast, allowing for scores of shells to constantly blanket its shores. Fill up your bags and buckets with seashells, then visit the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum and compare your seashell collection, rent a boat to go fishing, or take a shot at windsurfing. The heat from the humid, subtropical weather is balanced by the Gulf’s ocean breezes, as well as evening rains, making Sanibel Island a fantastic choice for every season of the year.

Captiva Island

Captiva Island was initially part of Sanibel Island but has separated over the years. To get to Captiva, you have to travel through Sanibel, giving you a beautiful commute, no matter where you go. The restaurants and shopping options are only a short drive away, whether you need something in Sanibel or the Fort Myers area. If peace is what you need, you have found a perfect haven in Captiva.

Bonita Springs id Close to Many Other Beaches

Bonita Springs is located on the barrier island called Little Hickory Island and is accessible by car. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, as well as Estero Bay, Bonita Springs gives you multiple options from which to choose for your vacation home. There are many beaches within a short distance, as well as the Barefoot Beach County Preserve, Lovers Key State Park, the Everglades Wonder Gardens, and the Naples-Fort Greyhound Track, giving you many adventures throughout your stay.

Estero Has A Vacation Home for Everyone

Located on the Gulf Coast, Estero is a barrier island between Naples and Fort Myers and is a relaxing place to vacation. If your vacation goal is to soak up the sun’s rays while burying your toes in the sand, you’ll find several beaches nearby. If you want an adventure that is more lively, head to the Mound Key Archaeological State Park for a bout of fishing, boating, hiking, and wildlife observation.

Cape Coral

fort myers real estate

Cape Coral is a unique place to buy a vacation home because you can choose to live on the Gulf Coast or pick a house located on one of many canals, giving you daily access to the Gulf by boat. If being on the water is more important to you than sitting on the beach and looking at the water, Cape Coral is your ideal spot. With more than 400 miles of waterways, you have your choice of premier locations to purchase your second home. With 355 days of sunshine, you can choose any season to visit, giving you the opportunity to save on plane tickets. If a day on the beach is your goal choose from several options that are close to home, whether it be Bowman’s Beach for seashell hunting and sunbathing, Lighthouse Beach Park for a fun family picnic, or San Carlos Bay for kayaking.

If you still aren’t sure where to purchase your vacation home, visit the area and experience your options. Visit the beaches, the State Parks, and the golf courses and see which of them call to you. If you can’t stop thinking about one of these areas, that’s the one you want. You can choose between nearby amenities, or small-town feel, the proximity of your favorite golf course or the availability of beaches with white pearly sand. 

Of course, we have an extensive list of housing properties in Cape Coral and Fort Myers. To talk with me and learn more, call me at Rebecca Silva Realtor and I can take you to any of the areas mentioned above. I can also show you vacation houses you can rent out for part of the year, or homes you can call your own from January to December.

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5 Mistakes Every SouthWest Florida Home Buyer Should Avoid Making

Home buyer mistakes

Getting ready to buy your first home is an exciting time. But buying a home is also a big investment that will affect your financial future, so it’s important to make sure that you understand the process and make good decisions about the home that you buy. Working with a  South West Florida real estate agent like Rebecca Silva is the smart way to make sure that the process of buying your first home goes smoothly and that you end up buying a house that fits your lifestyle and future plans.

Many first-time homebuyers make costly mistakes that end up putting them into financial hardship or leaving them with a house that doesn’t fit their needs. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common mistakes that first-time homebuyers make and how you can avoid them:

Only Thinking About Mortgage Payments

Common Mistakes That First Time Homebuyers

When first-time homebuyers are searching for real estate and trying to figure out how much they can afford to spend on a monthly mortgage payment they often only look at the payment itself and don’t take into consideration all the other expenses that come with homeownership.

Besides your mortgage payment, you will also need to factor in property taxes, utilities, and depending on where the home is located, you may/may not have HOA fees that you will need to pay as well. To get an accurate idea of what your real monthly expenses will be, you will need to factor in all of these costs as well as the overall mortgage payment. A mortgage broker can help you determine what all of your monthly expenses will be so that you know how much house you can afford to buy.

Not Understanding What Type of Mortgage Is Best for Them

One of the most significant problems during the last housing crisis was that millions of homebuyers didn’t take the time to learn about mortgages and which type of mortgage was best for them. There are two types of mortgages: Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate. A Fixed Rate mortgage is exactly what it sounds like. The payments are fixed for the length of the mortgage, which is usually 30 years for most homebuyers. Because the payments are fixed, they are often are a little bit higher than an Adjustable Rate mortgage.

An Adjustable Rate mortgage has payments that are fixed for a set period of time, such as three years or five years, and after that the rate changes. First-time homebuyers that only look at the total of their monthly payments sometimes choose an Adjustable Rate mortgage because initially, the payments are lower. But after that fixed period is over those payments can balloon quickly leaving homeowners scrambling to come up with a mortgage payment that could double or even triple depending on the current interest rate and the details of the mortgage.

There are some cases where an Adjustable Rate mortgage is the better deal for a homebuyer, but in most cases, a Fixed Rate mortgage is a better option because it allows homeowners to efficiently budget, knowing that their monthly mortgage payment will remain the same.

Not Getting Professional Help from A Real Estate Agent

There’s a lot more to buying a home than just finding a listing you like on a real estate app. The process of buying a home can be complicated and confusing. Too many first-time homebuyers make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need a real estate agent to help them through the process.

A real estate agent will help you through the entire process of buying a home and make sure that you understand all the financial ramifications of purchasing property. A real estate agent also can negotiate a better deal for you and make sure that your interests are protected when buying a home. And a real estate agent has access to a lot of listings that you won’t find on Zillow or Redfin. For example, if you are looking for available homes in Cape Coral, contact Rebecca immediately for an extensive list.

Buying More House Than They Need

First-time homebuyers are often dazzled by large homes with fancy finishing that may be a lot more house than they need, and a lot more expensive than they can comfortably afford. It’s easy to get swept away by upgraded features and open floor plans and not think about what you can really afford or what you really need in a home. A real estate agent can help you stay focused on finding a home that will suit your needs now and in the future so that you don’t end up buying a home that looks pretty but won’t work well for you and your family.

It’s important for homebuyers to remember that they don’t have to buy an expensive home just because they get pre-approved for a large mortgage. If you set a budget and are approved for a higher amount that doesn’t mean you should automatically increase your budget. An experienced real estate agent will talk with you about your needs and help you figure out what amenities you really need in a home so that you don’t end up paying a lot of money for a house that isn’t going to work well for you and your family.

Making Emotional Decisions

Of course, you should love your first home. But it’s easy for first-time homebuyers to fall in love with a property and then make decisions out of emotion that might end up being bad decisions. Buying a home is a process of negotiation from start to finish, and it’s never a good idea to get too attached to one property right from the start. Buyers who are too emotionally attached to a home might end up paying more than the home is worth or taking on a house that needs more work than they can afford to put into it or buying a house that won’t work for them in the future.

That’s why working a real estate agent is so important. A real estate agent will be your advocate, your negotiator, and your teacher during the home buying process to make sure that you end up in a home that you love that will enable you to live well now and in the future.

If you need help deciding which area in Fort Myers to choose for your retirement, contact Rebbeca Silva Realtor and let our team help you find the home of your dreams.

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Looking at Fort Myers Real Estate? Here’s a Great Place to Get Started

Fort Myers Real Estate

Fort Myers, Florida is home to some of the most scenic real estate in the country as well as a rich history. The sunny Gulf Coast location includes beaches, fishing, shopping, and more. Friendly to families and retirees alike, residents and visitors enjoy touring the winter estates of Henry Ford (The Mangoes) and Thomas Edison (Seminole Lodge).

Fort Myers is also the county seat of Lee County – and most of the county’s commerce is situated there. It’s grown by over 15,000 residents since 2010. Named for Colonel Abraham Myers, the city has its own airport – Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW).

If you’re thinking about moving to Fort Myers with a family, you’ll be pleased to know that Fort Myers Senior High School is ranked by Newsweek as one of the best public schools in the United States.

In addition to Fort Myers real estate, I can also help you with home sales and purchases in:

Fort Myers Beach

real estate fort myers

Do you crave a beachy experience? Fort Myers Beach may be the right home for you. Notably, pet-friendly, Fort Myers Beach real estate is close to some of the best restaurants in the state, including cafes, ethnic cuisine, seafood, and phenomenal waterfront dining adventures. Grab your dog, cat, bird, and be hungry!

Bonita Springs

Fort Myers Real Estate

A growing spot for small and medium-sized businesses, Bonita Springs is full of history and beauty. Bonita Springs is a top location to consider if you want to move to a location with history and culture, and also still do some business.  

Lehigh Acres

fort myers real estate

Lehigh Acres is an area shaped heavily by property development. It wasn’t readily developed until the 1950s but had a building boom in the early 2000s, meaning homebuyers have a variety of modern home options with a touch of tradition!  I love this community because it’s great seeing all the growth and there’s always someone new to meet.

Babcock Ranch

Fort Myers Real Estate

Babcock Ranch is environmentally friendly by design: it’s the first solar-powered town in the United States. With lots of farm-to-table dining options and an emphasis on healthy living, Babcock Ranch truly has a personality of its own. WIth farmers markets on every corner and a community that’s focused on sustainability, you’re sure to enjoy not just living healthier but saving the environment as well. Fort Myers Real Estate has been doing really well in this location!


Fort Myers Real Estate

Did someone say oranges? Estoro has long been known as the citrus community, but now is also known for The Gulf Coast University and is an all-around relaxing place to visit and live. You can golf, shop, work, and even take a boat ride to see some amazing history of the community.  


fort myers real estate

If you’re looking for a home in Southwest Florida, this just might be the place for you. Sanibel is known for all the beautiful seashells that wash up on shore from the Gulf of Mexico. Life there is so slow and mellow there are even no traffic lights!  Sounds like heaven to me. 


Fort Myers Real Estate

Located just off the coast of Lee County, Captiva is a shining gem of a tropical paradise. This island comes complete with a pirate legend of its own. Legend has it that the island earned its name from the pirate captain Jose Gaspar held his captives on the island. Several other tales of shipwrecks and legends give the island it’s exciting history. I would love to lay out on the beach with a book about the history of the island for a relaxing afternoon.

Cape Coral

Cape Coral could easily be the Venice of Florida. Canals cut across the land in even rows, which Cape Coral is famous for. The canals add a charm and sea life atmosphere to the town. Gentle Manatees call the canals home, which is a unique attribute that you will not find in any other city across the nation. Kayak routes lead eager visitors to the Matlacha Pass Aquatic Reserve, a haven for birds and other aquatic wildlife


Fort Myers Real Estate

Trafalgar is a little town that I like to say is hidden off the beaten path, a genuine diamond amongst the rough wilderness of Florida. Located near Kissimmee, Florida, the Trafalgar region is another little nugget of treasure in Florida. Trafalgar Village is a resort community that is coveted real estate in the area.  

Tom Black Lake

Located just three miles from Cape Coral, Tom Black Lake is one of the highly sought after fishing holes for the avid angler. Come and catch the big one, each time I go fishing at Tom Black Lake, the fish get bigger, or it could be the fishermen stories that make the fish bigger, the biggest I’ve ever seen!


Mariner is a little beach community located near Cape Coral, Florida. Renowned for its pristine waters and coveted sandy areas that are perfect for laying out and soaking up the sun all day. This community is perfect for vacation rentals or timeshares, filled with resort amenities.

Burnt Store Marina

Fort Myers Real Estate

Burnt Store Marina has long been hailed as the best marina along the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s with good reason. The Marina features a slew of amenities for the avid boater or sailor. Located on picturesque Charlotte Harbor, Burnt Store Marina features both wet storage and dry storage.Charlotte Harbor is the area’s best-kept-secret. Charlotte Harbor is one of the largest estuaries in the state and offers quick access to coveted waters along the west coast of Florida.  Amenities offered at Burnt Store Marina are varied and offer exclusive members-only perks. On-site management allows for a swift response to your boating storage needs.

Burnt Store

Fort Myers Real Estate

Burnt Store Lakes and Villages offer the kind of lifestyle you have been dreaming of. As a census-designated area that encompasses Burnt Store Marina is part of Lee County and the Cape-Coral Fort Meyers, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. With avid fishing and boating waters nearby, the Burnt Store Marina, Lakes, and Village are a prime place to live.

While it’s not an exhaustive list of all the wonderful places you can live within Fort Myers, it does give you a great idea of Fort Myers Real Estate opportunities!  Don’t forget to check my current homes for sale page, and call if you see one you like.

If you’re getting excited about all these adorable communities, I am too!  Call me today and we get started on finding the perfect place to live. 

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Middle-aged adults on the cusp of retiring and young adults with the intent of making sure they are all planned out and set in for their future, have enough reasons to be able to figure out the right place to invest in to live and enjoy the latter years of life. There are several ways to research the best places in the US to retire comfortably and conveniently, one of which are through retirement planning sites such as GangsAway. For at least a generation now, research has shown that the dubbed “Sunshine State” of South Florida is the best place to seek retirement and here are some reasons why:

    1. Cheaper Cost Of Living – It is one of the first things you should look at when you think about where you want to retire, whether you are financially stable from your years of hard work or have amassed a modest amount. It is always vital to living somewhere with an average or below average cost of living to make the most of that monthly budget. For example, Southwest Florida real estate hosts hundreds of properties and everything else at reasonable prices.

    1. Climate – With an average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 C) and an average low of a cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 C), South Florida offers the perfect weather that’s not too toasty in the summers and not dangerously cold in the winter time either. The weather allows for such activities as walks and biking in the summer months.
    2. Taxes – It’s needless to say but we all favor a place with cheaper taxes than not. With no inheritance, estate or state income taxes, why would you not want to pack up and move to South Florida today.

    1. Numerous Quality Health Care Options – The best part about living in a state where a lot of retirees tend to migrate is you don’t have to worry about your health care options. South Florida has plenty of health care providers to choose from within and all around the state. With highly known hospital brands such as Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and highly ranked hospitals like Tampa General Hospital and Florida Hospital, you are guaranteed to meet your medical needs.

    1. Recreation – The plus side of not having brutal winters and having to stay shut in from November to April is all the fun of recreational activities you get. With an excessive amount of beaches and more than 1300 golf courses, the taste of fun with family and friends in South Florida is incredible.

With Southwest Florida real estate already sounding like the obvious to have your retirement home, you need to ensure that you have the right realtors, for example, Cape Coral realtors to get you the best sales like homes for sale in Cape Coral. Rebecca Silva is the perfect realtor for you if you’re looking to get yourself a house in Cape Coral. Not only is she highly qualified with her MA in International Business, but she is also always known for being very entertaining with her clients and even showing the neighboring beaches and more.

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For more information on how to get yourself a Southwest Florida real estate home for sale in Cape Coral, contact Rebecca’s Realtor today at 239-464-2528 or by filling the form on her realtor website. To view entire info graphic click here.

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How to Budget Home Updates for Maximum Resale Value

Home maintenance and repair expenses continue long after you close on your home. Many first-time homebuyers are not ready for these ongoing expenses. Unlike when renting, when you own a home and something goes wrong, it is your responsibility to fix it. Also, if you go to sell your home one day, you want it to be in the best condition possible to get the most profit. With a little preparation, you can be ready to stay on top of these projects that may come up so that your home has the highest possible resale value.

Having funds available for home maintenance costs is a matter of discipline, planning, and prioritizing. The following suggestions can help you stay on task and be prepared.

How to Budget Home Updates for Maximum Resale Value

How to Add Value to your Home on a Budget

It is almost inevitable that some bigger repairs are going to come up from time to time. You’ll also probably want to do some remodeling once you’ve been in the home a while. Those pricier repairs like a new furnace or roof replacement can really set you back if you’re not prepared to cover those costs. If you put your house up for sale, however, it probably won’t do very well if big things like these need to be done.

As with all saving, the key is to start early and save gradually. You should aim to set aside at least 1 to 3% of your home’s value every year. You may not use all of that money each year for home repairs, which is a good thing—you can continue adding to the fund and be ready if something really big comes up.

How to Increase The Value of your Home

Most new homeowners will have a list of things they would like to do around the house. Maintenance issues will come up and add to that list. You don’t want to let these things go because if you decide to sell, it could be a big investment all at once. To avoid going over your budget and to make sure the most important things get done, you should plan to tackle each project in order of importance.

Obviously, fix things that pose any hazard before fixing purely aesthetic details. Issues like the trim needing a fresh coat of paint will fare far better in resale than if all the siding needs replaced. If your home has an issue with the HVAC system, plumbing problems, or mold, make those a top priority before moving on to the more “optional” projects.

Assuming you have taken care of any major concerns when you are prioritizing it is also a good idea to put yourself in the shoes of a potential home buyer and think about what they’ll be looking for. Many homebuyers will notice things like the landscape our general curb appeal first. If you are adept at yard work, keep your bushes and hedges trimmed regularly, and invest early on in some low maintenance, native plants that work well in your area. Make sure paint on the home is in good condition. If you have to do any paint retouching, be sure to match the color exactly. If you aren’t comfortable either with landscaping or paint, hire a professional—but get two to three recommendations first to see who will get you the best value. Contact Rebecca’s Realtor for any questions!

Sometimes, you may know in advance that more large projects are coming up and that the amount you’re saving each month will not be enough. Account for that early by setting aside more or making a few cuts elsewhere so that you don’t have to finance these projects.

Cut Costs Around the Home

Cut Costs Around the Home

When you buy a home, expenses can add up quickly, and it’s not always possible to keep putting more away for your home update budget. In order to be able to save more, think of ways you can cut down on other expenses.

To start, you can take a look at your overall budget. Make a list of all of the bills you pay, and all of the other things you spend money on each month—restaurants, gas, clothing, and other recreational activities. Check in to what you can lower without significantly affecting your lifestyle. Many phone and cable companies will offer discounts when you move to a new location—call their customer service line to see if they have any deals available. If you have been spending a lot of money eating out, see if you can skip one restaurant night and put that money aside instead.

Another way you can cut cost is by looking around your home to see where energy is being used. Any energy use you can cut down on can lower your utility bill. Even a few small changes can save a significant amount of money each month. You can replace some or all of your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Consider a low-flow toilet that can save water every time you flush. Check your appliances to make sure they are all running efficiently and not using a lot of unnecessary energy.

Whatever money you save from any of these changes can, in turn, be put into your fund for home repairs. You may be surprised by how much money you can save for other things when you make just a few adjustments to your monthly budget.

Consider DIY-ing Some Projects

Homeowners that are comfortable with power tools have a significant edge over those who don’t know a wrench from a screw driver. If you have the know-how, you can end up saving tens of thousands of dollars over the years by doing smaller home improvement or repair projects yourself.

When you pay a contractor to do work for you, they charge you for the materials needed, plus the hours of labor spent and enough extra to make a profit. If it’s just you, all you have to pay for is the materials and your own time spent. Not only can it be a more economical way to get things done around your home, but it can be more satisfying, too. It’s a good feeling to stand back and look at a finished project and know that you yourself did the work.

Of course, only tackle projects you are comfortable with. There have been plenty of homeowners who have taken on more complicated projects than what they were capable of and ended up spending much more money overall when they had to call a contractor to come fix what they did. If you are thinking about doing a repair or remodel that you haven’t done before, make sure you are prepared for everything you need. If you have any friends or family who have done the same project before, consult with them about what you’re doing.

When you are DIY-ing project, avoid using shoddy materials or taking shortcuts. Shoddy work gets noticed by prospective home buyers. If they notice something poorly done when they walk through the house, they could question what else is not up to par in the home they’re viewing. Do things right the first time, both for your sake while you’re in the home, and to get the most value for it later.

Don’t Take On More Credit

When you buy a home, it is tempting to want to do everything at once. You also might not be as self-conscious about your finances because the scary part of getting a mortgage approved is over. As hard as it is, avoid opening new credit cards or taking out big loans to work on home remodeling projects. Instead, as noted above, make a list of what has to be done and start saving gradually, so you’ll be able to pay for those projects in cash.

It is possible that something major may come up that you’re not prepared to pay for financially. If big storm hits or you find out some major renovation needs to happen in order to ensure the safety of those who live there, you may have to resort to other options to be able to fund the repairs. It is not ideal to file any homeowners insurance claims right away since any claim can make your rates go up and stay on your record, but if any major accidents happen, consult with your insurance company. If a loss is going to cost tens of thousands of dollars, it will probably be worth it to file the claim and just have to pay your deductible. If whatever is going on is not covered by insurance, be smart about securing financing or other means of paying for it—don’t apply for and accept the first loan you see.

Your home is very likely the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. It also will likely be your biggest asset. Protect your investment and keep up with upgrades and repairs without putting yourself at financial risk. By planning ahead and saving early, you can make sure you’ll be able to keep your home in top condition and maximum resale value. Do you need help with a home valuation prior to making your decision, I will be glad to compile all the information that you will need to make a sound decision. Fill the form out below and I will get back to you asap.

Free SWFL Hoe Valuation Request

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5 Interior Design Features That Will Help You Sell Your Property

Selling a property takes a lot of preparation, and some parts of the process may even involve extra expenses. The main goal is to make the house ideal and presentable in a way that impresses buyers. The Spruce Blog compares selling a property to designing a stage play (, explaining that everything in the right place can increase the value of your home and help you sell faster. Simply put, homes that are properly prepared and well-decorated sell quicker.

In this regard, there are certain design features that attract homebuyers. In case you’re planning on selling your property soon, here are some trends to consider:

Quartz or Marble

Buyers are willing to pay more if the bathroom and kitchen feature quartz or marble countertops. Quartz is a timeless, versatile material that requires little upkeep, which is why it is deemed attractive to buyers. Marble is also a popular choice because of its durability and aesthetic. It’s a lot less expensive than quartz, too.

Stainless Steel

Homebuyers tend to find stainless steel appliances attractive because of their longevity. The National Association of Home Builders touched on stainless steel’s popularity, stating that 79% of kitchen renovations in 2016 involved stainless steel appliances. Having these around the house helps close the deal because it means homebuyers do not need to do much renovating.

Calm Bedroom Colors

Buyers pay close attention to bedrooms because they are their getaways to a peaceful night’s sleep. They may consider aspects such as the layout, its location in the house, and the interior design. Some might want big windows for more natural light, while others look for rooms with certain color schemes. This is because of the effects of environmental stimuli on relaxation. Colors can affect a bedroom’s sleeping environment, due to the qualities or things people associate with them. Blue, which is the most common bedroom color, is often linked to concepts like calmness and water. Green is also a popular pick because it usually symbolizes freshness and nature.

If your house’s bedrooms don’t have a comfortable or relaxing atmosphere, your customers might quickly lose their interest.

Smart Homes

TWP contributor Kenneth Harney states that buyers are willing to pay extra for smart homes. These are homes with technological features you can link up to a smartphone. Security cameras, network-connected appliances, and doorbells that send text alerts and other smart techs will definitely increase the value of your home and give it a competitive edge. Homes with smartphone-enabled installations are favored by 61% of millennials and 59% of parents with children.


Contemporary home designs often incorporate minimalist elements, which can attract those who love the style. It is also often seen in condominium units or houses that have limited space. But homebuyers, in general, go for minimalism because it gives them space to envision their idea of a home. If your house has a neutral color palette and open floor plans, there is a chance it would sell faster.

Rebecca’s Realtor has a lot of other tips to share on buying and selling properties, so be sure to visit the blog section of the website.