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Thinking About Downsizing Your Home? Here’s Why You Should

Baby Boomers all over the country are thinking about downsizing their large family homes in exchange for smaller homes in southwest Florida. Cape Coral and surrounding areas are a great place for Baby Boomers that want to be active and enjoy the beautiful weather and fantastic attractions. And there are a lot of homes here that are perfect for those whose children have left the nest and now want to enjoy themselves.

According to the AARP, there are more than 8,000 people per day reaching that age where they should consider thinking about downsizing. So if you’ve been considering downsizing, you’re definitely not alone. If you’re a Baby Boomer or an Empty Nester that has thought about downsizing but isn’t really sure if it’s right for you here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider it:

Less Upkeep While Downsizing your Home for Retirement

As they get older many homeowners don’t want the hassle and expense of maintaining a large family home. There are a lot of expensive things that can go wrong in a large home, and the cost of utilities can be very high. Downsizing to a smaller home, townhouse or condo can eliminate all that extra upkeep and expense.

In luxury communities like Miromar Lakes, all upkeep is done for you, and you can spend your time on activities you enjoy. And even in more affordable communities, you will find that new construction homes require a lot less maintenance than your old family home. You will have more time to enjoy the vibrant Fort Myers art community in the old historical district or spend time at the beach. And you will be able to save money that you can use for more important things.

Downsizing your Home for Retirement

Advantages of Downsizing For a Lifestyle Upgrade

If you have lived in your large family home for many years, you may have a lot of equity built up in your home. Selling your home will allow you to buy a new smaller home that has a lot more luxury upgrades and is in a community that has more amenities. Many Baby Boomers are flocking to new construction communities where the homes are smaller than traditional family homes but have great amenities like Smart Home technology and high-end finishes. These new home communities often have resort-style amenities like luxury pools, saunas and spas, coffee shops, grocery shops, gyms and computer centers. Downsizing from your traditional family home will allow you to live a lifestyle focused on staying active and enjoying a luxurious home instead of spending time and money keeping up that large family house.

When is the Right Time to Downsize for a Lower Cost

As many Baby Boomers get older they get more concerned about the money that they have saved and stretching their income as far as possible. While your family home may have been perfect for raising your kids if you want to save more money for the future downsizing to a smaller house just makes sense. A smaller home means a smaller mortgage, and maybe no mortgage at all depending on the equity that you have in your current family home. Utilities, taxes, HOA fees and other expenses will also be lower. If your biggest concern for the future is protecting your savings and minimizing your living expenses downsizing is the best way to do that.

Another reason why so many Baby Boomers choose to downsize their homes and buy smaller homes is to make sure they can get around and manage the home easily. As Boomers get older and develop health problems like arthritis getting around in a large home or in a home that is multiple stories and requires lots of going up and down stairs can be difficult. And maintaining a large home can be almost impossible for some Boomers as they get older. Downsizing to a smaller home or a home that is just one floor now is a smart way to protect yourself in the future and make sure that you will be able to stay safely at home as you get older. If you are looking for a new property in Cape Coral area, keep reading on.

How to Downsize your stuff

Baby Boomers who have been in their family homes for decades usually are somewhat overwhelmed by the clutter and amount of furniture and possessions they are left with once their children are all grown and have left the house. Getting rid of all that stuff can be very freeing for Baby Boomers who want to start the next phase of their lives without being burdened by things. Downsizing to a smaller home gives Boomers the chance to lighten up. They can pass on sentimental items or heirlooms to their children and get rid of the rest. And selling off that clutter can be a great way to fund vacations, put away money for the future, or invest in new furniture and items for a smaller home.

How to Downsize your stuff

Enjoying Life More

Often Baby Boomers bought a home with their family in mind the first time. So that home may be out in the suburbs, or in a quiet family area far from the hustle and bustle of downtown and other thriving areas that are full of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and activities.

Downsizing from that suburban family home allows older people to live closer to the attractions that they want to take part in. Since they often have a healthy budget due to the value of those family homes they can find smaller homes in great locations near the beach, near the golf course, in the historical district or out in horse country where they can pursue their passions and live a more social and active lifestyle.

If you’ve been thinking about downsizing now that your kids are gone, talk to an experienced South West Florida realtor like Rebecca Silva today to find out the many ways that downsizing can help you enter the next phase of your life and leave behind all the expense, isolation and clutter of that old family home. While your family home was a great place to raise your kids now that your kids are gone you have a lot of options to explore that may fit your lifestyle better now and for the future.

Do you need help with downsizing from your current home to a more comfortable home payment and living situation? You can start by filling out your home evaluation request here or contact me at 239-464-2528 for a free one-one consultation.