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Selling a House In South West Florida: Obstacles or Opportunity?

Repairs needed, buyer’s market, minimal sales knowledge, very few amenities–these are just a few of the challenges sellers may face as they work through the ins and outs of selling a house.

But what if I told you that sales obstacles could be transformed into an opportunity? Finding an opportunity is more natural than washing the dishes or changing a light bulb. The key is simple: look at obstacles as opportunities.

In general, there are three major types of opportunities that factor in selling a home.

  1. The first has to do with location dynamics.

  2. The second opportunity is about your home itself,.

  3. The third concerns you.


By viewing obstacles as opportunities, you will find new success in all three of these areas and solve the mystery of how to sell a home amongst a sea of difficulties.

The Location of Your Property

While individuals new in the world of home sales might be inclined to focus selling points on the physical features of a house like a granite countertop or a new roof, the first law of real estate points them instead in a different direction: location. Location plays a significant role in real estate sales.

The location of your property will determine what type of economic market your house is in and what kind of obstacles you may face. While there usually are very few obstacles in a seller’s market, for example, there are many in a buyer’s. If your property is in this type of market – one, where there is a surplus in property listings. You may not be able to sell quite as easily as you would have in the seller’s market.

But don’t get discouraged. This is a prime chance to transform your roadblock of marketing location into a confident sale. Target a specific niche. Because buyers come in all walks of life, they will be looking for a particular home to meet their needs. First, figure out what type of person would be looking for your unique home, then market it to them specifically. You have just turned an obstacle into an opportunity! Good work home seller!

Another type of location obstacle can be the area around your home and what it has to offer. Is your listing a short distance to the grocery store? Does it present the purchaser with a short drive to work or school? How far is it from loved ones? These all factor into the location of your house for sale.

While you are unable to control some of the details a buyer may desire, you are able to reveal location opportunities that your property region offers. Maybe your property is across the street from a park. Maybe it is in the quiet, retirement community your buyer was looking for. Or maybe it is close to a major highway on which an owner could quickly access work, school, or shopping. Simply identify and accentuate current opportunities and alternatives to obstacles.

Now that you know the first rule of realty–location, location, location–you can become aware of your market type and the advantages your property’s location has to offer buyers. With a keen understanding, you will be able to catch an individual’s eye by presenting them with opportunities instead of obstacles.

The House- Is it Really Ready To List for Sale?

But what about the house itself? Granted, it may seem basic; many sellers misunderstand their property’s potential by worrying about physical property obstacles.

One obstacle that homes almost always have needs for repair. Whether it’s filling in a single nail hole or replacing a foundation, properties are in continual disrepair, and buyers will be conscious of these conditions as they decide yea or nay to your listing.

Here again, the idea is to change that obstacle into an opportunity. To do this, first do a cost-effect analysis. Will your property bring a better sale if you fix its broken parts, or would it end up adding more to the property cost than a buyer would be willing to pay?

A good rule of thumb is to have your house inspected before deciding how much time and money to invest in it. Your inspector should let you know what repairs are required by law and which are advised, as well as provide you with a compiled list of repairs needed. From there, you will be able to determine which repairs are necessary and which are less cost effective.

Other characteristics like home or property size, functionality, and amenities are also important to most home buyers. Simply focus on what your house has to offer while also accentuating alternatives for what it does not have. Remember, transform obstacles into opportunities to sell a home.

The Buyer- How To Attract The Ideal South West Florida Home Buyer.

It might be surprising to find out that you, yes you, are a critical part of a successful real estate sale. Your ability to catch a purchaser’s eye through house staging, your appropriate pricing of the property, and your flexibility to allow for frequent showings are essential aspects of a successful sale.

It is your job to tear down the walls of obstacles for home buyers, so that they too can begin to see the opportunities. Avoid being an obstacle yourself while at the same time help others see the potential.

staging a home for sale in sw florida

Home Selling Process

Selling a House In South West Florida: Obstacles or Opportunity?

Keep It Together- Contact Rebecca Silva Realtor

You got this! Yes, selling a home can be challenging, but by transforming obstacles into opportunities, you will present a real estate offer full of opportunities. Remember to ask your realtor for help in this process, and just enjoy the ride. When you think positive you will be off to the races in this competitive world called real estate. Do you need help creating a solid plan for  selling your South West Florida Home? Contact Rebecca Silva using the contatc form below, for a no cost real estate assemnet of your selling and buying needs.

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    Investing in Property Management in Southwest Florida

    Thinking of real estate investment or adding some more to your portfolio? Southwest Florida is a growing market for real estate investments. The Fort Myers and Cape Coral area are among the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation. Just check out these stats!

    1. The population has grown 22% from 2010-2018.
    2. The area has a lower unemployment rate than the national average.
    3. The area’s job market is projected to increase by 44.0% over the next ten years – that’s 6.5% higher than the national average!
    4. The sales tax rate for Fort Myers is 6.0%, or 1.3% less than the national average.
    5. The income tax rate is 0.0% compared to a national average of 4.6%.

    You can see why people are moving to this area, and we haven’t even covered things to do or the beauty of Southwest Florida.


    real estate investment sw fl

    Benefits of Investing in Southwest Florida Property?

    Real estate investment has a more favorable risk vs. reward compared to other types of investments, and renting isn’t the only option when you’re talking real estate investment. We’ve all seen the few popular TV shows like Flip or Flop and Property Brothers all about people’s journeys flipping houses. There is a real market for flipping homes in Southwest Florida. But it’s not all about a quick turn around either. Some invest in real estate, hoping the value of the property continues to increase over a period of five to 10 years, then they remarket the home. The most common is renting the property long term. Cash flow is king in real estate investment.

    Investing in Property Management in Southwest Florida

    What to Look For in a South West Florida Investment Property

    Location. The type of community the property is in sets the tone for the kind of tenant you can expect to rent from you. You want a property in a friendly community that’s inviting for families, retired couples, or business people. You know what these communities are like, think of what type of community you would live in.

    Knowing surrounding areas can be crucial as well. You don’t want to purchase a property where there is going to be a large factory-built across the road in the future. The industrial property will decrease the value of your home for resale. People like scenic views, good community feel, and access to amenities.

    Attraction Value. The property needs to be inviting as well. Attractive properties have good roads, well-lit streets, and well-kept landscaping. The house itself needs to be attractive as well, a good floor plan, a deck or patio, and a well-kept interior and exterior. Many things can attract or repel your ideal renter. If you have an “ugh” feeling about something, chances are your perfect renter will get the same feeling.

    Type of Property. There are many options, including apartment complexes, duplexes, and single-family homes. Each of these has positives and negatives. Investing in an apartment complex means you have income from multiple tenants coming in, but the cost of maintenance may be substantially higher. With a duplex you get two tenants in one property, meaning you’re still getting income if one moves out – but you may have double appliances that may need to be fixed and other possible repairs. Single family homes are easy to find renters for if the property is good. There will be less less maintenance costs compared to apartment or duplex complex, but the downfall is less renter cash flow.

    Time Investment. Do you have time to be a landlord, repairman, and groundskeeper? Do you want to collect a rent check or work for a rent check? Many property management companies will do your dirty work. They won’t do it for free, but what is our most valuable asset? I think the answer is time. You cannot buy more time, but you can pay someone to take care of complaints, yard work, or repairs, which equals more time for you.

    Getting Help

    You’re going to need someone who knows where to find these properties. Rebecca Silva has been involved in real estate in Southwest Florida for a decade. She not only works here but lives here as well. Rebecca Silva has a network of colleagues in the area that are involved in all aspects of the real estate industry. Rebecca Silva is passionate about helping you with your real estate needs.

    For an indpeth free consult fill out the contact form below to reach Rebecca

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      Things To Consider Before Building Your First Home In South West Florida

      Building Your First Home in South West Florida

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a police officer, firefighter, nurse, paralegal, or teacher. No matter what your occupation is, your first home is a big step in life! This will probably be one of the most significant expenses you ever have, and your first home is a great investment toward your future.

      There are many benefits to building over buying your home, including having more choice in design, location, energy efficiency, and warranties

      Benefits of New Home Construction

      The Design

      The decision to build instead of buy means you get to design your home exactly the way you want it. Why live in someone else’s dream home? Their dream home probably is not the same as your dream home.

      Everyone has different ideas on what makes a perfect home. If you enjoy having people over, you’d like a large dining area along with a large kitchen. Newly weds may want to have kids or could already have kids, so extra bedrooms or a play area would be helpful. How many restrooms are needed? How about smart technology. The list is endless. With new construction you get to choose the layout and design so your home will suit your needs.

      The Location

      This is as important as design. You dream house isn’t going to be across the road from a landfill, sewer plant, or railroad tracks, right? New construction allows you to choose where you want to build your dream home. Do you prefer rural area with five acres, a subdivision with a playground, maybe a certain school district you like? Building means you get to choose location, and not just pick from what’s available.

      Additionally, new housing developments tend to have lower crime rates. New construction gives you the ability to choose where your home will be built, not settle on a place that isn’t exactly where you want.

      Energy Efficiency

      Saving money is important. New construction allows you to be as green and efficient as you want. Energy efficient products have improved a lot in the last ten years, which means big savings to you in the long haul.


      This is pretty self explanatory. All new appliances, HVAC unit, and roofs all have warranties. What is the cost of replacing a roof, fixing plumbing leak, or replacing HVAC? Probably more than you want to spend. With a new build, you are guaranteed things will be in good working order – no surprises. Peace of mind isn’t overrated. New products should give you years of trouble-free use, and lower maintenance costs are always welcome.

      Build Your Dream Home Today

      Buy SW Florida Duplex

      New Home Builds

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      South West Florida -Top Spot For Retiring Baby Boomers

      Baby Boomers

      Were you born between 1944 and 1964? If so, you are considered a baby boomer. You are one of approximately 76 million living in the United States today. Baby Boomers have seen more change in this world than any other generation. You have worked hard and seen uncertain times in our society. At this point in your life your getting away from the grind of working long hours, and you’re ready to retire.

      The Southwest Florida Cape Coral/Fort Myers area is a place to consider for your new stage in life seriously!

      Here are some of our favorite reasons why Southwest Florida is the perfect place to retire.

      Benefits of Cape Coral/Fort Myers

      Cape Coral/Fort Myers has a low cost of living and no state income tax. Public transportation is cheap, and excellent medical care is available.


      Fort Myers/Cape Coral has easy access to many beautiful beaches. If you like to go for walks, ride bikes, go kayaking, canoeing or boating all these activities are easily accessible. Freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing are both popular.


      Maybe golf is more your style. The Fort Myers/Cape Coral area has almost 50 golf courses. The activity opportunity here is endless! No matter what you enjoy doing, you can find it close by.

      Communities in Fort Myers-Cape Coral Area

      There are 27 communities geared towards retired persons in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area.

      Eight of these are 55+ age restrictions and include. Pelican Preserve and Seven Lakes, which are both located on golf courses, River Towers, a lake accessible community, Cinnamon Cove, Cascades at River Hall, Heritage Cove, Pine Ridge at Fort Myers, and Brandywine.

      Giving Back

      Do you want to impact someone else’s life? There are a lot of volunteering options in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area. Here are some of our favorites:

      1. Happy Families Recreational Center provides children and families with a brighter future.Local hospitals are looking for clerical support, popcorn sales, gift shop, patient transport, child care, and much more.

      2. Angel Wings of SW Florida. This shelter is for homeless single women without dependent children trying to get back to self-sufficiency.

      3. Bonita Springs YMCA offers a wide variety of opportunities in their After School, Sports, Membership and Wellness programs. Have a special talent you’d like to share? They welcome new ideas and guest speakers.

      4. American Red Cross, Service to the Armed Forces- Veterans Ambassador. Volunteers would be supporting veterans by visiting and talking with patients, providing comfort items, craft assistance, information and referral, and more.

      5. Pace Center for Girls. Volunteer opportunities include; tutoring (especially math), clerical assistance, teacher’s assistant, donation sorting, monthly point store shopping, arts and crafts facilitator, grounds beautification, lunch assistants.

      Finding your new home doesn’t have to be stressful. Rebecca Silva is passionate about serving others. She has helped many people find their dream home. You are not limited to a retirement community, Rebecca can help with new construction, tenant placing, buying a home. She thinks outside the box and will you make a dream a reality.

        Check Out My Recent Post

        Relocating to SW Florida

        Buying Cape Coral Duplex


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        What Every Investor Should Look for Before Buying an Investment Property in SW Fl

        What Every Investor Should Look for Before Buying an Investment Property in SW Fl

        It’s no surprise that you might be looking for investment properties in SW FL. It’s a sunny place, with plenty of beach property, and if you’re not planning to take up permanent residence in the state, you’ll find comfort in the many residents who also spend time in Florida to escape the colder months of the year. Florida is home to a booming retired community, and the sunny state always welcomes visitors are just looking for a warm and tropical spot to spend their vacation.

        No matter what your reason for looking into investment property in southwest Florida is, be it to own property, or to rent it out, there are few things to keep in mind.

        Know Property Types

        You have more choices at your fingertips buying real estate in SW FL than simply renting out housing complexes for multiple families year-round. Your investment options also extend to traditional rental income properties, a second home, or a vacation rental.

        Properties sell for a wide range of prices, so regardless of what your budget is, you’ll likely be able to find something to suit your needs. It goes without saying that the closer to the beach you’re looking to invest, the more costly it will be.

        Cape Coral, specifically, has some great options along the beaches and canals, and the Fort Myers area also has beautiful vacation homes. If you’re looking to spend between 300k and 400k, then investments in this area might be just for you. If your budget is a bit lower, for example, the 100k to 200k range, then you can find more affordable properties by going inland a little – perfect for renting out to working-class families. Keep in mind, however, that these investments might require a bit more potential renovation cost. If you are looking for houses on sale in Cape Coral, be sure to search our database.

        If you’re looking to use the property yourself, locations in SW FL can make for great vacation homes – think single-family homes, townhouses, or condos. By avoiding renting, you’re able to build equity and start paying down the principal now, so that you can end up using the home as your permanent residence once you retire. To side-step renter concerns like lawn care, property owners typically hire a property management company during the time that the houses are rented out.

        If you don’t plan to live in the property at any point, traditional rental properties might be just up your alley, such as all of the ”plexes’: duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes. But, you’re not only limited to such properties. If you want to scoop up a condo as a family home to rent, then those are an option as well.

        Know the Local Prices

        National prices may go up and down as time goes on. However, that’s not always the case. When you’re looking into how much investment properties in are Southwest FL, know that the prices can vary based on location. Just because the national rates in FL are down 10%, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to pick up a lovely beachfront property on the cheap. But prices do change, so keep your eye on these properties, just in case.

        Prices Follow Inflation

        Typically, property prices tend to follow inflation by about +/- 1-2%. So if the latest inflation figures are showing 4%, expect property prices will rise by 2-6%. If you look at property prices over the course of many years, it can vary wildly. These stats give you the general direction of prices and the areas of strength (or weakness).

        Where to Look

        If you’re looking at properties themselves before putting your money towards an investment property, it’s good to know where to find all available listings. Browsing available listings is always an excellent place to start on how to buy investment properties in SW FL. In these technology-rich times, it’s great to be able to get a virtual look at prospective properties before even considering stepping foot on them. There are plenty of sites that offer detailed pictures and other information about the property. They may also give realtor information, as working with a trusted realtor from the area can be beneficial to ensure that you’re looking at the right places and considering all factors.

        Known websites, like Trulia and Zillow, are excellent places to find properties for rent or sale across the country. But, since we’re looking specifically at Southwest Florida, a better idea might be to visit the websites of local real estate agencies. These sites list the properties in a specific niche or area. Also, consider contacting the property management companies who specialize in managing the particular properties of the locations you’re looking to invest in – such as Cape Coral or Fort Myers. They’ll know these areas better than virtually anyone else. If there are any potential pitfalls, they’ll be the first to know and a massive help in pointing out any details of the market.

        Find a Florida Realtor

        You’ll have a much easier time finding the best properties worth investing in if you take the time to find a top-notch Florida realtor to help you along in the process. The right realtor will make the process smooth and comfortable, and in Florida, real estate sale commissions are paid directly out of the seller’s proceeds. This means, as a buyer in Florida, it’ll cost you absolutely nothing to enlist the help of a realtor. Plenty realtors even specialize as buyer’s agents. Florida realtors are there individually to help you find the perfect property for whatever your budget might be.

        There’s a lot to know and to look for when looking to invest in property in Southwest Florida, but with enough due diligence, you can indeed have a successful experience. Investing in a property in Southwest Florida should be a seamless process, and we hope that you walk away from the deal with a big smile on your face. For more information on purchasing an investment property you may contact me directly here for a free consultation.

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        How To Buy An Investment Property in Southwest Florida

        buying an investment property in swfl

        Are you thinking about moving to southwest Florida, or spending your winters there? A lot of Americans—many of them retired, and referred to as “snowbirds”—head to the Cape Coral/Fort Meyers area to escape the cold winter months they experience in other parts of the country. Others visit for the warm, tropical climate and beautiful white sand beaches during the summer months when school is out.

        Whether or not you are planning on staying there, southwest Florida is a great place to invest in real estate. There are plenty of visitors year round who are looking for a place to stay, whether seasonally or for longer periods of time.

        Real estate prices are lower in this area than in many other areas in the state, and tourism has ignited a lot of new development. There are quite a few properties available at affordable prices especially in Cape Coral. Here is how you can go about purchasing an investment property in this popular area of the state.

        Why Southwest Florida?

        Southwest Florida is a beautiful place with warm weather all year. It also enjoys a lower cost of living than other areas of the state. The Cape Coral/Fort Meyers metropolitan area offers many amenities, great schools, recreation, and beachside living. The area is full of beautiful canals—Cape Coral has over 400 miles of canals, which is more than any other place in the world. Unemployment rates are low, and rental returns are high, making it a great place to rent out properties. Investing here can give you an opportunity to spend time in the beautiful sunshine state while also saving up funds for retirement or other financial goals.

        Owning rental properties here can also offer some tax breaks if certain conditions are met. Some are eligible for a 1031 tax deferred exchange, which allows investors to defer taxes on capital gains from the purchase of the property. This exchange can be a significant advantage—as you search for your rental property to purchase, talk to your realtor and bank about this benefit to property owners.

        What Types of Properties Are Available, and Which is Right for You?

        best homes for sale swflYour choices are not limited to multi-family housing complexes that are rented out to tenants year round. Investments can take the form of a second home, vacation rental, or a traditional residential income property.

        Depending on your budget, property purchase prices can be found within a wide range. Waterfront properties will be higher priced, of course. Cape Coral has some beautiful condos and single-family homes along the canals and beaches. Fort Meyers and Fort Meyers Beach also offer some spectacular vacation homes. If you are looking for a vacation home with a view, and have $300-400,000 to invest, then those properties may be right for you. If you are planning to rent out to working-class families, going inland a little, you will see lower prices closer to $100-200,000, but possibly have to do some renovations.

        If you are planning on staying in the home yourself, you can consider purchasing a second vacation home. This can be a single-family home, condo, or townhouse. This has advantages over renting—you can build equity, and start paying down the principal now so that you can end up using the home as your permanent residence during retirement. It is wise to rent out the house when you are not there to offset operating expenses. Most property owners who do this opt to hire a property management company during the months the house is rented out, so they don’t have to worry about micromanaging things like lawn care and renter concerns.

        If you don’t plan on living in the home at all, you can purchase a traditional rental property. Most are duplexes, triplexes, or fourplexes, but you can also purchase condos or single family homes to be used purely for renting. Some investors just own these rental properties and live elsewhere, while others also have a vacation property (above) and are in the area part of the time. As with renting out a vacation home, most investors will have a property management company handle their rentals if they are not in town.

        Where to Look

        How To Buy An Investment Property in Southwest FloridaThere are quite a few ways to find homes for sale in the southwest Florida area. If you are computer savvy, there are many websites out there that list homes for sale and offer detailed photos and other stats about the home. Working with a trusted realtor from the area can be advantageous if you want the assurance that you are looking in the right places and at the right factors.

        Websites like Trulia and Zillow are known real estate hubs where you can find properties for sale and rent across the country. Other websites of local real estate agencies will often list more properties in a niche market for a particular area. Property Management companies who specialize in managing properties in southwest Florida can also be helpful to contact—they’ll know the ins and outs of the market and have first-hand experience dealing with any issues that may come up when renting properties in that specific area but for a more personal and customized assessment of your needs, you may contact me or schedule a call with me using the form below.

        Sorry we are experiencing system issues. Please try again.

        If you have a particular area in mind and are not able to find anything, it could be a good idea to be open minded and let a pro show you around. It could be that the place you had envisioned is actually not the best location to get the most return on your investment and that another property in a similar neighborhood could actually bring you a better positive cash flow.

        Do’s & Dont’s of Buying An Investment Property in Southwest Florida

        As noted above, many property owners opt to have a separate third party manage their buildings when they are away. Some may hire the company year-round, while others may live in the home part of the year and not need those services.

        Wherever you buy, pay attention to any rules related to renting. Some gated communities and condominiums may have rules about how many times a year you can rent out the property, or if any animals are welcome. If you know before purchasing that you aren’t going to be able to comply with these rules—say you want to rent out your vacation home on a weekly basis in the summer but the condo association says you can only rent it out three times a year—consider purchasing another property that will offer you more flexibility.

        If you are managing the property yourself, you will be responsible for everything from home maintenance to writing lease agreements to finding and screening tenants. There are many websites, both local and national, where you can list the property for rent. Be sure to thoroughly screen tenants and come up with a detailed lease so that there are no surprises, and residents are held accountable if they cause any damage to the home while they are there. Also, before deciding on a rent price, do your research and find out what other rentals go for in the area. You want to charge a price that is competitive but can also bring you a positive profit.

        Overall, buying an investment property in southwest Florida can have many advantages. If you buy a property during your earning years before you retire, you can capitalize on the appreciation of the home and have a lot of equity built up before you turn it into your permanent residence. If you purely rent, you can continue building your wealth as long as you have a positive cash flow. Allow me to help you find and manage your investment property in SWFL. Get started now by filling the form below to schedule a call.

        Sorry we are experiencing system issues. Please try again.