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5 Interior Design Features That Will Help You Sell Your Property

Selling a property takes a lot of preparation, and some parts of the process may even involve extra expenses. The main goal is to make the house ideal and presentable in a way that impresses buyers. The Spruce Blog compares selling a property to designing a stage play (, explaining that everything in the right place can increase the value of your home and help you sell faster. Simply put, homes that are properly prepared and well-decorated sell quicker.

In this regard, there are certain design features that attract homebuyers. In case you’re planning on selling your property soon, here are some trends to consider:

Quartz or Marble

Buyers are willing to pay more if the bathroom and kitchen feature quartz or marble countertops. Quartz is a timeless, versatile material that requires little upkeep, which is why it is deemed attractive to buyers. Marble is also a popular choice because of its durability and aesthetic. It’s a lot less expensive than quartz, too.

Stainless Steel

Homebuyers tend to find stainless steel appliances attractive because of their longevity. The National Association of Home Builders touched on stainless steel’s popularity, stating that 79% of kitchen renovations in 2016 involved stainless steel appliances. Having these around the house helps close the deal because it means homebuyers do not need to do much renovating.

Calm Bedroom Colors

Buyers pay close attention to bedrooms because they are their getaways to a peaceful night’s sleep. They may consider aspects such as the layout, its location in the house, and the interior design. Some might want big windows for more natural light, while others look for rooms with certain color schemes. This is because of the effects of environmental stimuli on relaxation. Colors can affect a bedroom’s sleeping environment, due to the qualities or things people associate with them. Blue, which is the most common bedroom color, is often linked to concepts like calmness and water. Green is also a popular pick because it usually symbolizes freshness and nature.

If your house’s bedrooms don’t have a comfortable or relaxing atmosphere, your customers might quickly lose their interest.

Smart Homes

TWP contributor Kenneth Harney states that buyers are willing to pay extra for smart homes. These are homes with technological features you can link up to a smartphone. Security cameras, network-connected appliances, and doorbells that send text alerts and other smart techs will definitely increase the value of your home and give it a competitive edge. Homes with smartphone-enabled installations are favored by 61% of millennials and 59% of parents with children.


Contemporary home designs often incorporate minimalist elements, which can attract those who love the style. It is also often seen in condominium units or houses that have limited space. But homebuyers, in general, go for minimalism because it gives them space to envision their idea of a home. If your house has a neutral color palette and open floor plans, there is a chance it would sell faster.

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