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Moving to Fort Myers? Discover These Local Favorite Eateries

When you move to a new city, it’s nice to know where you can go when you want to eat a meal. We have compiled some of the local favorite spots and Fort Myers restaurants to grab a bite when you are out on the town. From burgers to steaks, we think you will enjoy these!

Pinchers Crab Shack – Gulf Coast Town Center

With bright colors and a family-friendly environment, you can expect a great experience. Kids often come to love dining at this locally owned and operated a family restaurant as much as their parents do. Enjoy a beautiful summer day on the balcony while dining on fresh seafood prepared many different ways from shrimp tacos to our famous fish and chips. Each plate will leave your mouth watering, and what better way to top off a great dish than our watering hole. We have draft beers available as well as our 2-for-1 happy hour all day every day! Don’t forget to try our bucket of fun – 32oz of love made with either Cruzan Rum or Pinnacle Vodka and any mixture you can come up with. With many locations, you are sure to find a Pinchers Crab Shack close to you. Click here to see their menu.


Oasis Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant prides itself on being a pet-friendly place to eat with a patio that accommodates your little furry family members. You can enjoy a hangover omelet or something off the griddle such as the classic Belgian waffle. If breakfast isn’t what you’re craving, the Oasis Restaurant specials of the day, which vary from the french dip to the sparky burger that gets its name from the sparky sauce that is loved by many, may whet your appetite. There’s nothing like enjoying a bit of casual dining on a Saturday before some shopping at our local malls. Here’s a glimpse of their menu and restaurant.

Downtown House of Pizza

You won’t find your average chain pizza joint here, and that makes it a well-loved place to dine! Handcrafted pizzas are every pizza lover’s dream, and there have been enough reviews on Google to tell you that this is the place to go for pizza. Since opening in 2005, they have proudly served over 1.3 million customers, and their customer base keeps growing. From pizzas to subs, you can imagine the possibilities of food pleasure here.

If you desire a Grandma’s Sicilian slice of pizza covered in fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes and marinara baked on a beautiful thin crust, then stop on by and dine in or grab it to go. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Don’t fret, though, if a Grandma’s Sicilian is not your desired pizza, because you can still get traditional toppings or even design your own slice of heaven. You can check out the Downtown House of Pizza menu here.

Mel’s Diner – Fort Myers

There is nothing like a step back in time to grab a bite to eat. Mel’s Diner is a retro 50’s diner that serves up some of the most delicious food you can imagine while taking your memories back to the good old days. You can be guaranteed to have 100% squeezed orange juice with every Real Deal breakfast you choose, from Mel’s Scramble & Power Hash to eggs Benedict. You can also expect to enjoy quick and friendly service. With over 800 reviews on Google, there are numerous praises regarding how Mel’s treats you right. Check out their Real Deal menus on their website, and while you’re there, look at Mel’s famous BBQ ribs. This is a meal you don’t want to miss out on trying.

Mission BBQ

Mission BBQ is a proud supporter of our military and first responders. You can enjoy some of the best BBQ and American sides while viewing the patriotic memorabilia throughout the restaurant. They are huge supporters of many charities for our brothers and sisters in arms, both military and civil. Mission  BBQ is one of the most budget-friendly places to eat and, with a variety of choices on the menu. You can’t go wrong with the pickup packs. Check out your amazing options here.

MiNa’s Bistro

Everyone loves a good Italian food restaurant, but with MiNa’s you also get that Latin flare. This family-owned restaurant has become a local favorite with incredible customer service. Choose an entree’ from an extensive menu, where you will discover a menu option of gluten-free pasta. This gluten-free option is loved by many who enjoy a tantalizing pasta dish, such as Frutti di Mare, which is linguine pasta topped with seafood fares such as sautéed clams, shrimp, Prince Edward Isle mussels, and calamari. Top it off with a garlic and fresh basil, white wine and light marichiara sauce. Enjoy a date night feasting on this or many other pasta dishes paired with your favorite wine in a casual dining atmosphere. To see other available dining options, please view their menu here. here.

Nomiki’s Plakka Greek Restaurant

An authentic Greek style decor and the food is what you can expect when eating out at Nomiki’s Plakka Greek Restaurant. The food is abundant and fresh. The atmosphere friendly and welcoming and enhanced with talented belly dancers as entertainment while you satisfy your taste buds with authentic Greek food. If you want to taste the best gyro meat in your life, Nomiki’s is the place to be. Find fantastic reviews and amazing photos of their delicious food on their Facebook page here.


We at Rebecca’s Realtor hope that naming just a handful of our local, delicious eateries has given you a look into the enticing variety of places you can dine in Fort Myers. You are sure to find a satiable spot that fits your family’s appetite as you search for a place to call home. Contact Rebecca’s Realtor for all your real estate needs, and enjoy some superb cuisine as you go.



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Best Places To Live In Florida For Singles

Best Places To Live In Florida For Singles

Are you single and looking to move to South Florida? There are a lot of considerations that have to be made when choosing the right place to live. When you are single, one of those considerations might be finding a place where you can meet someone more easily, maybe one with popular hangouts like nightclubs or fancy coffee shops. The costs of homes/apartments, job opportunities, security, transport, and food are also considered.

South Florida is also a place that can give you space to grow, from being single to eventually starting a family. Listed below are some of the best places to live in South Florida, especially for singles.

1. Miami

single person moving to miami

Miami is located on the northern section of Biscayne Bay and south of Fort Lauderdale. The city has some of the best restaurants you can hope to dine in and many clubs where people can just go hang out at night. The largest dating population in Florida lives here. Miami is also known for its beautiful beaches, where there are many opportunities to meet other singles as they have fun while basking in the sun. The cost of living is affordable, and their public transportation services are also affordable and efficient.

2. Cape Coral

Single people usually target fun places, right? In Cape Coral, you can have so much fun with both indoor and outdoor activities, without spending a lot of money. It’s a great place for those who like to go swimming, fishing, and boating. There are plenty of attractions to keep you busy, the restaurants are great with affordable prices, and the rentals are cheap. Check out Cape Coral homes for sale here!

3. Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek is one of the safest places in Florida to live. There are plenty of job opportunities and the rent is quite affordable. There are also parks where you can go for walks, chat with other singles in the area, or take your dog for walks. It is among the cleanest towns in South Florida. There are plenty of restaurants with delicious food, or you can just quickly grab a burger and fries while taking in the nice scenery and fresh air.

4. Coral Springs

Coral Springs is north of Fort Lauderdale and is one of the best places to meet other singles, with a high population of younger people. There are many romantic restaurants that are perfect for dating. The rent is quite affordable and it is a safe place to walk or use public means of transport if you do not have your own car.

5. Weston

Weston is about 20 miles from Coral Springs, and has plenty of activities that one can engage in, like walking in the park, biking, going to the museum and a lot more. There are many job opportunities that pay well, so the cost of living is more easily dealt with. The rent is affordable and there are many great restaurants to choose from.


With all these nice places to live in Florida, you have to decide which area suits you best, depending on what you like to do. There are cities that are better for some things and not others. If you’re looking to date and have fun in South Florida, the cities above should suit you just fine. And if you are a huge beach lover, you can always check out the Florida Keys as well!