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Cape Coral is one of the best places for retirement in South Florida. It’s quiet and relaxing atmosphere makes it very well suited to retirees looking for a comfortable lifestyle. Even though it is not a fancy town, there are lots of places near that are very nice and luxurious. The city has a population of about 165,000, and a growth of over 45 percent since 2000. Its average of 41.6 is only 3 years higher than the average age in the State of Florida. The city named as one of the twenty-five places to retire by the Fortune in 2012. The reasons behind the ranking were warm weather, low-cost housing, and no state income.
There are many active communities in Cape Coral and Surrounding Towns.  

According to, the median price for Cape Coral homes for sale was reported to be $200, 975. During the second quarter of 2016, the National Realtors Association reported a higher real estate price of $230,000. Summers are hot and humid in Cape Coral, while winters are warm. Crime is under the national average and the city has been described as one of the safest places to live. For medical facilities, Cape Coral has one hospital in town, while larger hospitals can be found in Fort Myers. The city is located near major highways and near the Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers.


retire in cape coral fl

Cape Coral – Retirement Opportunities

Cape Coral is routinely mentioned as a great place to live or retire in the United States. According to WalletHub, an online community dedicated to personal finance, Cape Coral is currently, the seventh most desirable housing market for retirees. Residents in the Cape enjoy living in a widely renowned locale with lots of recreational, cultural and educational opportunities.
With its active community lifestyle and miles of waterfront properties, the Cape is truly a perfect place for those considering investing after they retire. Crime is very low, which is generally a concern for those investing in a home. The current real estate prices in Cape Coral are also considerably low. By taking advantage of these facts and investing now, you can enjoy the lowest prices of the past decade. Here is how can you retire in the Cape and still have opportunities with real estate and new business opportunities?

Flipping Homes

Flipping is a real estate investment strategy, in which an investor buys a property with the aim of reselling it to make profit. Profit is generated either from the renovations and capital improvements or through the price appreciation that occurs as a result of a hot real estate market. In Cape Coral, home prices are rising at a fast clip, and for-sale listings are still very low. This makes flipping homes more a good investment opportunity than ever before. If you are ready to put in the work, there is certainly good money to be made. All you need to do is to be smart, as emotion-free and get ready for a real-estate ride like no other.

Duplex Properties

A duplex is a residential building containing two homes that share a common wall. There are many ways of investing in duplexes depending on if you want to make it your residence or not.

This investment strategy is ideal for new investors and retirees who want help to pay for residence with rent from the other half of the duplex. One of the top benefits of doing this is that you can finance your duplex with a financial mortgage since you are using it as a residence. Most people have realized that they can offset a big percentage of their mortgage payment with rental income. In addition, there are some very attractive tax benefits and deductions for the portion used as a rental. This includes depreciation, that does do not involve cash out, but saves you on income taxes.

Duplex Properties as a Stand Alone Investment

Although there are not apartments, you can enjoy some economies of scale by buying and renting out duplexes. Two units in one location and under one roof help you to save on management maintenance costs. If you purchase them this way, the mortgage situation will change. If you are not going to live in one side, it is going to be financed differently. Other advantages include reduced taxation, insurance and easy monitoring of assets. There is also an advantage if you want the property. Sometimes one of the tenants will be interested in buying, especially if you explain the tax and income advantages to them.

Taking all factors into consideration, duplex properties are a great transition into multi-family investing. There are many duplex properties in Cape Coral that are attractive to those looking to retire and invest. With the recent foreclosure crisis taking a major toll in the Cape, there is a rising demand for rentals from residents who are currently unable to qualify for financing to buy a home.

Buy a House and Rent it Out before Moving In

Cape Coral is a great place to live and retire. If you know you want to retire in this city, do not wait until you are ready to move to your home. You can manage the cycle of buying, renting and then retiring with the assistance of a professional property management in Cape Coral, Fl. Find a house that you are certain you will be comfortable in after retiring. After finding the right house that meets you retirement goals, you can consider renting it to tenants before you come down and live in it yourself.

Invest in Land

Buying land in Cape Coral is a wise investment option as the city has experienced significant growth in the past decade. The Cape is the largest city in Southwest Florida and a hot area for building and development. Retirees looking to buy land and later sell it for a high ROI will find the Cape a perfect investment location.
When purchasing Land for investment in Cape Coral, remember that the city is divided into four main sections: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast.
The Northeast Cape has gradually become more developed with commercial locations popping out everywhere.
The Southeast Cape is located close to the waters with a wide range of canal front properties with access to the Gulf. It is by far the oldest and most developed section of the region. If you are looking for a great deal on land, consider purchasing in the Northwest, Northwest or Southwest sections of the city. Regardless of the section, you choose to buy your Cape Coral Land for investment, you can expect a high ROI from your purchase.
In the late 2000’s Cape Coral was hit hard by the downturn of the real estate market, many land prices have reduced drastically. This means you can always get great deals. As of late, the market has been on the rise, and that’s why you consider buying your land now.

The best time to invest and save money is now. Perhaps your retirement is still five or ten years away. Even so, if you purchase your real estate property now, you will get a good deal and certainly a good return on investment.

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