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Selling a House In South West Florida: Obstacles or Opportunity?

Repairs needed, buyer’s market, minimal sales knowledge, very few amenities–these are just a few of the challenges sellers may face as they work through the ins and outs of selling a house.

But what if I told you that sales obstacles could be transformed into an opportunity? Finding an opportunity is more natural than washing the dishes or changing a light bulb. The key is simple: look at obstacles as opportunities.

In general, there are three major types of opportunities that factor in selling a home.

  1. The first has to do with location dynamics.

  2. The second opportunity is about your home itself,.

  3. The third concerns you.


By viewing obstacles as opportunities, you will find new success in all three of these areas and solve the mystery of how to sell a home amongst a sea of difficulties.

The Location of Your Property

While individuals new in the world of home sales might be inclined to focus selling points on the physical features of a house like a granite countertop or a new roof, the first law of real estate points them instead in a different direction: location. Location plays a significant role in real estate sales.

The location of your property will determine what type of economic market your house is in and what kind of obstacles you may face. While there usually are very few obstacles in a seller’s market, for example, there are many in a buyer’s. If your property is in this type of market – one, where there is a surplus in property listings. You may not be able to sell quite as easily as you would have in the seller’s market.

But don’t get discouraged. This is a prime chance to transform your roadblock of marketing location into a confident sale. Target a specific niche. Because buyers come in all walks of life, they will be looking for a particular home to meet their needs. First, figure out what type of person would be looking for your unique home, then market it to them specifically. You have just turned an obstacle into an opportunity! Good work home seller!

Another type of location obstacle can be the area around your home and what it has to offer. Is your listing a short distance to the grocery store? Does it present the purchaser with a short drive to work or school? How far is it from loved ones? These all factor into the location of your house for sale.

While you are unable to control some of the details a buyer may desire, you are able to reveal location opportunities that your property region offers. Maybe your property is across the street from a park. Maybe it is in the quiet, retirement community your buyer was looking for. Or maybe it is close to a major highway on which an owner could quickly access work, school, or shopping. Simply identify and accentuate current opportunities and alternatives to obstacles.

Now that you know the first rule of realty–location, location, location–you can become aware of your market type and the advantages your property’s location has to offer buyers. With a keen understanding, you will be able to catch an individual’s eye by presenting them with opportunities instead of obstacles.

The House- Is it Really Ready To List for Sale?

But what about the house itself? Granted, it may seem basic; many sellers misunderstand their property’s potential by worrying about physical property obstacles.

One obstacle that homes almost always have needs for repair. Whether it’s filling in a single nail hole or replacing a foundation, properties are in continual disrepair, and buyers will be conscious of these conditions as they decide yea or nay to your listing.

Here again, the idea is to change that obstacle into an opportunity. To do this, first do a cost-effect analysis. Will your property bring a better sale if you fix its broken parts, or would it end up adding more to the property cost than a buyer would be willing to pay?

A good rule of thumb is to have your house inspected before deciding how much time and money to invest in it. Your inspector should let you know what repairs are required by law and which are advised, as well as provide you with a compiled list of repairs needed. From there, you will be able to determine which repairs are necessary and which are less cost effective.

Other characteristics like home or property size, functionality, and amenities are also important to most home buyers. Simply focus on what your house has to offer while also accentuating alternatives for what it does not have. Remember, transform obstacles into opportunities to sell a home.

The Buyer- How To Attract The Ideal South West Florida Home Buyer.

It might be surprising to find out that you, yes you, are a critical part of a successful real estate sale. Your ability to catch a purchaser’s eye through house staging, your appropriate pricing of the property, and your flexibility to allow for frequent showings are essential aspects of a successful sale.

It is your job to tear down the walls of obstacles for home buyers, so that they too can begin to see the opportunities. Avoid being an obstacle yourself while at the same time help others see the potential.

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Home Selling Process

Selling a House In South West Florida: Obstacles or Opportunity?

Keep It Together- Contact Rebecca Silva Realtor

You got this! Yes, selling a home can be challenging, but by transforming obstacles into opportunities, you will present a real estate offer full of opportunities. Remember to ask your realtor for help in this process, and just enjoy the ride. When you think positive you will be off to the races in this competitive world called real estate. Do you need help creating a solid plan for  selling your South West Florida Home? Contact Rebecca Silva using the contatc form below, for a no cost real estate assemnet of your selling and buying needs.