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Attractions, Property and your Expert Cape Coral Realtor

Attractions, Property and your expert Cape Coral Realtor.

While Cape Coral and Fort Myers are known for the estates of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison and the breath-taking views of the Gulf of Mexico, what baffles many when entertaining the thought of buying or selling property in these towns is how to navigate through realty details.

Questions like, “Should I look for a home on the coast?” or “What part of town is best for retirees?” are some a buyer might wrestle with. On the other hand, those with real estate to sell might have other questions like “What can I do to close a sale on time?” and “What are the dynamics that the community is looking for in a property?” With an expert realtor, you will easily be able to answer these and other questions about property in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area.

Thankfully, Rebecca Silva is that expert in Cape Coral as well as in Fort Myers. She is the go-to real estate agent with an honest approach, a mature knowledge of realty, and the answers to help you make the best sale or purchase in the Southwest region of Florida.

Why Move To Cape Coral Florida?

Numerous retirees, singles, families, and businesses alike have chosen Cape Coral and Fort Myers to be their home because of the many attractions these cities offer. The dramatic population growth over the last few years has spurred expansion of all kinds. New and old shops, entertainment, and restaurants are being made available as popular places for residents to spend their time.

For example, one of the most visited shopping attractions in the area, the aesthetically stunning retail complex Coconut Point offers over 140 shops, 25 restaurants, and a theatre.

If shopping isn’t your thing, maybe you would enjoy observing history and art through the multiple museums and galleries residing in these towns. Rich history can be found. At one point in time, the Calusa Indians also called Southwest Florida their home.

But don’t forget about the outdoors! If you love being out in nature, Cape Coral or Fort Myers should be on your list of prospective homes. There are at least three nature parks for people to get their “outdoors” on with biking, camping, hiking, or even horse riding activities.

Undoubtedly, Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida are attractive communities for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Things to Consider Before Listing

Cape Coral and Fort Myers are booming! The growing, growing demand for additional residences in this area is met by current property sales as well as all types of new construction.

You name it; it’s here. Amazingly, Cape Coral and Fort Myers have properties to meet your dream vacation, your retirement hopes, and your unspoken desired amenities. Options including luxurious mansions, open land plots, new construction homes, canal access places, duplexes, townhomes, beachfront properties, and numerous condos possibilities are endless. Big or small, Cape Coral and Fort Myers are an all-inclusive real estate community.

Who is Rebecca Silvas Realtor?

While all this information is great, what now? How can you weed through all the details these cities have to offer and find the place you need? Who can help? You need a realtor who can skillfully walk you through the process of sales and purchasing, and Rebecca Silvas is just that. She is an honest, experienced, and professional realtor who can help meet your purchasing or selling needs for the area.

After living in the area for almost ten years, Rebecca Silva has learned the ins and outs of the population and can easily articulate benefits, even quirks, of the Cape Coral and Fort Myers areas. In addition to her experience, Ms. Silva has earned a Masters in Business, bachelors in hospitality, and realty license. She delivers professional knowledge to her realty clients. Lastly, the character of this expert realtor is made evident through numerous testimonials of her honest dealings. She has a “passion for being of service for others.”

With this combination of experience, education, and personal honesty, Rebecca Silva skillfully walked sellers and buyers through the details of property selling and buying.

Take action!

So, whether you are planting roots, looking for a business opportunity, or have some other type of property needed for the Cape Coral or Fort Myers area, don’t worry about the messy details. Rebecca Silvas is just a call or email away. Contact her today!

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    Top 4 Fishing Hotspots in Cape Coral, FL!

    Fishing in Cape Coral is a great sport that provides individuals with a chance to relax, hang out with friends and family, and forget their everyday problems, albeit for a short while. Florida happens to be one of the best fishing destinations in the United States, so it’s no surprise to learn that there are more than 2 million anglers there, which is more than any other state.

    Visitors and locals are always looking for the best fishing spots in different regions. Below are some of the best spots in Cape Coral to experience a successful fishing trip.

    1. Rosen Park

    Located on Terrace Road, Rosen Park is a big saltwater vessel lift off facility and neighborhood park. From the park, you can access the Gulf of Mexico through the Caloosahatchee River. The park is an 11 mile stretch from the Sanibel Causeway Bridge, with 2 boat ramps, each around 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. It provides parking areas for up to 57 craft carriers and additional parking spaces for 31 cars.

    The park currently houses 19 wet craft slips that can handle boats as long as 40 feet. Vessels in the water can get into the park by heading westwards on arrival at mile marker 58. The staff continuously monitors marine activities using VHF radios on channel 16.

    2. Sirenia Vista


    Sirenia Vista is located at the corner of Ceitus Pkwy and Old Burnt Store Road. It is an environmental park situated on 8 acres of land and is ideal for viewing manatees in colder weather and going fishing all throughout the year. Currently, only the first phase of development has been completed and includes landscape improvements, a kayak launch area, a walking path, and a manatee viewing area.

    The kayak launch available at the park provides kayakers with access to the Calusa Blueway via Matlacha. There are boat tours for those that would like to watch the environment and get close to the manatees, once they are done with fishing. It is open from Monday through Sunday and is a great place to take the whole family.

    3. Bernice Braden Park

    Located on Cape Coral Parkway East, Bernice Braden Park is a 10-acre linear park near the Cape Coral Bridge. It provides amazing views of the Caloosahatchee River and is a great place to go to for those who would like to fish, enjoy the serene environment, or pull out their picnic supplies and take part in some family bonding sessions.

    The park also serves as the home of the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce, which provides information to people who would like to relocate or access certain businesses and services. The most notable park amenities include the Waterfront Park and fishing areas.

    4. Lake Kennedy Community Park

    Situated on Santa Barbara Boulevard, the Lake Kennedy Community Park sits on a 46-acre piece of land. The park is home to facilities such as Lake Kennedy Senior Center and Sun Splash Family Waterpark. Apart from the two centers, there is a green area that is comprised of a gazebo, walking path and fitness area. Some of its amenities include the Kiwanis Gardens, fishing spots, and park benches.


    While fishing in Cape Coral can be a fun and engaging activity, it is recommended that all visitors and residents abide by the local code of ethics. This includes respecting others, the environment, and practicing safety measures while boating. The rules are there to help conserve the environment and to ensure that fishing remains a fun sport.

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    10 First Time Homebuyer Tips For SouthWest Florida Buyers

    If you’ve had it with messy roommates who always drink directly from the milk carton, and are continually leaving their dirty clothes everywhere, then you’re probably ready to buy a new home in Cape Coral, Fl. And if you are, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. Thankfully we’ve compiled ten of the most important tips when searching for your dream home.

    1. The Cost
    Buying a home for the first time in SW Fl. can be an overwhelming endeavor, but let’s start with the most crucial aspect: cost. As you’re probably all-too-aware, buying a home is a costly endeavor, so unless you’re planning to show up with a duffel bag full of cash, you’re going to want to get a loan to help you pay for it. In other words: a mortgage.
    How much should you spend on your house? Most experts agree that payments (this includes the mortgage, as well as maintenance and taxes) should be somewhere in the range of 28% of your gross monthly income. If you make $10,000 a month, your mortgage shouldn’t exceed $2800 a month. If your house payment isn’t a convenient rounded number, just take the, amount, and multiply it by 0.28. For example, with a mortgage of $7200, your payment should be no more than $2,016.
    2. See What Nearby Houses are Going For
    Do your research. If you have your eye set on a specific neighborhood, maybe one near a beach, then be sure to check the price of the houses in that area. You might find that it’s unexpectedly high and that there’s someplace nearby that’s much more affordable.
    3. Expect a Fair Amount of Compromise
    Sure, finding your dream home at the perfect price could always happen, but in all likelihood, it won’t. As a first-time buyer in Florida, it’s best to temper your expectations, and expect a reasonable amount of compromise. You may want to find the right-sized house in the right location at the right price, but hitting all three of those targets is a lofty endeavor. Typically, if you can manage two of those three goals, then you should consider yourself lucky. If it’s house at the right price in the right neighborhood, with plenty of palm trees and a beautiful view of the ocean, but a little on the small size, then you might just have to settle.
    4. Prepare A Folder of Documents
    Most lenders won’t be too keen on forking over a loan to you without analyzing the necessary documents. So, gather any and all essential financial documents, such as W-2s, tax returns from the past two of years, bank statements, pay stubs, and the name and addresses of your previous landlords during that two-year window. Your lender will likely want to see all of it and potentially more.
    5. Get Qualified Before You Even Begin Your Search
    Once you have all the documents for your lender in order, do something with them. There’s nothing worse than to find the home of your choice (or if you’re fortunate – your actual dream home) and run into financial issues that prevent you from moving in. Some sellers even want you to be pre-approved before they’ll even give you the time of day.

    6. Explore Your Financial Options
    When home buying in Cape Coral, Fl., it’s best to explore any and all options, including financial ones. If you’re a first time home buyer, then you may think that your only option is to visit the nearest big bank, but that’s not your only option. There are also mortgage brokers, credit unions, regional banks, and local lenders.
    Check in with at least three of these options, and you will likely discover the perfect mortgage terms for you.
    7. Be Prompt
    While you should avoid rushing into anything, especially a decision as big as buying a house, expediting the buying process will increase your chances of being able to swoop in and snatch up the house of your dreams when it becomes available.
    8. Ask Questions
    This might seem obvious, but you should always ask any questions you have and research for questions you haven’t yet thought to ask. If the answers make you even more confused, make sure everything is explained thoroughly to clear up any possible misinformation. This is a priority especially if the person giving the explanations– such as a real estate agent or broker – is being paid to help you.
    9. Learn Those Closing Costs
    You’ll be wise to familiarize yourself all the closing costs involved in purchasing your house. This includes insurance, or association fees, as well as origination costs from the lender, title and settlement fees, and taxes. Never forget about home purchase taxes.
    10. Don’t Discount the Government
    If you’re striking out with any of the typical lenders, do know that the government might be able to help. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will ensure the first-time homebuyer’s mortgage with one of its programs. With government backing, the lenders who wouldn’t give you a loan might choose differently now. The FHA also only requires a 3.5% down payment from first-time homebuyers.

    Cape Coral is a beautiful place to live, and if you’re on the market for a house here, then with any luck, these tips will give you the tools you’ll need to find the perfect home at an excellent price in your ideal location.

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    Best Place to Retire in Florida : Cape Coral Living Review

    Retire in Cape Coral, Florida Cape Coral is a great city to live in, whether you are single, raising a family, or looking to retire. It has a diverse population with people of all age groups and ethnicities. It is also a very affordable place to live, with a cost of living lower than the state average.

    Cape Coral is a relatively new community, being founded only in 1957, but has since grown to a large community with over 176,000 residents. Many newcomers are drawn by the affordable real estate, scenic canals, and the beach lifestyle. They also may be attracted to the growing job market, nearby universities, local flora and fauna, and the favorable warm climate.

    Moving to Cape Coral

    The city, nicknamed the “Waterfront Wonderland” after all of its canals and beaches (it’s surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico on two sides), Cape Coral is also quite popular with retirees. It’s affordable living coupled with plenty of recreation to keep you busy offers a good prospect for those looking to move to the Sunshine State.

    Cape Coral Affordable Living

    cape coral affordable livingAs mentioned above, Cape Coral is one of the more affordable places to live in the state. The average home price is around $254,000 for a mid-sized home, but lower in many areas that are not directly on the water. This is not too far off the national average of $250,000 and is below the Florida average of $279,000.

    Not only is real estate affordable, but the general cost of living is as well. Groceries and gas prices hover just above the national average, while other amenities like healthcare and utilities are below the national average. Most people get around in Cape Coral via car, since public transportation is scarce and gas is very affordable. Fort Meyers, FL is nearby to the East of the city, which also enjoys a similar scale of cost of living. Many are able to live comfortably on smaller to average sized salaries in the city.

     Cape Coral Florida Retirement Communities

     Cape Coral Florida Retirement CommunitiesCape Coral is home to many retirees who move from the more northern states and wish to enjoy a nicer climate. Some retirees may be ready to move, but not able or willing to maintain a property by themselves. Therefore, there are quite a few 55 and over communities to choose from in the city. These communities are designed to be a place to live but also a social outlet for residents—the needs of older residents are taken into account by staff, and many social and enrichment activities are planned each week.

    New Beginning Assisted Living, Hannah’s Heart ALF, and Cape Coral Shores are just a few of the many senior communities and homes in the city. Many offer close proximity to beaches or other external recreation opportunities. Some also offer transportation to and from grocery stores or to other errands. The 55+ communities of Cape Coral are beautiful and showcase Florida living, many with outdoor patios and gardens.

    Cape Coral Beaches

    cape coral beachesThe city is surrounded on two sides by beaches and is known for its beach lifestyle. The two main beaches are the Yacht Club Community Park and Cape Coral Four Freedoms Park. Both offer beautiful sandy beaches with plenty to do. The Yacht Club beach, to the Southeast of the city, offers many amenities—parking is free, except for boat trailers which need to pay a small fee. Playground equipment that is designed to also accommodate users with disabilities is available, as well as a public boat ramps off the pier that is free to be used recreationally.

    Four Freedoms Park, the newest beach of the city, is on the southern edge. It, as well as the Yacht beach, is open to visitors from dawn to dusk, with the disclaimer that there is no lifeguard on duty and the city is not liable for any accidents that may occur. Both are technically non-swimming beaches.

    In addition to these main beaches, other beaches and boat launch areas can be found along the city’s shores, such as Bernice Braden Park, Horton Park and Boat Ramp, and Saratoga Lake Park.

    Cape Coral Fishing

    Cape Coral FishingFlorida is nicknamed the “Fishing Capital of the World.” Sport fishing is quite popular in Southern Florida, and Cape Coral is no exception. The city is unique due to its canal system, the Caloosahatchee River, and adjacent beaches—it offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Anglerfish are particularly common on these beaches, and Florida claims to have more anglers than any other state. Fishing in any setting requires proper permit and documentation according to Florida law.

    The two main beaches, Yacht Club Community Beach and Four Freedoms Park, offer saltwater fishing. The Yacht Beach offers fishing along the shore as well as along the nearby canal. In the canal system of the city, over 6 variety of both saltwater and freshwater fish are said to be found. The mangrove, sheepshead, and snook are a few that locals and visitors report catching in the canals.

    Cape Coral Golf

    Cape Coral has some beautiful golf courses and attracts both local golfers and tourists. The options range from private to public, from resort style to others to choose from. Coral Oaks Golf Course is a public golf course off of Pine Tree Blvd and is one of the largest golf courses in the area. It offers 18 holes, practice ranges, putting greens, a fully stocked pro shop, and a full restaurant. Another golf course, Palmetto Pines, is a semi-private country club that offers dining and social events in addition to its championship golf course. Both Coral Oaks and Palmetto Pines were designed by famous area architect Arthur Hills.

    Hunters Run, another Cape Coral golf course, is the semi-private executive course. All three courses provide expertly crafted terrain and exquisite scenery. Also, since many are almost as old as the young city itself, they all represent a part of Cape Coral history.

    Cape Coral Real Estate Investment Opportunities

    The cost of living and real estate prices are quite affordable in the city. It is currently a buyer’s market, with many properties selling at near value. If you are looking to invest in rental properties in the area, it is not a bad market to get into. Popular choices for investors include single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, or 4-5-unit small apartment buildings.

    In recent years, a foreclosure crisis had hit the city, and many residents who once owned homes are looking to rent. Therefore, there is a consistent demand for apartments available to rent, and investors should not experience much difficulty procuring tenants. Apart from the past economic problems regarding foreclosures, many baby boomer retirees who move to Cape Coral desire to rent instead of buying. They also are often looking for well kept, affordable apartments to rent. With low crime rates and low taxes, the rental prospect is good for both tenants and landlords in Cape Coral.

    Looking to retire in Cape Coral Florida but do not know where to start?

    Here is your opportunity to put my experience in Cape Coral real estate and over a decade living in Cape Coral to work for you to help you fund you retirement paradise. Fill out the contact form below and I will be sure to get back to you in a timely manner on how to get your very own piece of paradise.

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    The Pros and Cons of Living in Cape Coral, FL

    pros and cons of living in cape coral floridaCape Coral, Florida is a southern Florida city located along the Gulf of Mexico. It is a newer city, founded just within the past 50 years. Cape Coral, Florida has plenty of coastline along the Gulf, making it perfect for a beach lifestyle. There are also many islands within close distance with natural wildlife, and more beaches. The city is known for its over 400 miles of canals, more than anywhere else in the world, and has earned the nickname “Waterfront Wonderland.” The canals are very much a part of the lifestyle there—many residents live along the canals and have boats to move from place to place via the water.

    Cape Coral Lifestyle

    Cape Coral is a city with a relatively low crime rate compared to the rest of the nation, as well as a lower cost of living. Many people choose to retire to Cape Coral, but there is some diversity in terms of age and background. The city is close to shopping and other activities in nearby Fort Meyers. Being in Southern Florida, the climate is desirable—warm winters and hot summers with scattered rain storms on a regular basis. Summers can become a little uncomfortably hot and humid during the warmer months. It is home to the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts, which showcases over 300 nearby artists and attracts many visitors each year.

    Cape Coral Waterfront Living

    cape coral waterfront livingAs mentioned, Cape Coral has more canals than any other city across the globe, as well as plenty of beautiful beaches. Islands such as Pine Island are also beach paradises where many people visit or live. The most popular and largest beach in the area is off of Driftwood Parkway near the Yacht Club Community Park. Another beach can be found at Four Freedoms Park, a newer beach off of the Bimini Basin. Both beaches offer playground equipment for kids, as well as nearby access to local restaurants.

    Because of the abundance of beaches, water recreation activities such as swimming and boating are popular in the area. Boating, in particular, is a big attraction at Cape Coral beaches. There are three boat launching facilities along the city’s coast, and plenty of small islands to explore. Sports fishing is also popular in the area. For bird watchers, the ocean shore provides great views as well.

    Cape Coal School Systems

    The public schools of Cape Coral are part of the Lee County School District. There are four public high schools in the city, as well as several elementary and middle schools. Cape Coral also has a system of charter schools—two elementary, one middle, and one high school—that are still under the public-school system and therefore don’t charge tuition, but which follow different academic curricula and are only available to Cape Coral residents.

    Cape Coral Florida School SystemBoth public and private schools in the city are known for their high performance and rigorous education standards. Based on test scores, the schools rank higher than average compared to other schools in the nation. Enrollment in public Cape Coral schools relies on a choice system—a lottery system is used where students are assigned randomly, and once spots are no longer available, given a second or a third option. This is different from other districts that base enrollment on proximity to the school.

    Cape Coral also houses or is nearby to several colleges and universities. Cape Coral Technical College is a postsecondary vocational school.

    Finding Affordable Real Estate in Cape Coral, FL

    As noted earlier, the cost of living is slightly lower in Cape Coral than in the rest of the state, on average. That being said, real estate is generally more affordable in Cape Coral than in other high demand places with beaches within a short distance. The median house price in the city is $213,500, and the average rent is around $1,500 per month. As expected, the priciest real estate is around the coast, with lower prices further inland. Select neighborhoods in certain inland regions of the city also are above that average. Nearby islands have luxury homes that are well above the average, at over $1 million.

    For affordable homes that are in a safe area, close to amenities, and within the school district, the area between just on the coast and North Fort Meyers has the most affordable homes. Homes that are directly on the popular canals can be a bit pricier and come with extra costs related to living on the water. The real estate prices for the entire Cape Coral area are expected to rise by about 0.9% over the next year, which is a small increase compared to past years and to the average in many other areas. If you are considering purchasing a home in Cape Coral Florida or are looking to sell your current home or just looking to see what your home is worth, please feel free to contact Rebecca Silva for a private consultation.

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    Things To Do In Cape Coral

    Ten years ago, my husband and I decided to move to Cape Coral, Florida to buy our first home and raise our family.  The idea of having a big yard with no fence was a dream for us since we came from a busy metropolitan city, Miami.  Being able to afford a house was not an attainable goal for us if we had not moved!  We most likely would have ended up with a townhome which was not an option for us with our fast growing family. We had researched the area before we moved and Cape Coral met all the needs we were looking for and more!

    • Affordable
    • Fast Growing
    • Safe
    • A+ schools
    • Nearby Beaches
    • Boating & Fishing
    • Extracurricular Activities for the kids (Marching Band, Soccer, baseball, ballet, martial arts, swimming)
    • Centrally located to metropolitan areas with an average of 2-3 hours driving distance. (Miami, Tampa, Orlando)

    Over the years, we have seen Southwest Florida through its challenging downfall of the real estate industry during it hardest hit years and most recent years of recovering, fast growing and developing into the beautiful Salt Life Living that we have all grown to love & call Home!

    There are so many things to do in Cape Coral…

    It has its own water park. Sun Splash Family Water Park

    Things To Do In Cape Coral

    There are 39 parks in Cape Coral alone!  Boat Ramps are also readily available throughout Cape Coral!

                               CAPE CORAL PARKS & RECREATION

    pr ParkMap key


    Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve is the second largest preserved green space in Cape Coral with 365 acres of wetland, wildlife sightings, walking trail & seasonal kayak rentals.  It is with reason that it has become one of our favorite parks to visit!

    Living in Cape Coral has been a dream for us!  We have made close friends whom we share marching band parades & concerts with my daughter, recreational soccer cheers with my son and year-round barbecue, pool & beach parties with our loved ones.

    For more information how you can live the salt life in Southwest Florida contact me Rebecca Silva at 239-464-2528.