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The Pros And Cons Of Living In An HOA Zone

Thousands of homeowners are forced to join an HOA (homeowners association) when they buy a house in certain communities. They must pay fees to an association that is mandated to keep up their neighborhood and parts of their homesteads. This organization is like a small government (run by the developers first, then the homeowners who pay fees) that strives to uphold and keep the peace within the community.

The primary role of the association is to ensure that every tenant and homeowner in the community gets to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle. If you buy a home that is within the HOA zone, you will automatically become a member, and they will collect a monthly fee. To compensate for the payments that you make, the association provides services and various amenities like a clubhouse, private parks, or a community pool. They will also deal with basic maintenance and pest control within the community.

Some of the HOA restrictions are perfectly designed and executed without any major disputes, because the rules will be more advantageous to the homeowner than a hassle. Check out the following benefits of being a member of an HOA:

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Pros of Living in a HOA Zone:

1. Beautiful Neighborhoods

Because the rules about the external appearance of your home are strict, everyone in the vicinity strives to make sure that their home is up to code. It is obvious that this will result in a good looking neighborhood. Every home will appear more upscale, and any annoying eyesores on your block that were once there will be a thing of the past.

The majority of these organizations will take the responsibility of facilitating a community watch, and also build a gate around the neighborhood. They might employ a security firm to offer surveillance on the region, which will make it more secure.

2. The HOA Will Negotiate To Solve Disputes

In a community that houses many people from different regions, disputes (like an argument, a dog barking too much, where your exact property boundary line is, or loud music, etc.) will always arise. This is where the HOA will come in and address the issue. Since there are penalties for those who break the rules, you will not have many problems.

3. High-Quality Living Standards

Every rule that is implemented by the homeowners association will play a vital role in raising the living standard of every homeowner. With the help of these rules, your community will be more secure, peaceful and nicer, which will increase the quality of life.

4. Access To Free Community Amenities

The majority of these homeowners associations will channel the funds that are collected every month into establishing and maintaining community recreational sites, such as swimming pools, parks, and other facilities. Because the cost is incorporated into your monthly payment, you will have a chance to use these services, free of charge, and the association will maintain it to perfection.

5. Basic Home Maintenance

In most cases, basic home maintenance areas like plumbing, landscaping, and snow removing practices, will be conducted at no charge. This means that your duties with home maintenance are reduced, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that these services will be provided for you. The HOA will also go the extra mile to eradicate pests in your neighborhood by providing pest control services.

Cons of Living in a HOA Zone:

1. Fees

Even though the fees charged by the HOA will vary, depending on the facilities and services that they offer, they are usually very high. Some will charge high fees in such a way that the majority of homeowners will not be able to afford it.

2. Constant Maintenance

The associations come with very strict rules and restrictions that force you to maintain your home repetitively. If you don’t have enough time to give your home a nice enough appearance, or you don’t have enough money to outsource the work, there will be trouble. That, in itself, may discourage you from buying a property that is listed under an HOA.

Final Word

Being a member of a Home Owners Association is a tool that can be a blessing when you try to solve a dispute with your neighbor, or need certain services taken care of. But it can also be a curse when they force you to conduct costly maintenance tasks on your house that you think is unnecessary.

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Before you decide to buy a home that is part of a homeowners association, do some thorough research to ensure that you understand how they work. This will help you to make an more informed decision.