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Cape Coral is a friendly and vibrant community with all the beauty you can expect from Southwest Florida. It is home to beautiful nature preserves, scenic golf courses, picturesque canals and a choice of water sports. With its close proximity to Fort Myers and within sight of the glimmering Gulf of Mexico, Cape Coral is an appealing destination for tourists. It has more than 400 miles of canals, making it a perfect location to live especially if you love for water sports, fishing and boating. Here are the best things to do in Cape Coral, FL.

The Yacht Club Community Park

cape coralBuilt in the 1950’s, The Cape Coral Yacht Club serves as one of the city’s landmarks and a top tourist attraction. The club is located on the shores of Caloosahatchee River and is home to the city’s most popular beach zone. The Yacht Club provides its visitors with a community swimming pool and a long fishing deck. It also boasts an on-site playground, a snack center, a pavilion and other facilities. The club hosts various festivals and events annually all that are listed in its calendar of events.

The Farmers’ Market

farmers marketThe Farmer’s Market is a popular destination for both locals and visitors in Cape Coral. Visitors come to the market to buy locally grown produce, such as cut flowers, canned goods, baked goods, meat and cheeses and much more. The Market also holds a variety of handcrafted goods. There are also many truck vendors, parked outside the market grounds, who sell unique street food from their locations.

Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library

Southwest Florida Military Museum and LibraryThe Southwest Military Museum is known for honoring the military and educating the public via the preservation and display of interpretive info and military memorabilia. The museum displays informative artifacts, literature, and content about the starting of the Revolutionary War and lasting through the current Middle Eastern Conflicts. All materials used in the museum are certified as authentic pieces. There is no admission fee.

Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden

Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly GardenLocated in Rotary Park, the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden preserves native butterfly species. It houses of butterflies and is one of the best things you can do in Cape Coral. Once the butterflies mature, they are released back to the wild. Inside the butterfly house, visitors are shown all the four stages of the butterfly’s life cycle. Visitors are also educated about the characteristics of different types of butterflies and are also informed about the mission of the butterfly garden.