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The Right Cape Coral Real Estate Agent Makes a Difference.

The Right Real Estate Agent Makes a Difference

Whether you’ve lived in the same place all your life or moved multiple times, finding the right real estate agent for you can be challenging.

 Aside from the regular duties of selling your home and helping you find another, you need an agent who knows the loops, stands by honesty, and is aware of not only your needs but also your dreams for a property. Your realtor can be the key to a successful property purchase or sale.

Here’s what characterizes an exceptional real estate agent, and why Rebecca Silva is an expert in this field:

Choose Someone Who Subtracts the Science

Because of all the details associated with property buying and selling, you need a representative who knows the loops and takes the confusing science out of the process. If you are not accustomed to real estate, you need a person who already knows the business details of realty and can clearly explain what you need to know.

For example, your agent will probably be able to help direct you based on their knowledge of the first rule of real estate: location, location, location. If basic principles like this are not in their skill set, you may end up transplanting your young family into a beautiful house … that’s 70 miles from your kids’ school or where you work.

When the fog of buying and selling threatens to close in with daunting paperwork, complicated terms, or too many options, just take a breath of fresh air and let your specialist provide ease and clarity.

An expert agent will subtract the science of making buying or selling property seem effortless.

Someone Who has a Short Nose

As a child, you have probably seen the Disney movie Pinocchio. Everytime Pinocchio told a lie, his nose grew longer until it almost crippled his movement. Unlike Pinocchio, you need a realtor who has integrity, honesty, and a reputation for ethical business practices.

As a client, it can sometimes be hard to interpret lengthy paperwork or predict the next processes in a sale, but if you select an agent you can trust, there is no need to fret about whether or not you are taking the best route of action.  

More than worrying about their pocketbook, a realtor should give honest advice, deal fairly with each party involved, and even be transparent with you when they have messed up. If you find a realtor with these characteristics, STOP! You have found an expert agent with a figuratively short nose.

Someone Who Knows You

While qualities of knowledge and ethics are important, a real estate agent that knows you can be very valuable, sometimes meaning the difference between your dream home and one that just provides the basics. Since the process of finding a property involves many diverse desires, your agent should be on the lookout for properties that reflect those dreams. As a good agent gets to know you, he or she will tune in to your dreams and ask questions figure out what specifics you’re looking for in a property.

Realtors should also know what kind of community you need, whether it is a safe place for your family, a peaceful location for retirement, a close distance to entertainment and attractions, or a potentially profitable property to start a business.

In addition to the community, the property itself should be on the forefront of your realtor’s thoughts as they link your desires to the options they have available. Will you need a fence for a pet or the protection of your children? Does the building have enough rooms and bathrooms for what you will use? Or maybe you need a mother-in-law’s quarters? These details should factor in.

Someone Who is Here

Now that you know who the best real estate agent is, let me suggest Rebecca Silva as your go to in the realty world. She meets all of the characteristics of an expert realtor. With a masters in business and almost 10 years of experience living in the community, Rebecca Silva easily navigates the difficult details of buying and selling so that you can be confident in your property decisions. What a relief!

Keep It Together- Contact Rebecca Silva Realtor

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of realty, Rebecca Silva has a reputation of helping people find their dream homes. She not only takes the time to listen to their concerns, but is passionate about serving her clients even if that means more work for her.

“With Becky’s assistance,” one happy couple explained, “we found the home of our dreams and we cannot thank her enough!”

Rebecca Silva is an expert realtor ready to help.

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    Why Southwest Florida Is A Top Choice For Relocation

    When you’re considering relocating for work, Southwest Florida is a great choice! Many people who’ve vacationed, visited family, or otherwise enjoyed Southwest Florida’s culture and climate, find themselves falling in love with the area and wishing they never had to leave. 

    But what makes Southwest Florida so special? In addition to the sun and sand, Southwest Florida cities like Fort Myers and Cape Coral are peaceful places to live. The area boasts a crime rate lower than the national average, and there are plenty of things to do, including outdoor activities and art. Keep reading to learn more.

    Moving to Florida Pros and Cons

    Whether you’re relocating for work (wow, lucky!), the warmer climate, or simply because you LOVE Southwest Florida, there are so many great options of places to live. Here are some deciding factors to consider when choosing where to buy a home.

    I don’t know many people who don’t love the beach! Cape Coral is a beautiful city with under 190,000 residents. With the Gulf of Mexico just a stone’s throw away, many popular beaches are within a short driving distance for a swim on a warm day and listening to the ocean. The following three beaches are some crowd favorites. 


    Lynn Hall Memorial Park is just a 20-minute drive from Cape Coral. The attraction here is Fort Myers Beach Pier. If you get hungry, the Times Square area has many restaurant options and is within walking distance. Times Square is also home to many unique shops that can get that shopping itch taken care of while lunch settles (No swimming on a full stomach!).

    Lovers Key State Park is for you if you love peaceful walks, hunting for seashells, and watching wildlife. It’s less busy than most beaches, and you can rent bicycles as well as canoes and kayaks.

    Captiva Beach is the perfect date night beach! Home to beautiful sunsets, you can walk along the sand for miles while listening to waves rolling in and watching the sun lower.

    Cape Coral also has Sun Splash Family Water Park. Season passes for the park are available for reasonable prices, and the trained staff make the experience fun and safe for kids and a popular hangout for older preteens and teens!

    Even if the beach isn’t your thing, there is something for everyone in Cape Coral:  golf, biking, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, shopping…the list goes on! But don’t take my word for it, here are some reviews from actual residents:

    My wife and I moved here 3 years ago from New York and will never go back. The Cape is booming! It’s quiet, low crime, plenty of parks and if you love the water and beach you will be in heaven. Schools are good and people are generally nice. You do have some shady parts of the city, but most of it is single homes with families or retirees. Downtown is about to get a major facelift which should help the economy. Convenient to Ft. Myers, Tampa, and Naples. Wish we’d moved here years ago!”

    “I love the safety and beauty of this city, and it is the perfect place to raise my family. The schools are excellent and the homes are beautiful. Despite the lack of diversity, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”

    “Cape Coral is a great place to grow up because the city is so safe. If you like outdoor water sports, there is a huge canal and lake system within the city to do things like jet skiing, boating, and fishing. The city hosts a great Parks and Rec program that offers over 500 classes and sports for things to keep you busy.”


    If you’re ready to start your search for a home in Southwest Florida, consider Rebecca Silva, long-time Southwest Florida native. She’s an agent you can trust who cares about your budget and cape coral real estate needs

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    5 Mouthwatering Restaurants to Try in Cape Coral

    Cape Coral with its abundant forests, temperate climate, and access to the Gulf of Mexico is not only an
    ideal destination for fishing, boating, hiking and other outdoor activities, it is also home to some of the most amazing mouthwatering restaurants in Florida.

    Next time you’re in the area, consider trying one of these restaurants:

    1. Daddy Dee’s Ice Parlor

    Something unique for anyone! This is a nostalgic old-thyme cream ice cream restaurant. Here you get some of the finest desserts in this part of the world. Several generations have taken delight in the unforgettable ice creams served in this restaurant. What is even more amazing is the fact that the outlet offers a wide variety of ice creams and an enticing pie a la mode. You will be happy to finally find a unique ice cream venue that offers a wide range of fresh and tasty treats topped with friendly service.

    Yes, the shop boasts of well over 50 tastes of ice creams, frozen yogurts sherbets, milkshakes, banana splits, cones, cups, black raspberry and many more. This restaurant has something to please everyone.

    2. Marker 92 Waterfront Bar and Bistro

    This is one of the waterfront restaurants in this area. It’s outstanding for a number of compelling reasons. For authentic Cuisine, finer dining and intimate ambiance this is the to-go restaurant in Cape Coral, FL! Guests here are treated to signature wood-fired dishes such as flatbreads, steaks and fresh seafood and a large selection of wines. Dining is not restricted to indoors, you can still enjoy your meals on the patio and savor your favorite meal al fresco.

    The restaurant’s superfoods breakfast features revitalizing dishes made with excellent ingredients rich in antioxidants and nutrients and tastes delicious helping guests start their day feeling recharged. Some of these breakfast delicacies include Parfait, Market-fresh fruits and berries, Green veggies and fruit juice and more. For lunch, you have quite a list to pick from.

    Smoked Jalapeno and Salmon Tacos, Hot Caprese Dip, Chicken wings, and Marker 92 salad are just a few highlights of what you can choose to have on your lunch plate. Dinner is yet another mouthwatering list including Pasta Primavera, Chicken Alfredo or herb marinated chicken breast, roasted tomato, pappardelle pasta with parmesan cream. Guests are treated to a selection of three special desserts in this restaurant.

    The high-quality service blends well with the sumptuous dishes served in this restaurant.

    Studio closeup of seared scallops, garnished with pea shoots and served on a bed of asparagus, presented on a scallop shell.

    3. Redhouse Café

    This restaurant is the perfect blend of fun and style. The food gives other restaurants around a run for their money. In fact, over time this restaurant has matured into a class well above most of its competitors around. At Redhouse café be sure to get amazing dishes, drinks, and deserts. Their Chicken Homrad, which is chicken breast stuffed with chunks of lobster and served with Jasmine rice and green beans is a favorite meal here. The Seafood Risotto served at the Redhouse is an unforgettable serving; very delicious and very filling.

    Just in case you want to get some wonderful wine, the restaurant has a good selection of wines and their bar has almost any type of Martini you would think of. The desserts are equally mesmerizing. Try out the carrot cake and most likely you will agree it is just one of the delicacies that make it amazing; it’s most likely the best you’ll ever have tasted. Plus the service and entertainment, including live jazz, simply outstanding.

    4. The Standard

    For an excellent buffet experience, this is one restaurant visitors and locals alike should not miss. Located partially in the very same building as the Indigo Hotel, The Standard is in a superb location downtown. The Cuisine here is vegetarian-friendly with Vegan options and gluten-free options.

    Focusing deeper into the menu expect lunch to range from Gazpacho, Homemade potato chips, Cajun Tossed Fried Pickies, Blues, and BBQ to Margarita and the Veggies among other dishes to placate you taste buds. Dinner offers you the chance to pick your choice from a wide selection of mouth-watering dishes such as Mussels, Classic Wings, Tuna Tar, Oysters Rockefeller and Entre salads just to mention a few.

    Brunch gives guests a rare opportunity to build their own omelets by choosing their preferred ingredients. Guests can thus take their creativity to the next level by trying out a mixture of ingredients to come up with the omelet of their choice. Brunch here boasts of a wide spectrum of yummy dishes including the bottomless mimosas, sandwiches, house smoked salmon, standard BLT and the like.

    The owner is such a down-to-earth person. He takes his time to interact informally with his clients. The employees are very friendly and responsive to the needs of the customers.

    It’s evident that Cape Coral has amazing restaurants that cut across the appetites, fun and leisure needs
    of almost all types of customers. Whatever your craving is be assured you will have it well-taken care of in the amazing restaurants… no wonder the real estate market in Cape Coral is booming. Feel free to contact Rebecca’s Realtor today for any questions.

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    Want To Earn Income Investing In Real Estate? 5 Things You Need To Know

    Real estate income investing has been around for ages. Why? Because having a piece of land has been one of the most steadfast ways to increase your cash flow.  From ancient history (when it was profitable to have a place to grow crops and raise livestock for income) to present day rentals, leases, and even modern farming, real estate has remained constant for income investing.


    Are your wheels turning yet? Good. You should work smarter, not harder. Let’s continue with a quick guide to how to start investing.

    1. What Is Real Estate Income Investing?

    There are numerous ways to increase your cash flow when delving into income investing.  Knowing what options are available to you as well as having a good working definition of how to start investing will be your first key to success. Consider the three main ways to make money in real estate:


    1. Real Estate Appreciation:  This means that the property you purchase increases in value. It can be a bit tricky, though, and you will have to do your research. Is there a high demand for property in the chosen area? Will the property be attractive to potential buyers or renters? How much will it cost you to upgrade the property, if needed?
    2. Real Estate Related Income:  This is a method of investing by making commissions from buying, selling, or managing properties. Brokers, agents, and rental management companies utilize this form of income investing.
    3. Rental Properties:  Rental properties will generate a monthly income for you. Whether houses, apartments, condominiums, office buildings or retail properties, if you can keep them occupied, you can collect monthly income. Rental properties are the easiest way to get steady cash flow.

    2. Investing In Rental Property

    When it comes to owning passive income property, there are a few different options to choose from:

    • Residential:  People need homes.If you’re considering investing, this is a good place to start. First, buy a property in a desirable location, then rent the house at a rate which will bring in more than your monthly payment for the property. As long as you have tenants, you have a monthly passive income flow. Houses, apartments, and condominiums are great properties to start with when considering income investing.  
    • Commercial Real Estate:  This method relates mostly to office buildings.  You should consider the pros and cons. The good: You get long-term renters and steady cash flow, especially if you are collecting rents that are greater than the market value of the property.  The bad: You are locked into the lease as well, and may miss the return that would come if the market value of your property went up.
    • Retail Real Estate:  These are your standard shopping areas, strip malls, shopping centers, and malls. With this type of income investing, you can charge not only monthly rent, but a percentage of the store sales, which would be a great incentive for the lessor to make the property attractive to buyers.
    • Multi-use Real Estate:  This is for the income investor who wants to do it all with one property.  A multi-use property could have retail spaces, office space, and residential spaces. The beauty of such a location is that you have the potential for built-in customers on all levels.  


    You may not be interested in just straight passive income. You may think of income investing as investing and buying trusts in properties. Well, guess what? There is something for you too.


    3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (aka REIT’s)

    For the business and tax structure minded investor, REIT’s are a good option. You can buy these trusts through custody accounts, brokerage accounts, and Roth IRAsMany people choose this manner of investing because of the potential tax incentives and the ability to invest in larger projects. REIT’s also help corporations get the funding needed, via investors, to afford sizeable real estate projects, such as luxury hotels and shopping centers.


    For more information about REIT’s, visit Investopedia.  

    4. Investing Through Home Ownership

    Homeownership is the first way that most people start their income investing journey. It’s one property, easy to manage, provides a home for your family, and has good income earning potential. A home is not the same kind of real estate investment as a commercial property or apartment building.  You live in it, enjoy it, and use it for your personal life. You put money into it and at its best, it increases in equity.


    There are many practical and money-saving reasons for owning a home. When you own your own home, you are not putting rent in someone else’s pocket. A home mortgage is often lower than rent because the owner will price the rental to make a profit. If you have a mortgage, you are saving the extra income that you would have been paying in rent.


    Pay off your home before retirement, and you have options to get equity loans against your home for other things you want to do. Home ownership is a viable income investing opportunity, as it is a gift that keeps on giving.


    I’m sure you are just about ready to make the call. Let’s look at one more very popular way to get into income investing.


    5. Investing In Real Estate By “Flipping”


    Flipping properties (or real estate trading) seems to be the rage right now. The property trader does the exact opposite of buy-and-hold investors. They look for undervalued properties that can be fixed up and sold in a few months for a profit.


    The problem with using real estate trading as an income investment option comes when the property doesn’t sell quickly, and the investor doesn’t have the money set aside to continue to pay the mortgage on the property. So be smart if you choose to invest by flipping.


    The information above is just a small bit of what the starting income investor needs to now to be successful. It’s easy to get started. If you would like more information on how to start investing, contact us.



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    Buyer’s vs Seller’s Market: 5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Sell

    Are you contemplating selling your home in 2018?  If so, you’re probably going through a laundry list of things to do: should you paint the entire house or just the front door? Should you landscape the yard or let the buyer make it their own when they move into the house?

    A Realtor can help you decide which of these things matter most. But first, one of the most important factors to consider when selling a home is what kind of housing market you are experiencing. What exactly does it mean to be in a buyer’s or a seller’s market, and more importantly, which are we in right now? Never fear; we’ve got you covered.

    A buyer’s market is aptly named, as it’s the deal time to buy a home. Typically, there is an excess of homes on the market and not enough buyers to go around. This trend tips the negotiation factor scale to the one in the market to purchase–the buyer holds all the leverage because they have plenty of other options.

    On the flip side, a seller’s market is one where the seller holds the cards. Favorable conditions for a market in the seller’s corner include low-interest rates, a strong economy or at least one on the upswing, and a shortage of homes for sale. At this point in 2018, we can put a checkmark next to each of these three factors. Add a couple more current trends to our list, and now is an excellent time to sell.

    1. Interest Rates Have Dipped–For the Moment

    Home sellers across the U.S. have enjoyed historically low-interest rates since 2011, but this won’t last forever. While rates are straddling the low to mid 4% range, for the time being, big name housing authorities such as Freddie Mac, National Association of Realtors, National Association for Homebuyers, and Mortgage Bank Association are predicting across the board that our luck may be running out. Rates are predicted to rise next year from a half to a whole percent. In fact, some of the least optimistic forecasts say rates will increase by the end of 2018.

    Sellers and buyers are at an equal disadvantage when interest rates go up: buyers will back off at the higher interest rates, dropping sellers’ prospects of making a deal at the price they want to list. Savvy buyers will be looking to snap up their piece of the American Dream before the interest rate increases, so it is wise to act fast and get your home on the market now, preferably well before the end of the year.

    2. The Economy Is Growing

    Across the nation, we have rising wages, stock market jumps, and lower unemployment rates. 2018 is gearing up to be a healthy year for our American economy. Consumers, by and large, understand that economic health leads to more positive feelings, which leads to more spending, which leads to more Americans pouring back into our economy and housing market. With recent tax cuts leading to even more money in the pockets of American home buyers, this is the time to sell.

    3. And So Is the Homeownership Rate

    The homeownership rate saw a steady decrease across 2005 to late 2017, but by late 2017 it had finally begun to creep back up for the first time in over ten years. At this time in 2018, it’s still climbing. While we’re not at the rate we were over a decade ago, any amount of growth is good news.

    And there’s even more good news: experts at predict that an influx of millennial first-time homebuyers will be ready to get in the game in 2018, potentially making up almost 50% of the home-buyers market. With optimistic home buyers flooding the markets, now is a great time to sell.

    4. Inventory Is Low

    The number of houses on the market is low, sending buyers scrambling to sign papers and accept terms on their dream home. While about 1 out of 3 optimistic Americans believe that the housing market 2018 will be better than it was 2017, the experts unfortunately disagree. Forbes predicts this low housing inventory crisis might actually get worse before it gets better.

    A low inventory market drives house prices up and can make it a challenge for buyers to wheel and deal. Instead, buyers understand that agreeing to the listing price or even going higher, might be the only way to secure the deal on grabbing that dream home off the market. Sellers clearly have the advantage in this scenario.

    5. The Timing Is Right

    2018 is just starting to stretch its arms and get its kinks out, making this the prime time to sell, and real estate trends dictate that spring is considered the ultimate time of year to list your home. And it makes sense–we’re just past tax season, and people are still in the throes of New Year’s optimism with some extra cash to boot. Allergy season has its advantages: your blooming grass, trees, and flowers work to enhance your home’s curb appeal, making your house more likely to attract potential buyers. The housing market is partially driven by weather, after all, and it’s looking like sunny skies across the U.S. for the next few months. Seller, take heed.

    Can’t sell in April or May? Don’t give up hope if you can’t get that “For Sale” sign out front just yet. The upswing for home buying generally stays strong through early to mid-summer, and in sunny climates like Florida’s, home buyers often keep on the lookout for a new home through fall.

    Are you looking to sell in the Fort Myers or Cape Coral, FL area? You are doing so at the perfect time, with growth on the rise and our seller’s market in full swing. The hardworking team at Rebecca’s Realtor will expertly guide you every step of the way, ensuring your home selling experience is a breeze.

    Call today to get in touch with Rebecca!

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    Sell Your House Faster With These 7 Curb Appeal Tips

    Fort Myers Real Estate


    Do you have your house on the market but are struggling to get potential buyers even to enter your home?


    Although you may have done all that you can to make your house enticing and welcoming on the inside, buyers look at more than just the interior of a home. Many sellers are unaware that one of the most important things you can do to draw potential home buyers in to view your house is to make sure that the outside of your home looks fantastic. If you’d like to attract a larger pool of potential buyers, maybe it’s time to spruce up the outside of your home so that more people want to tour the inside of it.


    While improving the exterior of your property may seem like an expensive project, especially considering all the interior improvements you have undertaken, don’t despair. It doesn’t have to be pricey.  Keep reading to discover seven ways you can improve your home’s curb appeal on a budget.

    1. Paint your doors

    The entrance to your home is the prime focus of your entire house. By creating an inviting front exterior, your home will instantly draw in the buyers. Paint only costs about $25 a gallon, so you can frugally create a bright change to your front door on a budget without hiring outside help. You could even apply an identical fresh coat to your garage door so that there is unity between the two. If you’d rather have a natural, rustic look, consider installing a natural wood door in the entryway. Add a matching welcome rug and gorgeous wreath, and even your neighbors will want to trade homes.

    2. Add new hardware and numbers



    Once you refinish your door, or if your door looks great as is, some new door hardware could really add curb appeal to your home. First impressions are crucial, so if you have an assortment of mismatched hardware rather than matching hardware, it could be keeping potential buyers from checking out your beautiful home.

    Some good options for new hardware are a doorknob or a knocker, an exterior light, a wall mounted mailbox, and new house numbers. When visitors see the unison and beauty of the hardware in your entryway, they’ll be curious to see if the inside of your home will look as just grand as the doorway.

    3. Install lighting

    Have you ever driven past a house at night, saw bright lights lining the edge of the walkway, and thought, “Boy, that looks horrid”? Never, right? Those kinds of homes look fantastic and enticing. Many house showings happen at twilight once people are off work, so potential buyers will be impressed by those lights as they walk up the sidewalk.

    4. Flower Power

    Flowers are a super easy and budget-friendly way to add curb appeal to your home. Adding flowers can be done in a variety of creative ways. You can either create window boxes and install them beneath your windows (Check out this link for a DIY), or just buy a few potted plants or flowers and set them decoratively around your entryway.  Line your flower beds with a fun border to give it a clean and well-kept look.


    If you don’t have much room for a flower bed border, you can purchase pots or even create them on your own to make it affordable. Get creative with the colors, but make sure they fit with the rest of the colors in your entryway.

    5. Update Your Landscaping

    Did you know that just a thick layer of dark mulch around your current landscaping will make your home look lovely? In addition to adding mulch, make sure to trim your hedges and rose bushes and weed your flower beds. Add a faux (or real) stone border for a nice touch.


    You could even plant a new tree (with mulch around it) or a few flowers in a flower bed or along your walkway. Create an immaculate exterior atmosphere with these cheap and easy tricks.

    6. Driveway

    A driveway full of cracks and weeds will definitely detract buyers. An easy remedy for an ugly driveway is to pull out the weeds and fill in any cracks with new cement.If you have oil or gas stains from old cars, use a pressure washer and spray them down. If you don’t own a pressure washer, most home improvement stores rent them out for a small feeAnother great idea, if you have extra space next to your driveway, is to widen the driveway by either laying down concrete pavers or new gravel. Homebuyers are always looking for more space to park cars or RVs.

    7. Outer Walls

    Update the outer walls of your house by repainting, changing the siding or stucco, and updating the trim to match. Make sure the outside of your home is identical in style to the inside of your home. You don’t want the exterior of your home to have a western look, while the interior looks like the beach.


    This improvement will give you the opportunity to patch any holes or cracks in the walls of your house that would send potential homebuyers scurrying away. A home with a fresh coat of paint will be sure to catch anyone’s eye, whether it’s someone walking by or a buyer looking at pictures online.


    With these curb appeal tips, you’ll be on your way to attracting buyers to your home like butterflies to a daisy plant in no time. Pick a project, whatever you think would make your home the most appealing and have fun with it. Use our curb appeal tips, and you will be able to sell your house quite readily after a few updates. And you’ll be leaving your home, proud of the wonderful things you did to improve it.


    The team at Rebecca’s Realtor knows the curb appeal changes that will get your home sold fast. Click here to get in touch with a helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable Rebecca’s Realtor agent.


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    Are You Moving to the City of Fort Myers? Discover 10 Parks and Activities That Make Your Move Worth It

    Fort Myers residents are natural outdoor lovers. We have captured ten of the most amazing parks here in the city of Fort Myers, as well as surrounding areas. Not every park is for relaxing. In fact, there are so many things you can venture out to do with friends and family that, between spending the day in the sun just playing basketball or hiking down the nature trails, you will never find a day where you can’t find some outdoor fun.

    Many of the most well-known and beloved parks are along our waterways, and we want to share them with you.

    Matanzas Pass Preserve

    Matanzas Pass Preserve is a natural habitat preserve located on Estero Island, where you will also find Fort Myers Beach. This beautiful habitat boasts 1.25 miles of hiking trails winding through the mangroves and oaks along the bay of Estero Island. You can hike and enjoy the scenery for free. Matanzas is a must-see getaway, away from the high-paced and well-populated tourist scene of Fort Myers. The best aspect of this secluded area is the ability to see a variety of wildlife. You will be able to see raccoons, rabbits, hawks, birds of other types, including owls, and you even may spot a turtle. The sanctuary is a Great Florida Birding Trail designated site, and you can enjoy free limited parking while visiting.


    Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

    The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is an astounding 3500-acre park that offers a wide variety of wildlife, a butterfly garden that will take your breath away, and boardwalk trails that wander through the wetlands. One of the highlights of this place is how wheelchair-friendly it is.  While there is no free parking, the fees are low, and your family, both young and old, is sure to enjoy the scenic, winding pathways throughout the park.

    Lee County Manatee Park

    This fantastic spot gives you an opportunity to see manatees up close, without having to drag everyone to an aquarium or a zoo. The Lee County Manatee Park gives your family the chance to view the manatees for free. When things cool down from the late fall to early spring, the manatees look to get away from the chilly temps of the gulf waters and find a little bit of warmth right in this park. A nearby power plant makes the water a more comfortable temperature for the manatees, and as a result, you get to have a great time checking them out.

    Three Oaks Community Park

    Parents of young kids and people that like to have fun all enjoy Three Oaks Community Park. From the opportunity to get in a great game of racquetball to merely having a place for small children to run around, this park is pure family fun. Don’t be surprised if you end up in a thrilling game of volleyball on the sand with some brand new friends.


    Lakes Regional Park

    When you are looking for things to do in fort myers, then you can’t miss the beautiful sight of Lakes Regional Park. With beautiful paths to walk, and boat rentals available to enjoy the lake, this relaxing spot will help you remember all the most beautiful parts of being alive. This park is a magnificent spot for your family to enjoy togetherness in the great outdoors.


    Centennial Park

    You can hit up anything from a long riverwalk stroll to enjoying a music festival at Centennial Park. It is a gorgeous stretch alongside the Caloosahatchee River, and it makes for a great place to relax, or get in some exercise. If there is a show you want to see at the pavilion, then you can make a whole day out of it, perhaps with a picnic and game of tag on the lawn.


    Estero Community Park

    Are you looking for a sweet location for that pick-up ultimate frisbee game? Or maybe you want a beautiful place to sit, while your kids enjoy the swings and the playground. Whatever style of relaxation at the park you are looking for, Estero Community Park will fit the bill.


    Lovers Key State Park

    The Lovers Key name comes from the time when this group of islands was only accessible by boat. So, couples would sneak away for a little time alone. Now the area is easily reached with boardwalks, but that doesn’t make it any less a slice of heavenly beauty. lovers key state park is a perfect location for every pastime – from pure beach fun to hiking – and it truly is a can’t-miss Fort Myers park.


    Bowditch Point Park

    Up in the northern Fort Myers Beach area, the last stretch is where you find Bowditch Point Park. Great guided hiking trails provide you with a beautiful view and a chance to have an amazing time. Kayaking and paddle boarding are available as superb options for checking out the view from the water, giving you the opportunity for a new perspective and appreciation of its natural beauty.


    Yacht Club Community Park

    It’s hard to imagine having anything less than a wonderful time at this comfy spot, where the pool provides a perfect view of the sunset. What a great way to end a day at Fort Myers, just sipping on cocktails and watching the sun go down at the Yacht Club Community Park. It is the perfect spot to do a cookout and unwind.

    Regardless of where you spend your weekends and evenings, the city of Fort Myers is set to show you a good time. All of these beautiful parks provide different flavors of the gorgeous beaches, and with plenty of space, you can be active or relax as you please. Whether your idea of a good time is getting out on a boat and enjoying the ocean breeze or relaxing on the beach, then you have found the perfect place.

    The team at Rebecca’s Realtor knows where to find the best real estate near the outdoor parks you love. Call them today, and they will help you find the home of your dreams.


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    Fort Myers Makes the Grade With 10 of the Best Schools in Florida

    While moving to a new place may sometimes seem hard, it’s such a relief to find a little snippet of something that can make a move easier. Fort Myers is home to some of the best beaches, restaurants, eateries, and neighborhoods the state has to offer. But did you know it is also the home of some of the best schools in Florida?


    From the best elementary schools in Florida to the best high schools in Florida, Fort Myers boasts the full spectrum of the finest education systems in the state. Families of school-age children jump for joy to discover the quality public and private education systems moving to Fort Myers will afford their kids.


    1. Canterbury School

    Canterbury School is a private, PK-12 school that boasts elite education and a small student to teacher ratio of 8:1. Your kids will experience quality one-on-one time with their teachers, allowing for fantastic results and a 100% collegiate advancement rate among the student body. According to, Canterbury School makes the grade with an A+.


    2. Fort Myers High School

    If you are looking for a high school where students test at a 28% higher rate in collegiate readiness than the rest of the state in English and a 15% higher rate in mathematics, then Fort Myers High School is the place for your students. You’ll find a diverse student population, a teacher/student ratio of 22:1, and government programs to assist students who are at economic disadvantages. Your students won’t lack for opportunities to advance in their education with the availability of Advanced Placement coursework and exams. Take advantage of this fantastic, grade A-worthy school.

    3. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School

    Do you love charter schools? Christa McAuliffe Elementary School is located in the Cape Coral community and has a student population of about 760 in grades PK-5. With an emphasis on success built on partnerships between parents, students, teachers, and the community, this school strives to empower its students with educational advantages such as small class sizes, accelerated classes tailored for gifted and high-performing students, and challenging curricula. According to, CME earns the grade of A- for diversity, teachers, and academics.


    4. Pine Island Elementary School

    Located directly west of the Cape Coral shores, the Pine Island Elementary School PK-5 grade institution gives Bokeelia, FL a great name. With 11 students to one teacher, your kids will benefit from awesome one-on-one time, giving them an academic advantage. With a vision to develop well-rounded, creative thinkers and inspire a love of learning, the educators at Pine Island propel their students ever-forward toward reaching their full potential. This school earns an overall A-.


    5. North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts

    Is your child artistically gifted? North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts specializes in the fine arts. From drama to music, dance to digital design and visual arts, the educators here seek to stimulate young students beyond academic excellence to pursue their artistic passions. This PK-8 magnet school gets fantastic reviews from parents and boasts a 15:1 student/teacher ratio, which allows students the edge to pursue excellence in both the classroom and their artistic goals. Let’s applaud their B+ rating.


    6. Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School

    Would you love your high schooler to have a public charter school education? Enroll them at Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School – Lee Campus. Despite larger class sizes of about 33:1, you’ll be delighted to discover an excellently high average in student proficiency for both English and reading. In a partnership with Florida Southwestern state college, students have the unique opportunity to dually enroll and earn their high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree simultaneously. The 95% graduation rate sheds light on how Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School receives an A.


    7. Bishop Verot Catholic High School

    Need a private, elite school that receives rave reviews from students and parents alike? Discover Bishop Verot Catholic High School. A school where academic excellence and extracurricular fun abound, BVCHS is proud of its small classroom sizes, averaging 10:1, and 96% advancement rate to 4-year colleges. gives this school an A.


    8. The Sanibel School

    Sandwiched between the sparkling shores of Sanibel, The Sanibel School makes quite an impression. Academic excellence and progress toward closing achievement gaps in student subgroups have earned this school the title of National Blue Ribbon School. The small student population of 325 in this wonderful K-8 school allows teachers to spend extra time with the students in their classrooms. Challenging curriculum and an emphasis on environmental education and connection to the community earn this school an A-.


    9. Cypress Lake Middle School

    Located on the southwest side of Fort Myers, Cypress Lake Middle School offers students the opportunity to grow and lead academically. Before and after school clubs help the learning atmosphere extend beyond the typical school day. Students can enjoy extracurricular clubs such as robotics, FCA, Zumba, student government, and math teams. There’s no end to the learning possibilities at Cypress Lake, and for their merits in academics, teacher quality, and diversity, they earn a B+.


    10. Allen Park Elementary School

    Are you looking for an elementary school with small class sizes and excellent teachers? Allen Park Elementary School is the place for you. With an emphasis on illuminating student minds in a safe and well-managed environment, the Allen Park staff and educators earn high marks from parents and students. They realize that not every student learns alike, and they tailor the structure of the educational environment to meet the students’ needs. For their quality of education and standards, Allen Park Elementary earns an A-, according to


    There’s nothing more encouraging to a parent than to know their children go to school in an environment where the academics are challenging and engaging and is a safe, stimulating space for students to learn. To locate and purchase a home in the Fort Myers area where students succeed, contact Rebecca Realtor today.

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    4 Events That Will Want to Make You Move to Cape Coral, Florida

    Most can agree that Cape Coral, Florida is a beautiful place to live, even if only seasonally.

    Yes, I’m looking at you, snowbirds.

    There are many reasons one would choose to live in this beautiful section of the sunshine state. However, Cape Coral is so much more than the 400 miles of canals- more than pristine sunny beaches or the Caloosahatchee River, which is fun to say five times fast.

    No, Cape Coral is so much more than all of those things. In its young existence, roughly 44 years, it has well established itself as a top city in which to retire. In 2012, Cape Coral even landed on the Forbes Magazine list of the Top 25 places to retire. But don’t worry, there is plenty of space for everyone. Cape Coral is the third largest landmass city in all of Florida.

    If that isn’t enough, here are some activities and yearly events that may seal the deal on making Cape Coral your home.

    Cape Coral Oktoberfest

    cape coral oktoberfest

    Presented by the German American Social Club

    October 19-21 and 26-28

    This annual two-weekend event will give you a whole lot of Munich in the sunshine state. As far as entertainment is concerned, Cape Coral Oktoberfest has non-stop music playing during all hours of the event. Should you feel the desire to break into your lederhosen and dance the  Schuhplattler, the festival has two large dance floors to wow other Oktoberfest cape coral revelers with your fancy footwork. After all that dancing, you can shuffle on over to von Steuben Hall for Schnitzel and potato pancakes. It goes without saying, but of course, there will be more than enough Kolsch to wash down your fine German cuisine.

    Cape Bike Night

    By Cape Coral Parks and Rec

    Held in February, April, October, and December

    This event will speak to more than just motorcycle enthusiasts. For the bike lovers, this is a great opportunity to check out the latest and greatest in motorcycle accouterments. There are plenty of vendors along SE 47th Terrace to please all your eating and drinking desires. And then there is the entertainment aspect of the event. While the future music acts have not yet been announced, the history of headliners will no doubt impress you. With names like Skid Row, Lita Ford, and Firehouse, rest reassured that you will not be bored by any means. This nearly quarterly event is on the second Saturday of February, April, October, and December. The cape coral bike night is an enjoyable event, and thousands of motorcycle riders agree.

    Cape Coral Cardboard Boat Regatta

    By The Rotary Club of Cape Coral

    After its inaugural event in 1994, the Cape Coral Cardboard Boat Regatta struggled to gain popularity. In 2002, the cape coral boat parade almost ceased to exist, but when a new committee oversaw the organizing, they opened up the event to other boating clubs – thus allowing the renewed interest to flourish to the popularity it has today. The regatta allows for several aquatic events – from juniors single and double paddles to parent/child teams and adult singles and doubles. There is even a “Paddle with Your Pet” category. There are very strict rules to making the watercraft. For example, the watercraft must be constructed with corrugated cardboard – any other materials to assist balance is prohibited. Seams must be glued, not duct taped together.

    While the event is free to attend, proceeds from t-shirt and vendor sales go to charities that The Rotary Club supports. The regatta draws a large crowd every year, and it never fails to disappoint.


    Cape Coral Arts and Music Festival

    By Rotary Club of Cape Coral


    This 33-year-old, two-day event is packed with a bounty of visual and auditory entertainment, attracting thousands upon thousands of art enthusiasts yearly. Festival-goers can view over 300 artists’ work in a variety of mediums such as metal, pottery, jewelry, photos, and canvas.

    Enjoy the talents of the myriad of musicians spanning a wide variety of genres, sure to please even the most discriminating music lover. The event and event parking are both free. A diverse array of food and beverage vendors are on hand to satisfy any appetite or thirst you conjure up while cruising through the festival. If you are in the market for the perfect piece to hang over the mantle or place on the entryway table, the Cape Coral Art and Music Festival is the place to find what you’re looking for.

    Again, there is so much more to Cape Coral than sandy beaches and sunshine. There is bountiful, fantastic seafood to be enjoyed. There are marshes the explore. The Historical Museum and Rose Garden is a great place the learn about the history if the area. There are year-round farmers markets to satisfy all your fresh food needs. For those who are on the quest for the perfect Caribbean rum, make a reservation for a tour of Wicked Dolphin distillery and sample their wide assortment of award-winning rums and “rumshine.”

    Grab some R&R by cruising the canals and boating on the Caloosahatchee River. If you want to stay on dry land, you can bike the extensive bike paths throughout the city. Don’t have a bike? That’s fine – stop by Hollywood Bicycle Center and rent a bike for the day. Hop on over to Sanibel Island to do some shopping and check out one of the cozy restaurants. Take the kids out to dig for fossils. Who knows, you just might discover a new prehistoric creature. But at the very least, you might find teeth from a not so prehistoric alligator. Take a boat ride along the canals and look for one of the 3,000+ Burrowing Owls that call the banks their home.

    There is so much more to Cape Coral than the fine events and festivals mentioned here. Eat good food, have fun shopping, or just enjoy what Cape Coral has to offer. Get out there and explore this fine city and, most of all, HAVE FUN!