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The Best, Most Affordable Places To Live In Florida

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Florida is a beautiful place, containing some of the most famous tourist attractions and theme parks in the world, including Disney World. Offering a variety of great sceneries, most people would love to call it their home.

However, just before you think about relocating to Florida, there are some factors to consider. After all, there is no fun in going to a place that will put a strain on your finances, no matter how beautiful it is. To set your fears aside, Florida has some locations in which you can comfortably live.

1. Orlando

This big city is a lively place, and its emblem is the fountain at Lake Eola. It is popularly known as “The Theme Park Capital of the World.” Despite being the third largest metropolitan town in Florida, rent averages about $1,000 a month. It also has excellent public transportation and education system.

2. Palm Coast

This city is the place for those looking to have a serene life. It is so peaceful and allows for affordable living conditions. Palm Coast has one of the best beaches, colorful wildlife, and breathtaking nature trails. Its proximity to all you need makes it perfect, especially for retirees.

3. Kissimmee

The convenient transportation in this city provides residents with more comfortable commuting, so even when you do not feel like getting behind the wheel, you will always get to work on time. This city is a major tourist attraction, since it is close to Walt Disney World.

Its cost of housing is 18% lower than the national average, with the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costing around $950 per month. The price of goods and services in Kissimmee is less than Florida’s average, by 6%.

4. Palm Bay

The cost of living in Palm Bay makes it very affordable and helps your purse or wallet relax a bit. If you prefer public education for your children, the Brevard County Public Schools will serve you very efficiently.

The consistent weather also plays a part in saving your finances, since the utility bills decrease monthly, depending on your home size and time of the year. The public bus transportation is well catered for by Space Coast Area Transit (SCAT), enabling you to cut on gas expenditures.

5. Cape Coral

The city’s cost of living is slightly lower, in comparison to the national average. Real estate is quite affordable, and house rent averages $1,500 per month, but the closer your house is to the beach, the more rent you will have to pay. Ask any experienced licensed realtor in Cape Coral and they will break things down for you!

Cape Coral also has public high, middle, and elementary schools, which are part of the Lee County School District. It has charter schools under the public school system, so they do not charge tuition, but only Cape Coral residents can attend.

The city’s abundant beaches make water sport activities the primary recreational activity. There are also so many canals, that you could probably just kayak or boat there instead!


Florida is an all-around great place to accommodate your needs, whether you have retired and are in search of tranquility, or you’re in your prime and seeking some new adventures.