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The Right Cape Coral Real Estate Agent Makes a Difference.

The Right Real Estate Agent Makes a Difference

Whether you’ve lived in the same place all your life or moved multiple times, finding the right real estate agent for you can be challenging.

 Aside from the regular duties of selling your home and helping you find another, you need an agent who knows the loops, stands by honesty, and is aware of not only your needs but also your dreams for a property. Your realtor can be the key to a successful property purchase or sale.

Here’s what characterizes an exceptional real estate agent, and why Rebecca Silva is an expert in this field:

Choose Someone Who Subtracts the Science

Because of all the details associated with property buying and selling, you need a representative who knows the loops and takes the confusing science out of the process. If you are not accustomed to real estate, you need a person who already knows the business details of realty and can clearly explain what you need to know.

For example, your agent will probably be able to help direct you based on their knowledge of the first rule of real estate: location, location, location. If basic principles like this are not in their skill set, you may end up transplanting your young family into a beautiful house … that’s 70 miles from your kids’ school or where you work.

When the fog of buying and selling threatens to close in with daunting paperwork, complicated terms, or too many options, just take a breath of fresh air and let your specialist provide ease and clarity.

An expert agent will subtract the science of making buying or selling property seem effortless.

Someone Who has a Short Nose

As a child, you have probably seen the Disney movie Pinocchio. Everytime Pinocchio told a lie, his nose grew longer until it almost crippled his movement. Unlike Pinocchio, you need a realtor who has integrity, honesty, and a reputation for ethical business practices.

As a client, it can sometimes be hard to interpret lengthy paperwork or predict the next processes in a sale, but if you select an agent you can trust, there is no need to fret about whether or not you are taking the best route of action.  

More than worrying about their pocketbook, a realtor should give honest advice, deal fairly with each party involved, and even be transparent with you when they have messed up. If you find a realtor with these characteristics, STOP! You have found an expert agent with a figuratively short nose.

Someone Who Knows You

While qualities of knowledge and ethics are important, a real estate agent that knows you can be very valuable, sometimes meaning the difference between your dream home and one that just provides the basics. Since the process of finding a property involves many diverse desires, your agent should be on the lookout for properties that reflect those dreams. As a good agent gets to know you, he or she will tune in to your dreams and ask questions figure out what specifics you’re looking for in a property.

Realtors should also know what kind of community you need, whether it is a safe place for your family, a peaceful location for retirement, a close distance to entertainment and attractions, or a potentially profitable property to start a business.

In addition to the community, the property itself should be on the forefront of your realtor’s thoughts as they link your desires to the options they have available. Will you need a fence for a pet or the protection of your children? Does the building have enough rooms and bathrooms for what you will use? Or maybe you need a mother-in-law’s quarters? These details should factor in.

Someone Who is Here

Now that you know who the best real estate agent is, let me suggest Rebecca Silva as your go to in the realty world. She meets all of the characteristics of an expert realtor. With a masters in business and almost 10 years of experience living in the community, Rebecca Silva easily navigates the difficult details of buying and selling so that you can be confident in your property decisions. What a relief!

Keep It Together- Contact Rebecca Silva Realtor

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of realty, Rebecca Silva has a reputation of helping people find their dream homes. She not only takes the time to listen to their concerns, but is passionate about serving her clients even if that means more work for her.

“With Becky’s assistance,” one happy couple explained, “we found the home of our dreams and we cannot thank her enough!”

Rebecca Silva is an expert realtor ready to help.