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6 Tips On How To Make Rooms Look Bigger

Empty big living room

Rebeccas Realtor understands that designing a home can be challenging at times, especially if you are confined by the space that you are living in. Fortunately, the internet is filled with invaluable information that can help you make the best out of any space that you are given.

In fact, if you do your homework first, you can easily transform a small room in a home to a room that anyone can enjoy. So, for those of you who are interested in what can be done, here are 6 tips that can help you make a small space look roomier.

1. Brighten Up The Room With Light Color Schemes

Even though you may prefer to use darker colors in the room that you are decorating, you should always resist the temptation.

While darker colors can signify the need for a cozy feel, they will also make the room feel smaller. Therefore, when preparing the color scheme for the smaller sized rooms, go with light colors.

Light colors in a small room will simply make the room look and feel more airy, while also giving it the feel of more space too.

2. Position The Furniture Away From The Wall

Another temptation that many people may have to fight is the need to open the space up in a room by pushing the furniture tightly against the walls.

Though this may appear to seem like a great idea for opening up the room, it can actually do the opposite. In fact, when the owner pulls the furniture a few inches away from the wall, it looks more open.

3. Use Hidden Storage Spaces Effectively

To open up a room in a home for more space, you should use hidden storage areas wisely. By incorporating the added storage space into furniture, closets and other things, no extra space will be required, and the rooms will look much cleaner and brighter.

You can put all your clutter into these storage areas, including remotes, toys, video games, and whatever else might be lying around.

4. Avoid Having Too Many Decorations

modern kitchenSome people enjoy putting decorative items all over the room, to support the theme that they are creating. These decorative items may be small, cute trinkets, while others can be almost too big to be decorative.

In either case, whatever you do, you need to make sure that you keep these items down to only a few, in strategic places.

5. Eliminate Overhead Lights

When decorating a room, you will always need to consider what types of lighting to use in each space. The lighting that a designer uses is done with much forethought before it is placed.

Specifically, when the room that they are working with is small and confined, the position can make a major difference in the appearance.

For instance, to make the room look more spacious, the lights need to be positioned closer to the floor, and not high up near the ceilings.

6. Place Mirrors Strategically

Mirrors are great for opening up a space in virtually any room. One of the best ways to make the room look much larger is to position the mirror across from a window, in order to reflect the light.


When you are designing a small room, you may encounter quite a few challenges that you will need to address, as you choose the proper decor.

One of the first is transforming a small space into a large place to reside in. Typically, there are some tricks that many professionals use to give a larger appearance.

Some of the more notables include lighter colors, eliminating overhead lights, placing mirrors in strategic locations, using hidden storage solutions, and positioning the furniture away from the walls. Try to utilize these tips and see what they can do for you!