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Quick Ways To Disguise Flaws In Your Home

People’s prized possessions can include everything from their cars to jewelry. For others, it is their homes, because that is where they are most comfortable.

After a long day at work, all you may want to do is come home and relax on the couch with some dinner and a nice glass of wine. But some homeowners may not be able to relax if their home has superficial flaws.

Maybe the wood floor is warping in the kitchen by the sink, or the living room wall paint has spots from hanging pictures. Rebecca’s Realtor suggests that if you have a new or older home with flaws, you should give these techniques a try, to help disguise them.

#1. Walls

If your living room has awkward or off center windows, invest in some flowy curtains. Hang them above to create a more centered look. You can also use curtains to mask window units when they aren’t being used, or on radiators.

Now let’s talk plain walls, nicked paint, boring switches, and outlet covers. If you are having friends or family over and want to impress them with something (or even for yourself), create a gallery wall.

Pick out some of your favorite photos and arrange them in your own pattern on the wall. You can mark the wall beforehand, so you know exactly where to place the photos when it comes time to hang them.

If you are going to paint the walls, try to stick to a matte paint. Glossier paints will only highlight imperfections.

Wallpaper is also a fun and effective way to decorate. There are tons of options to choose from, and can add personality to almost any room.

Light switch covers, as well as outlet covers, are a basic necessity in any home. If needed, you can slide a coffee table, or even the couch to cover the outlet.

#2. Floors

Floor installationFloors see the most wear and tear of any area in your home, because everyone is walking on them every single day. However, some floors hold character better than others.

Whether you have wood or tile floors, you can use an area rug to hide imperfections. Rugs come in many shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials. Choose which is best for you, and cleverly hide that ugly spot on the floor.

#3. Lights And Cords

Lighting can also play a huge role in how your home is perceived. Try to keep a small room well lit. You can make almost any room feel larger by adding floor or table lamps, adding more light to the space.

In every home, there can be many unattractive cords that can be quite an eyesore. One way to hide cords, especially under a computer desk, is to hang a black cloth behind it.

This allows you to still have everything plugged in on your desk, but the cloth will mask the pesky cords. You can also use power strips or stylish bins and boxes. Another option is to use garbage bag twists to tie the cords together.


Every home has its flaws, but it’s important to remember that that is what makes a house a home. Embrace dingy floors and coffee tables, because sometimes it actually looks better with some character.

Love your home and always invite your family and friends over for a fun time. The home is where many memories are made. Enjoy it!