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7 Main Things To Take Care Of Before Moving

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Many people don’t own a permanent home, and as a result, moving from one home to another is part of their way of life. People tend to move for various reasons, such as lack of space, or wanting to be near more available social amenities.

Consequently, it is essential to take care of certain significant issues, like the ones we will discuss below.

1. Inform Institutions, Friends, And Relatives Of Your New Address

Changing one’s address is one of those significant things that one has to do before moving to a new place. It will help reduce the loss of valuable information, due to senders using the wrong address.

You wouldn’t a bill, or valuable, private information to land in the wrong hands. Notify your post office two weeks ahead of time to change your address. They will provide you with a packet that includes a form to fill out, as well as coupons to use once you move.

It is also essential to inform your close friends, the school that your children attend, service providers, the bank, and relatives of the new address. It is mostly these people/companies who will continuously keep in touch.

2. Find A Good New Home To Move Into

Before you get all your belongings together to move out, it is advisable to find a place that will fit all your needs. Needs that should be considered include enough space, social amenities that are close by, and also your place of employment (unless you work from home).

It is also good to check on the crime rate in the area that you are moving to. It should be either nonexistent, or as minimal as possible to ensure the safety of both you and your entire family.

Also, make sure to inspect the potential new home and think of questions to ask ahead of time. Think of things that are important to you, and take your notes along with you, if that’s easier. For instance, you could ask if there’s air conditioning, and if not, is it a cool area where you won’t need any?

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3. Dispose Of Any Unnecessary Belongings

Ensure that you do not move to a new place with items that are no longer of use to you and/or your family. For instance, outgrown clothes, toys, and others.

Also, do not relocate with everything you own, since these things will only be occupying the space of your new home. Think about how much extra room you will have in your new home. Also, you won’t as much to pack the next time you move.

With this, you will save on space and the effort that would have been used to pack extra boxes. You might consider selling unwanted items, or giving them to the less fortunate. If there’s things you can sell, it could even help to pay the movers.

4. Set Aside Some Money For Moving

It is also essential to set aside enough money to help you relocate to your new home. Before you move, plan prior to that by saving enough to avoid unnecessary shortages.

If you know you’re going to move in a year or two, you could set aside a certain amount every month to be better prepared.

5. Keep All Essential Documents Together

It is vital to collect all your personal documents, including financial, property, school, and medical records. Put them all together in an envelope, or folder that separates them into categories. Always ensure that at all times, you are in possession of them, to avoid theft or loss.

6. Give Notice To Your Service Providers Of A Disconnection Or Transfer

Before you move out, inform the necessary service providers of the move, so that the utilities are disconnected or transferred. For example, the cable, internet, and home phone can all be transferred if you’re happy with the services.

If you know you will be disconnecting, do the research ahead of time of which company you want to connect with in the area you are moving to. Look up reviews and make sure that their customer service is great. There may be some additional costs that may be incurred, due to installation fees.

7. Choose The Best Movers

Before moving, ensure that you don’t hire just any movers, but the best in the industry. It will help ensure the safety of your belongings during the move, and in case of any mismanagement, the movers will be held responsible.

You can always email or call them to ask questions ahead of time. Look up reviews to see which companies might have bad reviews, so you can weed through them and pick the best one. Inquire about all the fees they may charge that may not be available on their website.


In conclusion, there are several factors that one should consider before moving. This will help you move efficiently and also settle in much faster, since everything will be in place before moving.

Remember to get rid of all unnecessary belongings, because once all the boxes are packed, there might be a lot of little things laying around that will be very time consuming to go through. Make sure not to add any stress to the whole process.