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Middle-aged adults on the cusp of retiring and young adults with the intent of making sure they are all planned out and set in for their future, have enough reasons to be able to figure out the right place to invest in to live and enjoy the latter years of life. There are several ways to research the best places in the US to retire comfortably and conveniently, one of which are through retirement planning sites such as GangsAway. For at least a generation now, research has shown that the dubbed “Sunshine State” of South Florida is the best place to seek retirement and here are some reasons why:

    1. Cheaper Cost Of Living – It is one of the first things you should look at when you think about where you want to retire, whether you are financially stable from your years of hard work or have amassed a modest amount. It is always vital to living somewhere with an average or below average cost of living to make the most of that monthly budget. For example, Southwest Florida real estate hosts hundreds of properties and everything else at reasonable prices.

    1. Climate – With an average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 C) and an average low of a cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 C), South Florida offers the perfect weather that’s not too toasty in the summers and not dangerously cold in the winter time either. The weather allows for such activities as walks and biking in the summer months.
    2. Taxes – It’s needless to say but we all favor a place with cheaper taxes than not. With no inheritance, estate or state income taxes, why would you not want to pack up and move to South Florida today.

    1. Numerous Quality Health Care Options – The best part about living in a state where a lot of retirees tend to migrate is you don’t have to worry about your health care options. South Florida has plenty of health care providers to choose from within and all around the state. With highly known hospital brands such as Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and highly ranked hospitals like Tampa General Hospital and Florida Hospital, you are guaranteed to meet your medical needs.

    1. Recreation – The plus side of not having brutal winters and having to stay shut in from November to April is all the fun of recreational activities you get. With an excessive amount of beaches and more than 1300 golf courses, the taste of fun with family and friends in South Florida is incredible.

With Southwest Florida real estate already sounding like the obvious to have your retirement home, you need to ensure that you have the right realtors, for example, Cape Coral realtors to get you the best sales like homes for sale in Cape Coral. Rebecca Silva is the perfect realtor for you if you’re looking to get yourself a house in Cape Coral. Not only is she highly qualified with her MA in International Business, but she is also always known for being very entertaining with her clients and even showing the neighboring beaches and more.

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