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Home Design Styles To Look Out For In Florida

Architecture can be a fascinating sight, especially when it come to homes. The design of a home can say a lot about the owner, and architects go to great lengths to achieve the goal of appealing to the owners. Looking at a state like Florida, with its unique climate and even more unique cultures such, you can expect to find all manner of housing styles like in Cape Coral; Rebeccas Realtor can help you by answering any questions you have about the Cape Coral market.

Identifying and differentiating these might seem complicated, but it’s easy, once you know the general classification system. Here’s a short guide to the most common residential architectural styles found in Florida:

1. Federal Style

This style rose to prominence when people regained a fresh interest in the early Greek and Roman cultures. To spot the Federal style, look out for simple and unadorned wall surfaces, low-hanging gable roofs, and windows with multiple panes above the home’s entrance. It’s also common for them to have Palladian-style windows on the second floor of the residence, just above the front doorway.

2. Italianate Style

This rather flamboyant design style first made its appearance out in San Francisco, and then on the east coast, back in the late 1800’s. It’s easily recognizable by its eye-catching features which include elongated, narrow windows (which are often curved into arches), wall surface ornamentation, decorative brackets, low-hanging roofs, and the relatively rare cupola, or tower.

The elaboration of the window designs appears again with the columns, door frames, and supports. Just as the naming hints at, it’s a style that strives to be ornate, yet elegant.

3. Ranch Style

You’ll most likely encounter the Ranch style of home design in somewhat older, more affluent, or perhaps more remote locations of Florida. It became popular back in the 50’s and 60’s. Their designs follow closely with Craftsman, Prairie, and Spanish Colonial styles.

They are immediately recognizable by their single-story, pitched roofing, built-in garages, sliding doors that lead out onto patios, and wooden or brick exteriors. Usually, these homes will be asymmetrical in their design, and their roofs will be low-hanging.

4. Spanish Eclectic

This style is a fixture of the Florida architectural landscape that you cannot miss. It is an amalgamation of Byzantine, Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural design styles. What comes out of this mix usually features windows and doors with rounded tops, stucco walls, and low-hanging tile roofs.

Also look out for decorative tiling around the windows and doorways, scalloped windows and balconies, and the occasional bell-tower. It’s distinctive design has had long-lasting popularity, which shows all over the state to this day.

5. Contemporary

Just about everyone who lives in the United States has seen a contemporary-styled home, even if they weren’t aware of what it was called. These types of residences usually have tall and oddly-sized windows, minimal or no ornamentation, and are built using multiple materials such as stone, wood, and brick.

The combination of these characteristics makes them extremely eye-catching, whether or not you’re pleased by the effect. Their designers strive to incorporate the surrounding landscape into the look and functionality of the home itself.